A Bug’s Life

Introduction The film, A Bug’s Life, was produced in 1998 by Darla Anderson and was an animation film. It is based on two movies that were released earlier and one of them is the film, Seven Samurai. The other film was the Ant and the Grasshopper. The aim of this paper is to provide a […]

Definition of Art

Introduction Values are one of the core aspects in any given community. They instill respect among members of a community enhancing cohesion between the various parties of the community. Artists play a pivotal role in the introduction of community values, ideas as well as belief systems. These ideas, beliefs and experiences bring about improvement on […]

Mads Nissen

Introduction Mads Nissen is a Danish photographer who has won several awards because of his talent in photography. He started photography at a very young age and he has developed his act over the years that he has been taking photographs. Mads has been focused on press photographs and he has won awards with photographs […]

American History X

Introduction There has never been a comprehensive study that clearly captures the nature of human beings. Different studies and depictions have however come up in a bid to explain who human beings are, their behavior and why they do what they do. In a dynamic world laced with numerous social constructs, American History X is […]

Ruth St. Denis

Background Ruth St. Denis was born in 1879 in New Jersey to Ruth Emma Denis who was a physician by training. Saint Denis was very strong willed and highly educated. She died in 1968. Training St. Denis was encouraged to study dancing at the formative stages of her life. She learnt Delsarte technique in the […]

School Music Festival Concert

Music festivals are important components of society because they encourage people to bring out the best of their abilities in songs and dances. The festivals allow the participants and the audience to interact in an environment where entertainment as well as values can be exchanged freely. Scholars have argued that music is a vital component […]

“Children of Heaven”: The Children’s Focus on Family Relation

The world seen through the children’s eyes is full of many difficulties, but there are always solutions to the problematic situations which can be found in close relations with relatives. This world view is followed by Ali and his sister Zahra who are the main characters of Majid Majidi’s Iranian film Children of Heaven (1997). […]

Post classical Hollywood

Hollywood is, as Murray Smith suggests, ‘a multi – facetted creature’ and cannot be reduced to a single essence, ‘Old’ or ‘New’. Changes at one level; are related to changes at another, but there is no guarantee that they match up tidily. Much has changed in Hollywood since the ‘classical’ or ‘studio’ era, a period […]

High-Rise Building

High-rise building refers to any building used for human occupancy that exceeds 75 feet (23 m) in height. This definition depends upon the fact that ladders on fire department vehicles mostly do not reach past this point. In this case, the height of the building starts from the lowest ground level a fire truck can […]

Various Themes in the Film “Children of Heaven”

Introduction Children of Heaven is a film depicting different issues facing the society today. The film is shot in a contemporary Iranian setting. It reflects, among others, moral responsibilities, family ties, and survival using limited resources. There are a number of themes appearing in this movie. In this paper, the author will dwell on three […]

Evaluation of Lighting Design

The design of interior lighting systems in any architectural space is of utmost importance (Binggeli, 2013). The finishing of an architectural space has to be aesthetic. Thus, it is only possible to achieve such a finishing with proper interior lighting systems (Diprose & D’Aprano, 2008). More so, the light intensity and color should match with […]

Art History

Art and Politics: Part 1 Introduction Art is constantly changing to accommodate the occurrences of the modern worlds. Even though art is often understood as an apolitical issue, the events of the 1960s compelled artists to take up political concerns in their works.1 Source 1: Art and communism in Romania Preda, C 2012, ‘Art and […]

Zeitgeist spirit

The digital age has brought several conveniences and inconveniencies to the modern life. The sweeping changes that have been brought about by the digital age have affected almost all aspects of life. The ease of access to information has also enabled people to question their choices in life and contemplate how their careers will be […]

Relations Between Clothes, The Body And Sexuality

The film and the movie industry form the dominant entrainment hub across the globe. In addition, movie and fashion cross over between the two industries. Designers produce their own retail fashion lines, capitalizing on the symbiotic relationship of movie celebrity culture and fan taste. Fashion marketing uses lifestyle identities as will be captured in this […]

Descartes Goes to Hollywood

Samantha Holland’s article addresses the ‘cyborg’ element in modern contemporary films and the philosophy surrounding cyborgs. Holland’s article focuses on Rene Descartes’ philosophy when analyzing the use of ‘half human-half machine’ characters in films. Samantha Holland addresses various angles of the mind-body philosophy in this article including personal identity, dualism of beings, gender, and technology. […]

Los Faustinos

Interpretations rarely happen to be exciting, mostly because they render the source material that has already been well trodden by at least one author. The given rule, however, does not apply to Faust, seeing how the timeless classic story has become an inspiration for a number of amazing works of literature. Speaking of the latter, […]

The movie “Hancock”

Movies have become an inseparable part of the human culture, and the themes illustrated are extremely numerous. Morality plays an important role in portrayal of actors and ideas, as it stays central to human culture and everything that takes place. It is important to keep in mind that the action of movies is greatly connected […]


This essay is aimed at discussing the film Taken directed by Pierre Morel. In particular, it is necessary to analyze the content of this movie and its theme. On the whole, one can speak about the desperation of a father who must rescue his daughter. Much attention should also be paid to the role of […]

Genre: Science Fiction Dystopia

Introduction The film industry comprises many types of film products, which are commonly known as ‘movie genres’. A movie genre is conventionally a class under which a movie falls with regard to its characteristics, nature of the storyline, and theme. As different types of audiences have different interests that make them to prefer different movie […]

Stereotyping Heroes in Cinema

Introduction Representation can be defined as the action of speaking on behalf of someone else or the use of signs to stand for something else. It involves construction that occurs in the mass media to change aspects of reality, including the people being represented, places, and even cultural identities. Using mass media, representation has witnessed […]

“Promises” Analysis from a Contact Theory Perspective

Promises is a 2001 documentary movie that has received the audience award and has been recognized as the most intensely thought and provoking film featuring the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians through children’s viewpoint. The interaction among seven Arab and Jewish children has been displaced to define their attitudes, prejudices, and opinions about the war […]

Popular Street Artists

During a walk along the streets of most urban centers, one may encounter various artworks displayed on walls. The government does not sanction a sizeable percentage of these artworks. Street art refers to the illegal visual artwork. Street artists usually undertake their work despite the risk of arrest. Various street artists have gained worldwide popularity […]

Claude Monet and Impressionism

Born in Paris, France, in 1840, Claude Monet is considered to be the founder of impressionist style and philosophy in painting. Throughout his career, Monet portrayed consistence and prolific application of impressionism philosophy in his paintings, which emphasized on his perceptions of nature “as it is”. In fact, one of his early paintings, “the Impression […]

Comparing of two pieces of art

Introduction Throughout the ages, difference in culture has produced varied art and architecture. Art forms produced in different ages have shown different elements of mythological and religious significance, which can be understood only in context of the particular culture. This essay is an effort to compare and contrast two pieces of art, exhibited in Museum […]

Early Netherlandish Painting: Triptych of Madonna and Child with Angels; Donor and His Patron Saint Peter Martyr; and Saint Jerome and His Lion by the Master of the Legend of Saint Lucy

Early Netherlandish Painting: Triptych of Madonna and Child with Angels; Donor and His Patron Saint Peter Martyr; and Saint Jerome and His Lion by the Master of the Legend of Saint Lucy Introduction The period of 1420-1550 in the European art is characterized by the development of the early Netherlandish painting. In their works, the […]

The Constant Gardener

The film “The Constant Gardener” explores the unethical practices of a company named “Big Pharma” in Kenya. The protagonist of the film eventually realizes that the drug corporation uses Kenya’s population to test the efficacy of its “questionable” drug. The name of the drug is “dypraxa”. The drug also has numerous side effects thus making […]

Victorian and Modern Corsets

Introduction Corsets have a long and amazing history. They have survived historical moments to the current time. Over time, they have continuously been modified to shape the bodies of women into what the society expects them to appear like. During the Victorian era, corsets were not only body shapers, but also indicators of a woman’s […]

Survey of contemporary dances

Introduction Dances are the integral part of the Western culture. However, the representatives of the various ethnicities may have rather different attitude towards them. Although almost every nation in the world historically has its own traditional dances, the perception of the contemporary dances may be different among people. The aim of this report is to […]

Biography of Peter Jackson

Introduction Peter Robert Jackson is one of the most famous, successful, and highly influential people in the global film industry. He works as a film producer, director, and screenwriter, who came to global recognition through his films The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (Sibley, 2013). Peter Jackson was born in 1961, in a […]