Arabs History Essay

The Predominant Social and Cultural Orientation of the Speaker of Arabic All the aspects of life of Arab people are based and centered on Quran, the main text in the Arabic world. The whole life, social and cultural considerations are based on this book. People follow Quran in their social relations, cultural and religious beliefs […]

International Development of China Case Study

Thesis statement: Most problems associated with the third world are attributed to colonialism. Some however blame the historical events. This paper analyzes developmental aspects of china in pre-colonial, colonial, post-colonial and contemporary epoch. Source: Lonely planet Pre-colonial China (1700-1919) The Qing Empire governed China before foreigners interfered with its sovereignty in the 19th century. The […]

Japan’s Role since the end of the Cold War Essay

Most countries of the world were significantly influenced by World Wars I and II and other major conflicts. In particular, Japan bore the greatest brunt of the Second World War and was forced to surrender in 1945 (Sebata, 2010). Virtually all countries sought to enhance their national intelligence services for purpose of self-defense. However, after […]

Yayi jia Essay

One look at the Yayi jia ritual wine vessel and it is already apparent that such an object is more inclined for use by the upper class of Chinese society. The reasoning behind such a statement is due to the relatively large size of the object (roughly the same proportions as a man’s chest) and […]

Asian Studies: Suharto’s Fall Essay

Abstract Since 1998, Indonesia which is the country with the highest majority of Muslims in the world has transformed from an authoritarian state to a democratic state. Indonesia has developed various features of a democratic state and which is indicated by such aspects as the economic prosperity, enhancement of women rights among others. This remarkable […]

Modern Civilization Essay

Critics of modern civilization in India Gandhi presented his critics of modern civilization in Hind Swaraj book, which most people opposed even without reading it. Majority disagreed with the issues that Gandhi discussed, and regarded the book as ridiculous. Jawaharlal was one of the close followers of Gandhi, and he disagreed with the views of […]