Geography Paper Examples

Groundwater Contamination Using 3D GIS Techniques

Introduction Currently, the most important source of water for human consumption and industrial use is groundwater. Hence, it is imperative to manage groundwater resources effectively and guarantee its future presence. This requires proper identification and management of possible threats to groundwater resources. Previous cases of groundwater and surface water pollution have been globally. Today, however, […]

Marxism in Development Geography

Introduction Marxist Geography is critical in nature, and it utilizes philosophy and theories of Marxism to look at the spatial relations of human Geography. Marxist Geography attempts to change the world as well as explaining it. Marxism perceives human beings as gradually transforming or changing themselves in stages until social perfection is reached (Peet, 1977). […]

Doreen Massey’s Concept of a Global Sense of Place

Introduction In the recent past, geographers and scholars have applied various concepts related to networks and place making as they strive to comprehend and explain the current political processes and communal transformation. One of those geographers is Doreen Massey. Her concept of ‘global sense of place’ has had a substantial impact on how people construe […]

Vegetation Recovery Using Remote Sensing Image In Yellowstone National Park after the Fires in 1988

Literature Review The Connection between Vegetation Recovery and Burning Severity of Fires Before analyzing the images produced by means of remote sensing, it is necessary to analyze the aspects and criteria according to which the images can detect various patterns of vegetation recovery after the fire. Specifically, much research has been done on the analysis […]

Sub-Saharan Africa

The Civil War In Sub-Saharan Africa, there is a high rate of in-fighting within the different countries. The existence of different ethnic groups causes conflicts. The groups usually fight for control and power since the leaders tend to favor their ethnic tribes over the others. This happened in Ivory Coast, when people who were supporting […]

The US Mexico Border Problem

Introduction Koslowski (2009) observed that one unresolved question among the scholars of international relations revolves around the increase in cross-border migration and the resultant impacts on national and international security. The threat of migration and human mobility has become real and is closely linked to the broadening issue of cross-national security across the globe. The […]

Mosques Locations, Distribution and New Mosques Sites Proposal in Khalifa City A. District in Abu Dhabi Emirate using GIS

Introduction Mosques play a very important role in the society, and it is always considered as a defining factor of the character of a society. In Abu Dhabi, the role of Mosque to members of the public has been on the rise. According to Rajiv (2011), our population in Abu Dhabi City has generally been […]

Afghanistan’ National Geography

Physical geography According to the report of Library of Congress (4), this country occupies about 647500 square km; however, the following table gives more information about physical geography – Key Features Highest elevation The north-eastern Hindu Kush 7,000 meters Major mountain ranges Major mountain ranges are present from the northeast to southwest part Almost half […]

Energy Consumption: The State of Maryland as the Residential Region

The main economical forces of the State of Maryland are the informational technology, telecommunications, scientific research, aircraft development and security. Maryland keeps the leading position in the biotechnology area, providing the multiply researchers of the human genome. The state has a high position in a sector of computer system design and technical consulting. The domestic […]

History of Kosovo

Introduction Kosovo is an area lying in the south east of Europe. It turned out to be an argufied land after the fall down of Yugoslavia. The somewhat acknowledged Republic of Kosovo is a self-adjudged autonomous state that holds real power over the better part of the region. Serbia does not acknowledge the one-sided separation […]

The Balkans Geography

Introduction The Balkans refers to a region lying in southeastern Europe and is located at a main intersection between mainland Europe and the Near East. The outstanding uniqueness and division of the Balkans is as a result of its widespread and time and again aggressive times gone by and as well due to its especially […]

World Regional Geography: North America

Map comparisons The Canadian population is adhered to the South owing to numerous reasons that trace back to the ancient migration patterns, industrial revolution, climatic conditions, and urbanization. As highlighted in the introductory statement, the spatial population pattern of Canada is skewed towards the South Eastern region partly because of early migration pattern. This region […]

World Geography: Russian and North America’s climate

Map comparison assignment Russian climate is comparable to North America’s climate since they fall within the same latitude; above 300N. While these regions exhibit similarities they do portray some differences within some other regions. With respect to similarities both regions share the same climatic conditions especially on areas falling above latitude 500. For instance, both […]

World Regional Geography Report: London and Paris Comparison

Map comparison assignment Both London and Paris represent primate cities of their respective states- England and France respectively. London is synonymous to Paris with respect to spatial structuring and land use patterns. On focusing the map of London (figure 1-9), it is apparent that the city is located centrally enhancing its influence on the entire […]

The Ethiopian History

Introduction Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries on global scene with rich history that remains untold. This research paper examines the historical background of Ethiopia in terms of its political setting, economic, and cultural backgrounds. In addition, the paper seeks to examine and review the contemporary issues defining its current position relative to other […]

Illustration of Uzbekistan

Geography is an important discipline owing to the fact that it provides us with maps that enable one to understand local and global events. In addition, maps do enhance our understanding of immediate surrounding by displaying significant land marks such as water bodies as well as illustrating national borders (Saunders 2010, p. 45). The above […]

Geography of Sexuality

Introduction Geography of sexuality is a very interesting topic yet it only has very little significance. The topic is particularly of great interest to the sexual geographers who try to understand several issues concerning human sexuality, like the sexual desires, relations, sexual institutions as well as the differences. Sexual geographers work under various terrains for […]

Relationship between Columbia River and human culture surrounding salmon

History of Columbia River and salmon culture Columbia River has been an influential geographical phenomenon, especially to the communities living nearby. The Native Americans settled along the Columbia River in massive numbers, to benefit from the fishing opportunity provided by easily obtained salmon. Regions such as The Dalles, the Cascades, Celilo Falls, Kettle Falls and […]

Muslims in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a region that has been generalized as a Muslim region and yet Indonesia is the only country with a large population of Muslims. There has also been a perception that this region is a threat to the international security because it is known to harbor terrorists and encourage recruitment and training of […]

Transformation Of The Canadian North (Arctic)’S Natural And Social Environment By The Extraction Industry

Introduction Northern Canada, which is also referred to as the North, is the extensive northernmost region of Canada, which is distinct from other parts of the world by its topography and administrative structure. When the term northern Canada is used within a political context, it refers to three northern territories in Canada. These, according to […]

Report on Climate Change and its Global Implications in Hospitality and Tourism

Summary These days, climate change has become one of the most urgent questions, especially for sectors that are dependent on the environment, such us tourism, for example: “weather and climate have a strong influence on the tourism” (Scott, 2003, p. 1). This paper presents and discusses the issues concerning the relationships between the climate change […]

GIS and groundwater management

Background Water is a very important resource. Its importance cannot be emphasized as every living creature requires it for metabolic processes, besides, other processes that occur naturally on earth require water. For example, most of the geological processes on earth are accelerated by this precious resource, these include erosion and other earth forming processes. 97% […]

Sailing Proposal Letter

This proposal to the patron shows a brief of some of the objectives, challenges and benefits of navigating the waters near the coast of Africa. The continent promises large amounts of potential, thus exploring and possibly ruling over the land may be of considerable prestige and honor as well as a benefit to his majesty […]

Documentary “Caves”

Summary of the Film This documentary illustrates the formation of caves and shows the diversity of species that inhabit them. At first, the authors speak about limestone caves. They note that although these rocks can reach hundreds of feet above the sea level, many were formed under the water. For example, one can mention the […]

Planet Earth: Mountains

Summary The Planet Earth series are amazing in that they embrace practically all wonders that nature has to offer. One might think that Planet Earth is solely about soil, lava and the core of the planet, yet it, strangely enough, manages to capture a number of other peculiar information into the scope of a forty-minute […]

Landscape: Ma Yansong & the Shanshui City

Introduction Human landscape has a long history that relates to the cultural, social and even the economic aspects of life since the agrarian revolution. As people became more conscious and concerned about their visible environment, knowledge about the contribution of landscapes on human lives is growing gradually (Cosgrove, 1989). Geographical studies of the modern era […]

World Regional Geography: “Arab World” and “Islamic World”

Definition of the realm The realm can be described as a dry world containing the expansive Sahara and Arabian deserts. The inhabitants of the region are known to live near water sources. They live along the Mediterranean coastal strip of north-west Africa, eastern Asia and north eastern shores of Mediterranean sea, Nile Delta,Tigris-Euphraites basin, oases […]


Introduction The Eurasian Country Turkey is a vital factor in the present geopolitical situation for its strategic location with its various historical events. By this time the country has engrossed the attraction of most developed countries and the people allover the world are interested to learn more about the country for their business and tourism. […]

The Eruption of Toba

Introduction The largest volcanic explosion in the late Pleistocene occurred in Lake Toba, approximately 72,500 (+- 3000) years ago. The super eruption of Toba has attracted a lot of scientific disrepute due to various reasons. When viewed from space, the caldera is observed as one of the biggest volcanic craters on earth, since it measures […]

Analytical Information and Facts about Namibia

Introduction This essay, gives analytical information and facts about Namibia, one of the countries found in Africa. The paper is well structured, with segments covering specific elements of the country’s profile. For example, the geography section will include the country’s size, hydrological features, orographic features, climatic features, and flora and fauna. The paper will also […]

Geography of Southeast Asia

Map comparisons Chinese immigrants form the largest minority group in the Southeast Asia. Noteworthy, their arrival can be traced back to the eras between Ming and Qing dynasties. Nevertheless, the largest influx falls between the years 1870 and 1940, the last phase of colonial rule, evident by over 20 million immigrants thronging the region. Basically, […]

Geography of East Asia

Map comparison The present day state of China is a consequence of spatial-expansion that traces back to an era long before Christ (1900 BC). Basically, until early twentieth century China was synonymous with dynastic rule. With Manchu dynastic rule (1644-1991) recording massive gains and thus hitting an all-time high, the entire period represents rollercoaster kind […]

Modern Algeria

Introduction Algeria is a country located in the northwestern part of Africa. It borders Mediterranean Sea to the north. Algeria is officially referred to as the democratic republic of Algeria. It is also the second largest country in Africa. The country is covered by 90% desert. Most of its population lives in the northern region. […]

Analysis of Japan

Japan has always been known as a conservative society that is well entrenched in its ideas of tradition, culture and the preservation of social institutions (Japan, 58-63). Yet, it is this focus on tradition that has resulted in the preservation of its ancient cultural traditions that has enthralled and fascinated the world for generations. At […]