Business Communication Paper Examples

Business communication essays are important because they show the individual’s understanding of how a firm works and what strategies it uses. A good essay on business communication will reflect your professional knowledge of business methodologies and approaches.

Business communication research essays can cover various topics, including interpersonal relationships within a company, managers’ communication skills, integrated marketing communications, and organizational behavior.

There are several ideas on how to write this type of essays:

  • Think about the title thoroughly. The reader should understand the topic of the essay and get interested in it.
  • The paper should include a business communication introduction, in which you will discuss the issues relevant to the topic and the focus of the field in general. This part of the paper should get the reader’s attention; you can ask the audience questions about the topic. Do not forget to mention the means of internal and external communication, as well as verbal and non-verbal messages.
  • Remember that the main purpose of the paper should be discussing the topic the reader cares about while providing important insights on it. Make your point strong and clear while supporting it with real-life examples.
  • Your essay should include at least five paragraphs, three of which should be body paragraphs. Do not make the paragraphs too long; they should be up to 190 words but not less than 65 words.
  • Conclusion of business communication essay should include all important points from the paper, as well as personal recommendations, if applicable.

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Leadership through effective Communication

Why lead through Communication? Communication strategies are crucial in organizations, particularly in the information age. Organizations are growing immensely in terms of their operations. As a result, they are constantly looking for mechanisms for becoming competitive. One of the ways of gaining competitive advantage is through the implementation of communication strategies, which support organizational growth […]

Written Communication & Critical Analysis Marion Enterprise

Problem Statement Data is important to manufacturing companies like Marion Enterprise. It is necessary in critical areas of the business such as human resource, production and the organization’s inventory. Data is useless without consistent updates. The research problem is to investigate office ergonomics of the data entry center in this organization. The other issues that […]

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commissions

Introduction The 20th century is characterised by a lot of political activities that led to democratization of many societies. People have gained significant access to certain rights and privileges. One of the most important rights that people enjoy today is the access to information, which is essential because it enables people to identify and demand […]

Communication Skills in Management

Introduction Organisations bring together people from different backgrounds. To ensure that diverse groups of people working in an organisation are organised such that they work towards common aims and goals, communication is an essential skill for any leader. Organisational leaders select various communications strategies depending on the situations that they encountered in their work environments. […]

Key Elements and Processes in International Business Communication

Introduction Business communication is a vital concept that makes it possible for organizations to improve their internal and external work functions. Organizations that have proper communication policies are likely to benefit from their employees’ skills and talents. Business firms need to establish strong inter-cultural human resource policies to enable their workers perform their duties more […]

Social Networks in Modern Business

Introduction In recent past, social networking has been on the rise. Many companies and individuals have embraced use of social networks because of their many benefits. For example, companies are using social networks to interact with customers. Many companies have successfully used social networks to improve their understanding of the modern marketplace (Jue and Kassotakis […]

Memorandum on Proposal to Conduct Research on: The Introduction of MOOCS at UMUC

Introduction UMUC online component for distance learning continues to make progress in the modern circumstances, where virtual classrooms dominate the preferred modes of study. To this end, the Directorate of Online Teaching Projects recommends progression into the next phase to complete research on the introduction of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) at UMUC. This memo […]

Leadership, Teambuilding and Communication

Leadership theories A number of leadership styles and theoretical approaches have been suggested. However, other theories are still being developed. Scholars have identified three categories of leadership theories- traditional, contemporary and emerging theories (Nelson & Quick, 2013). Traditional theories of leadership Trait theories Trait theories of leadership aim at identifying specific personal traits believed to […]

Communications and Media: Case Study of Google Company

Introduction Sustaining successful operations in any business is normally a universal confrontation that investors and managers experience as the business world, which is gradually experiencing an augmentation in market competition and customer focus. Precisely, it costs a business some significant amount of resources, work force, and time to expand exponentially and more importantly, to gain […]

Importance of Writing in Communication

Business leaders all over the world are increasingly using writing to communicate the agenda of the organization to stakeholders, demonstrating that written communication has a substantial significance in contemporary business world (Management Study Guide, 2013). There exist several reasons why writing is important in communicating across the organization and externally to customers, suppliers, distributors and […]

Communication Techniques in the Contemporary Workplace

Introduction The success of any workplace largely depends on effective communication. Colleagues, employees, supervisors, customers, and contractors need to communicate effectively to ensure the success of the organization. Effective communication ensures that time is saved and the customers and employees coordinate well. Moreover, the organization is able to exploit vital opportunities that would have been […]

E-mail and IM Delivery Solution Analysis from Team Discussion

Introduction Summary Currently, most organizations get into various applications through which they get to deliver or even obtain information from their clients and supply information to stakeholders who have direct or indirect contacts with the organization in question. Internal stakeholders are quite crucial to an organization as quite a significant proportion of them are the […]

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

The increasing internationalization and globalization armed with technology has made the world a global village. This means that people in different parts worldwide can intersect at a common place for reasons such as employment. Likewise, companies start looking around to expand their operations as the world increasingly becomes interconnected. Though this concept looks interesting, it […]

Effective Communication Strategies in a Culturally Diverse Workforce

As more and more organizations come face to face with a multicultural workforce structure due to enhanced globalization and internalization of labor (Seymen, 2006), contemporary managers must demonstrate proficient cross-cultural communication skills if they wish to succeed in today’s global environment (Munter, 1993). The present paper discusses some communication strategies that can be used by […]

Citicorp’ and JPMorgan Chase’ Business Communication

This is a business communication report that aims at revealing some of the strategic approaches applied by business managers and other organizational leaders to remain competitive in today’s business environment. For the purpose of this paper, the current annual reports for Citicorp and JPMorgan Chase are examined to identify the key approaches that have been […]

The Role of Relationship Building

Abstract Previous research on relationship building has characteristically paid attention to defining its potential as a vital business tool. The purpose of this paper is to investigate how effective relationship building practices can enhance a company’s customer base and enable the company to sustain a competitive edge over its business rivals. Although extensive research in […]

Communication Process in the Company

Introduction Poor leadership is known to destroy organizations’ credibility and may contribute to the company’s customers and stakeholders to move away. Mismanagement of the workforce can greatly affect the company’s working and environment and this definitely has an impact on the overall output. Poor communication ways of a company affects the health of the workforce […]

Strategic Communication in Public Relations

Public relations/Advertising history Introduction Public relations have always had an advocacy function and recently the field moved towards a management aspect. The field was purely activitist in nature as it only related to actions seeking to influence relationships in any way, but the managerial orientation of PR has created parameters to follow and narrowed the […]

Communication in Entrepreneurship

Research Background Information flow within an organization has always been the subject of unceasing interest for researchers (Welch, 2011). Entering into the global economy has posed new challenges to the communication process and at the same time provided new avenues for addressing standard communication issues. However, when descrying communication as a crucial part of an […]

Conflict Management in Organizational Teams

Introduction Meeting deadlines is an integral part of work life. However, failure to meet deadlines for projects by employees may result in mistrust between them and their employers, demotion, or loss of jobs. Such aftermaths of deadlines cause stress on employees. This study presents the strategies that can be executed to alleviate deadline-associated stress and […]

The Role of Communication and Personality in Negotiation: Walking the Tightrope

Making business deals is not an easy task; the knowledge of the business processes and procedures, as well as the basic theoretical background concerning the issues in question is not enough. Quite often, a negotiation situation depends not on the profound knowledge of the business issue, but on the types of personality which both sides […]

Embarking onto the Path of Multiculturalism

Business communication is not an easy process. A person responsible for the communication processes in a company must be prepared for a range of issues that may occur in the course of negotiations. However, the problem of the culture clash remains the most difficult problem to handle in business communication. Communication Issues and the Related […]

Cultural analysis – China and the US

Introduction Culture is an essential element in the operation of firms in different economic sectors. Consequently, business managers have an obligation to nurture and develop a strong organisational culture. Scholars have advanced different meanings of culture. Sun (2008) adopts the definition of culture by Geert Hofstede, which defines culture as “the collective programming of the […]

International and Intercultural Communication

A Comparison of the United States and Tanzania’s Cultures using Hofstede’s Dimensions The two countries that have been picked for comparison are the United States and Tanzania. The geographical distance between the two countries is huge. However, when the two countries are compared using Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions, there are both similarities and differences. The […]

The Impact of Workplace Bullying

Introduction Bullying is one of the most common vices manifested in workplaces. Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI), explains it as a practice through which employees subject colleagues to patterns of psychological, physical, or collective behavior that compromise dignity, cause harm, or lead to various forms of threats (Wiedmer, 2010). Statistics indicate that 37% of the working […]

Significant Principles of Management Communication

Introduction The success of a business organization lies heavily on proper communication mechanisms within its structures. There are many publications and articles describing the effects of communication on businesses. In any trade, communication is an important ingredient for significant accomplishment. Even though the existence of specific communication norms contributes to the successful business operation, several […]

Communication Problems and Solutions

Introduction and Background Organizational integration, which is achieved through coordinated communication, is very important for organizations that do business in a competitive environment. In a competitive environment, effective communication of an organization both internally and externally is considered as a core requirement which assists the organization to compete against rivalry (Jackson, 2006). By identifying the […]

Communication and Trust

One of the most important aspects of building a strong and effective organizational culture that guarantees success is cultivation of trust. Trust between employees and the management is very important. An environment that lucks trust is characterized by hostility, lack of cooperation between employees, dishonesty, and low productivity (Gilbert, 2002). The attitudes and interactions of […]

Communication Gaps in the Organization

According to human resource management experts, communication gap refers to the condition in which poor communication hinders work efficiency and relations within an organization (Caputo & Palosaari, 2003). Communication gaps result from misinterpretations, one-way communications, late communications, or poorly worded communications. In our everyday lives, there are several instances where the lack of effective communication […]

Importance of Communication in Making Decision in Organizations

Executive Summary The report entails evaluation of the role of communication in making decisions within an organization. The correlation between decision making and communication is underscored in the background study. Some of the key roles of communication in decision making are identified. The importance of communication in identifying the complexity of the intended decision is […]

Poor Interoffice Communication

Introduction Communication is one of the key aspects that are of great significance in any organization. It refers to the continuous process through which an individual or group conveys information to a second party-recipient. According to Hargie and Dickson, communication refers to the process of sharing information, feelings and meanings through the exchange of both […]

The Importance of a Two-Way Business Communications Procedure

Introduction In a certain communications firm, just as it is in many modern firms, there is a protocol followed in passing information form the junior employees to the top business managers. A new intern approached the top manager’s secretary and requested an appointment with the manager to discuss a project to send money via mobile […]

Galveston Independent School Effective Leader

The business narrative advanced by Bloom’s and Kolb’s theories relates very perfectly to my work as an office manager of special initiatives in Galveston Independent School. According to Bloom, there exists three spheres of influence in experiential learning which are the cognitive that involves the mental skills or Knowledge, the affective which involves growth in […]

Collaboration Technologies in Business

Nowadays the necessity of employing collaboration technologies in working activity is undoubted. No matter what professional field one is engaged in, communication tools can be successfully applied to improve the company’s performance. The development of information system offers countless opportunities for interactive communication organization. Professional communication often implies the presence of an open collaboration field, […]

Importance of Online Negotiations in Organizations

Introduction The realization of successful transactions among people and/or institutions involves a negotiation process that leads to mutually accepted solutions. Negotiation can be understood as a process that involves two parties with different goals or needs based on a common issue. These two parties find a way of reaching an agreement. People conduct negotiations either […]

“Emotions in Organizations: Joint Laughter in Workplace Meetings” Article

Introduction The article ‘Emotions in Organizations: Joint Laughter in Workplace Meetings’ has it core purpose on the role of laughter in workplace especially between leaders and members. According to the authors, laughter enhances relationships between leaders and members in meetings at the workplace. The methodology employed by the article is conversational analysis, which uses participant […]

Using Skype in the Work Place

Introduction With advancement in technology, contemporary communication has gained a new dimension. One of the ways in which this communication has been influenced is through the introduction of Skype, which is commonly used in businesses, workplaces and even in learning institutions (Rosen 2009). This report discusses the use of Skype and its impact at workplace, […]

Social Media Monitoring

Introduction The emergence of the internet has significantly transformed the business environment. One of the ways through which this has occurred relates to the ease with which businesses can undertake marketing communication. Integration of effective marketing communication is one of the elements that contribute towards business success. There are various mediums of communication which organizations […]