Ethical studies

Introduction Ethical studies involve the moral, psychological, and philosophical examination of an individual’s behavior, attitudes, emotions, and judgments. With the aim of making informed judgments and correct decisions, ethical studies apply varied methods to assess the situation of, for example, the hospitalized terminally ill and to examine the appropriateness of medical intervention to end their […]


Definitions Morality has several definitions thus encompassing broader facets in the world’s phenomena. One of the definitions indicates that morality is a code of conduct embraced by a community, an organization, religion, or an individual. This is upon reference to an argument on the righteousness of the act (Gert, 2011). It is a descriptive label […]

Ethical Perspectives

Introduction The story of Tony, Claire and Beth confirms the theory of psychological egoism. According to the theory of psychological egoism, everyone is selfish and this is built in the nature of human beings. We therefore can not avoid acting selfishly. Tony, Claire and Beth in one way or another have decided to give up […]

Ethical Theories

Approaches to Ethical decisions Ethics is a prerequisite for human existence. It is a mean of determining a sequence of action to be taken. Without ethics, individual actions would be unsystematic and purposeless. This paper analyses various theories learned in class. Besides, the writer categorizes them in hierarchy, basing on decision making within a given […]

Active Euthanasia

Introduction Euthanasia is a Greek word meaning “good death”. Euthanasia refers to the deliberate action that is taken with the intention of ending life due to a pressing suffering. The suffering may be for instance incurable diseases, injuries, or irreversible coma. Death is only euthanasia if there is intention of death occurring by whatever was […]