Business and Corporate Law Paper Examples

Tips for Writing Essays on Business and Corporate Law

Have you already drafted your outline and brainstormed all possible ideas, but are still hitting a block when it comes to writing? There may remain aspects to essays on Business and Corporate Law that could use additional development.

Keeping in mind these essential tips may help your tackle any business law research topics, regardless of their length and subject:

  • Research your desired business and corporate law essay format. Doing so ensures that your structure is reflective of the high quality of your work. Nothing is worse than handing in a good paper and losing marks for formatting!
  • Do not lose yourself in different business and corporate law essay questions, but focus instead on the one assigned to you. Think about how to tie every word you write to your thesis statement, as including unrelated information in your essay may dampen its quality.
  • Understand the words you are using. For example, explain to your audience the difference between contracts and deals if necessary, and make sure that your readers understand your wording.
  • Do your research before you begin writing your paper. Updating your bibliography as you go should be your last resort, as it stops you from creating an interlinked and comprehensive argument structure.

While plagiarism is a punishable offense in the academic environment, getting inspired by a contract law assignment sample is not.

Read the works of others, not just academic books and journals, and take note of how they build up their thesis statement and refute potential attacks on it. However, do not steal and do not copy their ideas. Your essay will be better for it.

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Common Sense and Compassion in the Workplace Replaced by Litigation

Ordinarily, human resource professionals across the world spend most of their time trying to understand how best to handle employee relationships in order to protect both the employer and the employees (EEOC, n.d.). Considering that there have been numerous incidences at the workplace requiring the intervention of a legal process, I am strongly convinced that […]

TRIP Policies and Regulations

The development of businesses and corporations worldwide has created a market that is property and rights oriented. There is a lot of scheming and fraud that governments and private companies have to develop protection for, in a form of copyrights and patents. Not only are there ownership rights for products and physical property but also, […]

Difference between Clayton Antitrust Act and the Sherman Antitrust Act

The Clayton and Sherman Antitrust Acts were the first antitrust legislation to be enacted in the United States. Additionally, they were both passed to ensure that small and large companies compete fairly in the market economy. Clayton Act controls unscrupulous practices, such as exclusive dealing contracts and price discrimination, which may interfere with fair competition […]

Gideon Goal Case

Introduction Australian law constitutes one of the best world jurisdictions consisted of English common law, federal laws enacted by the parliament and laws enacted by the parliament of the Australian states and territories (Carvan 2002). However like many other laws Australian law faces challenges in the course of changing world and the law is as […]

Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

Introduction Riordan is an international manufacturing company which specializes in large scale production of plastic parts. These plastics are used in the manufacture of beverage containers at the company’s plants in the United States. The plants are located in several cities such as Pontiac, Michigan and Albany, Georgia. The company also has a fan manufacturing […]

The Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union’s Strike

On July 25, the members of the building union at Lend Lease projects in various parts of Australia went on strike. This industrial action was geared towards pushing for a new-fashioned nationwide Enterprise Bargaining Agreement. The Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union (CFMEU) argued out that the principal reason as to why the employee had gone […]

NewCorp Scenarios Legal Brief

Legal Encounter 1 There are various legal issues surrounding NewCorp’s decision to dismiss Pat without any reasons. In particular, the company is at liberty to terminate any contract based on the behavior of the employees which it deems unacceptable. This implies that a company may dismiss any employee for no reason at all. Nonetheless, Cheeseman […]

Title VII of the Constitution

Title VII is a chapter in the constitution that prevents employers from discriminating workers based on their religious affiliations. The constitution prevents employers from discriminating employees based on their religious practices and beliefs. The law demands that employers must respect the religious views of employees in the organization. However, the law does not prevent religious […]

Whistleblowing and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act was enacted with the aim of improving accountability, transparency and outright disclosure of financial information in publicly-traded companies. Whistle blowers are also protected by the same Ac t in section 1107. This brief essay explores a recent whistle blowing incident at the department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and relates the occurrence […]

Goodscan Contract Scenario

A legally enforceable contract should be devoid of inadequacies and legal incompetence. All the legal elements must be present in an agreement that the parties enter into with an intention to be legally bound by the contract. Parties enter into contracts that are bound by law to gain an advantage of being remedied in case […]

Investors’ Protection in Corporate Governance

The adoption of corporate governance ensures that investors are protected in an organization. Corporate governance provides guidelines in which business objectives are realized through ethical and lawful means. For this reason, investors’ protection needs are stipulated, which increases an organization stakeholders’ confidence and benefits in the long term. Based on the recent global financial crisis […]

Forms of Ownership

Sole Proprietorship Sole proprietorships are often non legal entities. They are individually owned businesses where the owner is liable for all the profits and losses accrued (Fay, 1998). The simple nature of a sole proprietorship applies even in taxation. The income earned by the individual is what is taxed. Sole proprietors are expected to file […]

Contract Law

The case under discussion has all the hallmarks of a contract law dispute. The present paper demonstrates the reasons as to why the defendant’s motion on the case should be overruled. More importantly, it shows why the plaintiff should be compensated as requested for wrongful termination of services. As the judge in the case, I […]

The Trial of Martha Stewart

Did Martha Stewart commit the crime of insider trading when she sold her ImClone shares on December 27, 2001? The fact that Martha Stewart committed a crime by engaging in insider trading are beyond any reasonable doubt. When Samuel Waksal, co-founder of the ImClone Systems realized that the company’s stock shares would fall drastically in […]

Toyota Motor Corporation Product Liability Lawsuit

Introduction Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world’s largest motor vehicle manufacturing corporation. Headquartered in Aichi, Japan, the company’s ‘Toyota’ automobile models are quite popular in nearly all regions of the world due to their comparatively cheap prices and fuel efficiency. As an international corporation headquartered in Japan, the corporation off shores much of […]

Various internal and external stakeholders and the duty of loyalty to them. On the example of the hospital.

Different categories of stakeholders can be identified in the case study. Ideally, organizations must have both internal and external stakeholders (Coombs & Holladay, 2012). The five thousand employees in the hospital are the first important internal stakeholders. The president of the hospital must recognize their importance. Basically, the management must adequately consider their welfare. As […]

U.S. Anti-Dumping Law’s history, trace of implementation, and impacts on business and the society

Introduction Antidumping, sometimes abbreviated as AD, is a source of controversy regarding several practices within the international trade. While many leaders and politicians may have lost their passion and zeal to implement antidumping laws, economists and other trade reformers still believe that antidumping is necessary in nurturing a sustainable international trade environment. In most cases […]

Tenants and property owners

Introduction Over the years, property owners have been involved in confrontation with their tenants. The confrontation normally occurs when the tenant fails to pay rental rates within the stipulated time. In most cases, property owners had been unfair to tenants. Consequently, the government of Canada in collaboration with other stakeholders enacted the Landlord and Tenant […]

Contract analysis: Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a lift

This report presents an analysis of a contract involving supplying, installing, testing and commissioning a lift. Particularly, the definition of the main aspects of the agreement: offer and acceptance, considerations, legal purposes, and legal power of the contract. Offer and acceptance Offer and acceptance assessment is an old concept in business regulation utilized in determining […]

Tobacco growers in Swabi

Tobacco growers in Swabi, Pakistan have warned to hold protests to the Pakistan Tobacco Board due to low payments for tobacco production. The tobacco growers who are dissatisfied with the current payment threaten to stage protests at the offices of PTB. Their main frustrations are with the multinational corporation whom they claim to exploit the […]

Antitrust Case: Wal-Mart

The antitrust laws were created to enhance competition in the market. The law provides equal opportunities to all firms in the market, and regulates firms which develop strategies to hinder other firms from competing with them. The government aims at creating competition in the market so that firms can provide good quality products. At the […]

Legality and Ethicality in Corporate Governance

The legality of the activities according to federal, state, and local laws should follow the principle of good governance through honesty and good faith. Some of the management practices at the United Thermostatic Controls failed to comply with companies’ law. It is clear that current legislation states that disclosure of financial information should be done […]

Business and Policies

Introduction Business plays a significant role in policy decisions, since they are major players in the economy which are of great concern to everybody. This paper explores some of the policies made and how business can influence the policy making process. Policies the Industry Might Have The corporation should give enough information to consumers through […]

International Business Law

International law is normally a set of rules which are generally regarded and agreed upon as binding in relations that exists between nations (Brownlie, 2008). They are conventional and may often require the national legal systems to be in line with the provisions of the international rules. They are mainly instituted by covenants, customs, resolutions, […]

Multinational Corporations Compliance with Host Countries’ Laws

Introduction The success of multinational corporations depends on their strategic plans and moral practices that they put into consideration. It is also dependent on how well they are armed to maintain appropriate social responsibility ethics in their host countries. Additionally, the corporations are not only founded on their home country policies, but also on those […]

Sole proprietorship

Sole proprietorship forms by far the most common form of business ownership for start ups. Numerous ways of starting businesses are available to entrepreneurs but still this is most preferred. Several reasons can be attributed to this situation. These reasons could include the autonomy one requires. As opposed to partnership and companies that may limit […]

Introduction to Business Law

Introduction Generally, statutes provide a mechanism for the legislature to ensure that citizens live and act within set legal boundaries. It thus follows that any interpretation of statutes has constitutional repercussions. Ostensibly, legal systems in the world can be classified into two general categories. On one hand is the common law that has its origins […]

Law in United Arab Emirates

Soft Drinks Sector Sector Analysis The firm to be established falls under the soft drinks sector, which is within the food industry. The industry has gone through a number of challenges in the recent years owing to the economic downturn experienced in the country, which is a result of the global financial crisis. A critical […]