Business Consequences of Natural Disasters

Background The latest flood and storm disasters in Brisbane Queensland have had a destructive and far-reaching economic effect. Many companies and households are direct victims of the flood disaster. This is despite other companies feeling the indirectly effect through business relationships they have with those firms and households directly affected. These economic effects raise accounting […]

Lennox International Inc. Case Study

In modern changing business environment, companies need to have strategic policies to enable them remain competitive and profitable. Globalization and international trade has opened massive opportunities that companies can venture into; when operating in the global scenes, decisions and policies developed should be responsive to the needs of the particular business environment that the company […]

Strategic Management Case Study-CISCO

1. Introduction CISCO is a multinational company based in the United States of America that majorly specializes in designing and selling electronic commodities, networking devices, voice as well as communication and technology services. CISCO was founded in the year 1984 by Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner both computer scientists of Stanford university. At that time, […]

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation CSR policies analysis

Company background Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is the sixth largest automobile maker in Japan; it was founded in 1970 and is ranked 17th in the world motor vehicle industry by production (Mitsubishi Corporate website). The company has recognized the need to have good governance and good relations with stakeholder and the public. Mitsubishi is respected for […]

Competitive Advantage of Firms: Easy Jet Case Study

Easy Jet began its operation in November 1995 with two leased aircrafts and a staff composed of teenagers serving as reservation agents under the leadership of its founder; Stelios. Stelios grew the airline by factoring in on low labor costs, and low airport fees, by choosing the cheaper Luton Airport instead of the major international […]

Organization Performance

Introduction An organization is a social arrangement of a group of people who are unified under a given objective. An organization therefore involves activities that are geared towards its goals and whose results can be used to rate the performance of that particular organization. This paper seeks to investigate ways in which a management can […]