What are the implications of multiple roles for women and men?

Introduction Research is an integral element in any science subject where psychology is part. It entails an array of activities which must be carried out adeptly for it to be a success. However, since its inception, gender bias has been a contentious issue as science and research are considered to be innately associated with maleness. […]

Gender communication in Romantic relationship

Introduction Communication is the transfer of information and ideas from one person to another. Gender communication in romantic relationships expresses feelings, emotions, opinions, and values, to learn and to improve the level of interaction. The diversity of characteristics of those involved creates a gap during communication incase of information misinterpretation or misunderstanding (Dindia, 2006). The […]

Effects of the Social Construction of Gender

An individual’s view and expectation of their gender and that of the opposite gender is a social construct. People have to identify with the typical definition in their society as a means of defending themselves against being labeled as opinionated (Butler 2004). Ethnicity of an individual affects how they interpreted the cultural aspects of the […]

Critical Theories of Bodies, Genders, Sexualities and Identities

Introduction Modern society is very complex and dynamic in that, perception of body, gender, sexuality, and identity is becoming very subjective depending on various schools of thoughts and theories. Critical theories have emerged to elucidate and explain changing trends of societal perceptions regarding body, gender, sexuality and identity of persons. Same sex marriage is one […]

Homosexuality: Why only some intimacies are labeled as homosexuality

Introduction Societies are full of discords regarding same sex intimacies. Natural intimacies are known to exist between partners of opposite sex. This is mainly because over the years, societies have shown discomposure when faced with issues regarding homosexuals. Societies consider homosexuals as those deprived of moral standings. They also consider such people as perverse and […]

Gay Marriage

A legal union of a man and a woman is defined as marriage, and it is the only possible definition of marriage. Defense of marriage act is one of the perspectives that are compatible with the bumper sticker, which keeps away any possible form of marriage such as gay marriage. It aims at discriminating people’s […]