Kosovo Report

Introduction Kosovo is an area lying in the south east of Europe. It turned out to be an argufied land after the fall down of Yugoslavia. The somewhat acknowledged Republic of Kosovo is a self-adjudged autonomous state that holds real power over the better part of the region. Serbia does not acknowledge the one-sided separation […]

The Balkans Report

Introduction The Balkans refers to a region lying in southeastern Europe and is located at a main intersection between mainland Europe and the Near East. The outstanding uniqueness and division of the Balkans is as a result of its widespread and time and again aggressive times gone by and as well due to its especially […]

World Regional Geography: North America Assessment

Map comparisons The Canadian population is adhered to the South owing to numerous reasons that trace back to the ancient migration patterns, industrial revolution, climatic conditions, and urbanization. As highlighted in the introductory statement, the spatial population pattern of Canada is skewed towards the South Eastern region partly because of early migration pattern. This region […]

World Geography: Russian and North America’s climate Assessment

Map comparison assignment Russian climate is comparable to North America‚Äôs climate since they fall within the same latitude; above 300N. While these regions exhibit similarities they do portray some differences within some other regions. With respect to similarities both regions share the same climatic conditions especially on areas falling above latitude 500. For instance, both […]

World Regional Geography Assessment

Map comparison assignment Both London and Paris represent primate cities of their respective states- England and France respectively. London is synonymous to Paris with respect to spatial structuring and land use patterns. On focusing the map of London (figure 1-9), it is apparent that the city is located centrally enhancing its influence on the entire […]

Comparison of the city of Brest, France and Melbourne, Australia Essay

Introduction The city of Brest is located at Brittany in northwestern France; its history can be traced back in 334 AC, when a navigator called Joan of Arc discovered a deep harbor connecting the France with the United States. The city lies between a pair of hills called deCoup Tatas; the main economic activities in […]