Company analysis: Duoyuan Printing Inc.

Duoyuan Printing inc. is a corporation based in China with its headquarters in Beijing. It deals in production of offset printing equipments. At the moment it stands as the biggest company that is privately owned and deals with offset printing equipment production in China. It also has two other establishment factories in Langfang and Hunan. […]

Sherly Travel Group

Executive summary Sherly Travel Group (SGT) is a newly formed company that specializes in offering tour and travel services to both individuals and corporate clients. The company has its headquarters situated in Singapore, but it has diversified its services to other parts of the world to meet the needs and the expectation of the customers. […]


Introduction Circa majorly deals with proprietary processing of waste cellulose into products that can add value to the economy. The developments were from small scale to full continuous operational processes. Biotechnology industry deals with the use of technologies to convert living materials into usable products and services. Mostly biotechnology is applied in human and plant […]

Samsung company analysis

Introduction Well established modern business organizations have increasingly been seeking to expand their operations beyond the boundaries of their mother countries. Consequently, at the international level we have a new kind of business known as international business. Business organizations particularly from world’s major economies and the emerging Asian economies offering goods and services in different […]

Analysis of a company 3M Canada

Executive summary 3M Company is located in Canada and sells a variety of industrial products such as adhesive, tapes and plants’ maintenance appliances. The company initially served OEM customers, who bought the company’s products with the purpose of reselling them to the end users. The company decided to change its customers in the year 2006.Consistent […]


Abstract Google has grown from a small outfit operated by two people to a multinational organization in a few short years. As a company Google shapes how people think, share information, and find information through the Internet. This paper describes the corporate culture of Google and highlights some of the common characteristics of the organization […]