Dentistry Paper Examples

Musculoskeletal Disorders among Dentists

Introduction Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) is one of the major problems facing healthcare professionals particularly dental and dental sanitation practitioners (Dayakar, Gupta, Philip & Pai, 2013). Studies indicate increased prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among health professionals. Besides, probable contributing factors have also been identified. Associative risk factors that have been identified include inert and uncomfortable positions […]

Dental Pulp

Development and components of the healthy dental pulp The dental pulp refers to a tissue on an individual’s teeth that is formed by propagating and condensing the neural crest cells of the dental papilla. Trowbridge and Kim (1998) pointed out that a fully grown dental pulp assumes the appearance of embryonic connective tissue. However, the […]

A Career in Dentistry

What is the future of dentistry industry? Over the years, the industry has seen a rise in the demand of fro dental services. It has been occasioned by population growth and the lifestyle of people that expose them to dental ailments. This could be due to the food they eat or their hygiene level. Also, […]

Dental Hygienist

Choosing a career to pursue may not be as easy as one may wish to think. A number of persons have taken long to realize their ultimate careers yet some realize their potential early in life and make their career choices right away. As for me I have chosen to pursue a career in dental […]