Process of Modernization and How It Affected the Cultures of China and Japan

Introduction Modernization is a complex phenomenon, which is understood differently by different individuals in the world. People consider modernization as a process through which traditional ideas and values are buried in a silent grave. Science considers modernization as a standardized evolutionary transition from the traditional society into a modern Society. Many scholars and scientists refer […]

Interrelationship between Politics, Religion, and Material Things in Japan

Introduction Civilization of Man, which has been marked by notable complexity, can be traced back to Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China hundred thousands of years ago. All human societies past and present are multi faceted institutions and have set up and nurtured these institutions in attempts to discover themselves and add meaning to their life […]

Wars in Modern Arab history

Wars in modern Arab history has been caused by quite a number of factors. The armed conflict being experienced in Arab world today is not a new phenomenon at all. Historical records demonstrate that widespread conflict in Arab world can be traced back from over 500 years ago. However, the Arab-Palestinian conflict is a vivid […]

Ancient Societies In Asia

Introduction Technological innovation is the highlight of any progressive society and as such its use towards the development of early societies is integral towards determining how such societies progressed as a result of new innovations that changed their way of living. Examples of innovations that changed societies can be seen in the development of maritime […]

The Great Wall of China

Introduction The Great Wall of China is a long continuous wall which was erected with the sole intention of securing the Chinese border in the northern border against intruders (Man 103). The Great Wall consists of several walls which were built over a lengthy period of time. The construction is claimed to have began during […]

Critical Issues in Philippine Relations

Introduction Negretos, Filipinos, who settled in Philippines approximately thirty thousand years ago, are the contemporary inhabitants of the land. Portuguese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, led the first Europeans who were in Spanish expedition to visit the Philippines in 1951(Bellwood 91). Their visit to the Philippines opened the door for more Europeans, mainly Spanish, to go to […]