Film critique: Die Hard

Introduction Film like all other forms of art employs the usage of different elements of narrative to tell a particular story. No two film plots are exactly the same and each director has his/her own way of ensuring that each piece of work he/she is involved in has unique features that link the final product […]

Film “Jarhead”

Hollywood, as America’s premier film industry, has shaped the thoughts, beliefs, material culture trends, fashion, and even language of many Americans. The influence and impact of films in the American social life is undeniable and almost tangible. There are both positive and negative consequences of the influence of films on the American socio-cultural trends, beliefs, […]

Little Big Man (film, 1970) – social commentary and criticism

Introduction Little big man is a satirical, comical, and epic film directed by Arthur Penn. The film is an adaptation of the novel, little big man, by Thomas Berger. By focusing on the way of the life of Jack Crabb, the film describes vividly the historical events in the United States especially between the natives […]

Power Struggle

In the movie Doubt there is a conspicuous power struggle that rages strongly in an elementary Catholic school in Bronx, New York. The power struggle is between Sister Aloysius; the school principal, and father Flynn, the school’s a priest cum games master. The power struggle rests on the fact that Sister Aloysius is a very […]

Popular Culture

Introduction The evolution of popular culture has sharply etched in our societal imagination the effects of movies than any other product. Most of the American citizens swiftly recognize the diverse images related to movies: Charlie Chaplin, the prospector who eats his shoes in The Gold Rush. James Cagney, the notorious gangster in Public Enemy, and […]