Company Analysis Paper Examples

Computer Science Corporation Service Design

Introduction Computer Science Corporation (CSC) is a renowned American company that started its operations in the year 1959. The company that has its headquarters in Virginia US was started with a core mission to provide quality information and technology (IT) services to individuals globally. It has been able to achieve its mission through the adoption […]

McDonald’s Franchise Model

Introduction McDonald’s is an international organization founded in 1948. It is a fast food restraint chain outlet serving an average of 58 million customers spread over 118 nations. Its mission is “to be our consumer’s favorite place to eat” (Gilbert, 2008). The food variety it offers ranges from chicken, non-alcoholic beverages and drinks, burgers, chicken, […]

Timberlake Soap Manufacturers Initiative and Technology

Options The Timberlake Company has a lot of options while implementing its business plan. First, it has several markets to sell its products. For instance, it has been noted that there are 1000 restaurants, 524 hospitals, and 800-daycare centers. All these markets present a wide range of customers to consume the products of Timberlake Company. […]

Timberlake Company’s Competitive and Management Analysis

The Timberlake Company will compete with the existing companies. For instance, the company will face competition from traditional soap manufacturers. These producers integrate pleasant scents and dyes in their soaps. These factors encourage hand and body washing compliance in the consumers. However, these soaps do not meet the specifications of the target audience. The target […]

The Fairmont Hotels and Resort Market Entry Strategy

Introduction Fairmont Hotels and Resort is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and celebrated brands in the hotel industry worldwide. The brand offers unrivaled high standards to its customers, hence it is the preferred brand among dignitaries and celebrities all around the world (Kotler & Armstrong). Mumbai, India is known for its landscape and weather […]

Facebook Company

Introduction Facebook Corporation was established by the current chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. In its inception days, the Facebook Corporation membership was limited to Harvard students though it was later expanded to other institutions in the city of Boston (Veer, 2011, p.271). The company operates as a social networking site connecting users with […]

Dairy Crest Company

Appendicies Balanced Scorecard The balanced scorecard refers to the strategic planning and management system that is deployed widely in business institutions, as well as governments with the aim of aligning business operations to the vision as well as strategy of the organization, enhance internal and external communications, and examine organization performance in terms of attainment […]

The Rockefeller Foundation’s Official Website

Many nonprofit organizations are obliged to find avenues through which they can sustain themselves and their beneficiaries by pursuing funding from existing as well as new donors (Hopkins, 2005). Consequently, these organizations are often in constant need of knowing how to contact donors who could provide them with services and funding, and of knowing how […]

Ford Automobile Strategic Business Model

Introduction A business model refers to a company’s plan in respect of how it projects to profit from its operations currently and in the future. Therefore, a business model entails a unique procedure of determining the fundamental elements necessary for achieving the strategic business goals (Chesbrough, 2007). In essence, a business model encompasses all the […]

Report Evaluation of Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Company valuation is a cardinal process in an organization that is used to assess the elements of performance and financial condition. As a process, evaluation entails examination of economic and non-economic factors to determine the position of a company. The results of the evaluation process enable a business to increase efficiency and effectiveness of various […]

Sport Obermeyer, Ltd.

Sport Obermeyer, Ltd. is a winter, high performance skiwear fashion company established in 1947. The company offers a “broad line of fashion ski apparel, including parkas, vests, ski suits, shells, ski pants, sweaters, turtlenecks, and accessories.” (Hammond and Raman 1). In recent years, the founder’s son has taken over major management responsibilities as the company’s […]

Fair Trade US organization

Introduction Social enterprises encompass organizations, which deploy commercial strategies to enhance the maximization of environmental and humanity improvements. Their focus is not principally on maximization of returns on investments to the company external shareholders. Social enterprises are structured to assume models for non-profits making, for profits making, or a blend of these two models. However, […]

Real Cool Cycle

Introduction Real Cool Cycle is a leading bike manufacturing company in Erehwon. The company manufactures bikes for the local market. The main brands manufactured by this company are RGE bike and RC_ROCKHOPPER. The company was established by the government and its only competitor is MTC. Government policies and support has enabled this company penetrate the […]

International PepsiCo. Company

Introduction Every organization is expected to undertake strategic analysis to determine its market position as well as its current and anticipated performance. Through the application of different environmental analysis tools, managers are able to determine the strong and weak points of an organization. One of the activities carried out by organizations is scenario analysis. Scenarios […]

Nintendo Company in Japane

Situation Analysis. When Nintendo Company was initially launched in 1800s, it was manufacturing and selling playing cards. The company diversified its production line later to produce electronic games to overcome the stiff completion it was facing by then. Nowadays, the company specializes in designing and selling of motion-sensor control games mainly for children. The company […]

Porsche Company

Porsche AG Background Ferdinand Porsche, who was a renowned professor, is the one who started the car manufacturing company as early as 1931. The company initially did not produce any vehicle with its brand but specialized in offering motor vehicle development work and consultancy services to other automobile manufacturing companies. The company produced its first […]

Google in 2008

Abstract Google has been a successful company for more than a decade now. The company conducts millions of searches daily that come up with relevant results that satisfy the needs of its users. Therefore, this paper critically analyses its operations and success. To achieve this, the paper focuses on the growth of search engines, the […]

Executive Summary on the Wounded Warriors Project

What Is Our Business? Wounded Warriors Project is a non-profit organization that is preoccupied with issues wounded American veterans face every day (To honor and empower wounded warriors, 2015). The organization provides a wide range of services to those who sign up. These services include counselling, psychological help, assistance in landing jobs, communication with other […]

Apple Business Environment

Executive Summary This treatise reviews the Apple’s business environment with reference to generic strategies, Porter’s five forces, and competitive advantages. The iPad and iPhone products are geared towards market dominance. Through this approach, the Apple Company will automatically have the discretion to reap maximum benefits ahead of its closest competitors. The company has adopted trend […]

General Motor Corporation in China

Executive Summary In modern changing business environment, companies need to have strategic policies to enable them remain competitive and profitable; they are affected by external and internal operating environments. Globalization and international trade has opened massive opportunities that companies can venture into; when operating in the global scenes, decisions and policies developed should be responsive […]

Internal Environment Analysis of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream USA

Introduction Ben & Jerry’s is a leading producer and seller of packed ice cream and dessert products. The company was founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont (Ben & Jerry’s). In 2000, Unilever acquired the company and maintained its rapid growth. By 2012, the company’s products were sold in the United States and 34 other countries […]

Evaluation of Walmart

Cost Leadership Walmart’s main business strategy focuses on building and maintaining cost leadership in the market. The company’s slogan reads, “Everyday low price”. This highlights its main focus on cost leadership. The strategy entails offering the same market products offered by rival firms at lower costs, but without compromising the quality. Walmart manages to achieve […]

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies in Apple

Introduction In the current business environment, competition continues to increase as firms become more global in their operations. Basically, firms use both business-level and corporate-level strategies in order to gain competitive advantage over their rivals. Business-level strategies refer to activities that business enterprises undertake to gain a competitive advantage in the market, which in most […]

The Power of Togetherness: Adidas and Its Brand New Advertisement

Introduction Promoting sportswear might seem easy – as long as sport exists, there will always be high demand in the given niche. However, Adidas was one of the first companies that decided to appeal to the general audience, thus, opening more opportunities for the companies producing sports clothes. The given step, however, also opened the […]

AT&T to take Control of Leap

AT&T, one of the largest mobile carrier companies, has agreed to purchase Leap wireless Company. The move aims to maximize the telecommunication’s company dominance over the airwaves. The deal will cost approximately 1.2 billion. This deal will be the first acquisition for Randall Stephenson, AT&T Chief Executive. Randall’s initial deal to buy T-Mobile was stopped […]

Competitive Advantage of Universal Weather and Aviation Asia Pacific Company

Introduction Overview Universal Weather and Aviation Company was founded in 1959 by the late Tom Evans. The founder was often commended for his visionary foresight to establish an all- inclusive service provider in the flourishing aviation industry. Universal Weather and Aviation Company is the first company to offer support services for businesses and private flight […]

A Journey to the Disneyland: From Oswald to Cinderella. Walt Disney and His Personal Demons

Walter Disney and his life have always been a mystery even to the contemporaries, not to mention the researchers of the XXI century. A creator, innovator, and genius, on the one hand, and a panic-stricken perfectionist, on the other hand, Disney had a number of issues, which were predisposed by the cringe inducting factors that […]

Walmart Company Opportunities and Advantages

Thesis Statement This report evaluates the Wal-Mart Stores. Thus, it explores the Company in terms of its low-cost strategy, product diversity and the high number of large physical stores. Using these capabilities, Wal-Mart has and continues to lead in the retail industry. The report, therefore, evaluates how these capabilities have enabled Wal-Mart to realize its […]

Softchoice Corporation is an information communication technology

Industry Profile Softchoice Corporation is an information communication technology (ICT) firm. The firm particularly deals with programming tools, database products, and obscure software, and has been authorized to deal with corporate, government, as well as educational licensing programs (Government of Canada, 2013). Canada’s ICT industry mainly comprises of small companies, numbering about 33,300 in total. […]

Strategic Management Case Analysis: Glenmark

Executive Summary Glenmark is an Indian pharmaceutical firm that has broadened its business portfolio to involve high-risk research for new drug invention. Poor global economy situation between 2007 and 2008 affected the company as sales dropped. Glenmark encountered further business challenges as its venture into high-risk research failed to generate the requisite revenues for its […]


Introduction Bi-lens, a company incorporated in the United States of America where its headquarter lies, operates from the headquarters and has targeted markets all over the world. The company’s products seem to have stronger market coverage in foreign markets as compared to the home market. The Bi – lens Company manufactures digital cameras for its […]