Film Studies Paper Examples

Fast Food, Fat Profits

The documentary film Fast Food, Fat Profits is aimed at exploring various issues such as the underlying causes of obesity in the United States, the eating habits of American people, and the factors that shape their dietary choices. This movie can be discussed with the help of frame analysis developed by Erving Goffman. This approach […]

“Aliens” Movie

“Aliens” is an upshot of the movie Alien that was produced and released in 1986. This outstanding work of Cameron has been faced with critical comments since its release. A very high status had already been set by the precedent movie Alien produced and directed by Scott. The status attached to this series has broken […]

“Goodbye, Dragon Inn” by Dir. Tsai Ming-liang

Introduction For numerous decades now, the creativity industry has been playing a significant role in shaping the socio-economic status of artisans involved in arts as well as the entire public. For instance, movies have essentially improved the social and cultural lives of individuals globally, with most of them providing important lessons that viewers can emulate. […]

Analysis: “City of Sadness” by Dir. Hou Hsiao-Hsien

Introduction Movies and films form an integral part of people’s normal living. Central to their fundamentalism, especially in shaping the social life of human beings, several studies have continuously concentrated on major film metrics including examining the historical significance, cultural phenomena, and filmmaking techniques incorporated in such movies. Several traditional movies and other recent movies […]

Western Movie: Stagecoach and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Introduction Western movies are a genre of the film production in America. They mostly capture the unrefined America between its civilization and traditions. They are filmed on basis of war, discovery, personal journeys and romance. They are the oldest and most flexible genre of films (Howard, 1996). Evolution of the western movies over time The […]

Late Spring Movie

Introduction The traditional Japanese cinema is very different from the Western tradition of movie making. Late Spring is one of the masterpieces created by Yasujiro Ozu. Taking into account rather unusual representation of the idea and shooting techniques, the film is considered to be a unique phenomenon in the movie making of the world. The […]

Media Violence Study

Introduction Modern popular culture has embraced violent movies as a key component of entertainment. This is evident in the article, which was written by Grisham, where he explains that Sarah and Ben went to Memphis to watch the Grateful Dead Movie (Grisham, 1996). It is, further, noticeable that they had watched Natural Born Killers. This […]

A Film Analysis on Titanic

The film “Titanic” represents the ship that was deemed unsinkable and occurrences on her 1912 maiden journey from Southampton, in the United Kingdom, to New York City, in the United States. On the ship was a girl (Rose DeWitt Bukater, acted by Kate Winslet) engaged to a rich man (Caledon) that she never loved. Despite […]

Fellini’s Interpretation of Petronius’s Opus Magnum: “Dinner at Trimalchio’s” in the Movie and in Reality

There are many ways to honor a bygone era and its glorious personalities. With the advent of cinema, the process of giving tribute to the connoisseurs seems to have become much easier; however, the simplicity of the task is only what one can see on the surface. Digging deeper, one will be able to see […]

Character Analysis of the Four Wives and the Maid Yan’er in the Film Raise the Red Lantern

A Question to Answer In his film Raise the Red Lantern, Zhang Yimou explores various issues which have existed in the Chinese society. The film dwells upon social and political peculiarities of the Chinese society of the 1920s. It also focuses on gender roles and the roles played by women. It is possible to raise […]

Blade Runner Movie

Ever since the movie Blade Runner was first launched in 1982, the question on minds of many has been: Is Deckard really a replicant? Currently, majority of people who have watched Blade Runner believe that Deckard, just like Rachael, is a replicant who consider himself a human being. To some people, Decker’s glowing eyes (a […]

Ushpizin: Jewish Film

Introduction The film is a depiction of what it means to have unshakable Jewish faith. The two protagonists face so many tribulations, but stay true to their religious beliefs. An outsider may misinterpret their actions as naive; however, Jewish believers would find their behavior quite exemplary. The film This is a Jewish film owing to […]

“Blood Diamond” Movie Analysis

The film “Blood Diamond” is an excellent example of an international system that is based on neoliberal institutionalism which is a system that acknowledges states as the primary actors within international relations yet places institutions as the means by which international cooperation can be attained. When looking at the conflict within the film, what must […]

“Casablanca” Movie

Introduction Casablanca rightfully deserves to be one of the best motion pictures ever to come out of Hollywood. It is mysterious, idealistic, humorous, cynical, ambiguous and most importantly engaging. Analysis The film was everything that others had said about it and more. One feels lost in the storyline from the moment the narrator describes the […]

“Lola” Movie

Introduction The film Lola is part of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s BRD Trilogy. It is the second in the said trilogy with The Marriage of Maria Braun being the first and Veronika Voss the last. The story is about corruption. Ten years after the World War 2 in West Germany in the city of Coburg we […]

Social and Political Reflection on Korean Films

The historical background The first cinema to exist in Korea was the Tongdaemun motion picture studio, which started its operations in 1903. Thereafter, the Dangsung-sa cinema was opened in 1907 in Seoul and it commenced its operations immediately. Earlier on, before the domestic film industry was formed, the country imported films from America and Europe, […]

The Black Balloon: Character Analysis of Jackie

The Black balloon movie (2007) is indeed an award winning film that features how autism has affected one military family. Throughout the movie, the family struggles to control both the physical and psychological trauma associated with autism. In addition, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is also affecting Charlie who is the victim of circumstances in this […]

Movie Erin Brockovich

The movie Erin Brockovich is a 2000 chef-d’oeuvre piece of art, which highlights effects of environmental pollution by industries across the world. The environmental issue raised in this film is water pollution by hexavalent chromium used by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) in Hinkley, California. In addition, the movie highlights an occupational health issue where […]

Ajyal Film Festival

Role of the Doha Film Institute (DFI) and the Ajyal Youth Film Festival (AYFF) in facilitating youth media and self-expression The DFI uses its graduates and other industry professionals that are already working on film and new media forms of expression as its faculty. As a result, the institute has a rich talent pool that […]

Film “12 Years a Slave”

Introduction 12 Years a Slave is a dramatic chef-d’oeuvre film that highlights the brutal experiences that slaves underwent in the hands of their masters in the Southern America. Undoubtedly, the movie reinvigorates the debate on the historical significance of slavery in the contemporary United States. Critics shift the debate from the historical significance of slavery […]

The Movie “12 Years a Slave”

Introduction The American society has encountered many upheavals and changes within the past three centuries. Such developments have resulted in different social and political relationships in the country. Different conflict theories examine the origin of social struggles and disagreements. Such theories also explain why many people disagree with their leaders. Human beings require specific rights […]

Cold War Paranoia in “Captain America” and “Batman”

Introduction The prevalent mood across the United States after the Second World War was rife with optimism and unparalleled success. The middle class “rapidly expanded, unemployment was low, and the United States (the only country with a nuclear bomb) became the most powerful country on earth” (Burr par.14). Unfortunately, this mood lasted for a short […]

An Example of True Fidelity with the Source Text: A Scanner Darkly

Up until comparatively recent times, it used to account for a common assumption among critics that, in order for cinematographic adaptations of a particular literary piece to be considered successful, they must be thoroughly consistent with the original literary work’s discursive aspects. This point of view, however, can no longer be considered as such that […]

Slaughterhouse-Five Movie

The movie Slaughterhouse-Five is one of the most intriguing films that have been released so far. The twists and tales in the film that revolve around the life of Billy Pilgrim are riveting and leave the mind begging for more. The adventures that Billy Pilgrim goes through are quite exhilarating. This happens mainly because these […]