Language policy in Saudi Arabia Coursework

Introduction Language acts as an important tool that makes sure there is effective communication. It is actually not easy to communicate without the spoken words. Language has its usefulness to human development as research has found. Actually it would be difficult for people to think and actually associate the things and concepts they come across. […]

English for Special Purposes Coursework

Identifying Characteristics of Taxi Drivers as Learners of English for Specific Purposes The group of students includes taxi drivers who will need to meet the existing standards of the language proficiency. The age of the focus group varies significantly from 25 to 45 years. Specifically, a group under the age category 30 amounts to 60 […]

Cross Culture Communication – Learning of English Case Study

Introduction of the topic It is important to consider structural differences evident in the English language in order to understand how the norms of communication and ways of speaking differ for Arabic speakers learning the language. Linguistic differences exist between communities embracing unrelated social and cultural obligations. This is a fundamental observation when considered critically. […]

Bilingualism Critical Writing

Introduction Paweł Zieliński’s report is titled ‘Bilingualism’ and is a brief analysis of bilinguals and who they are. It also helps readers to distinguish a person who is a bilingual from one who is not. According to the Encarta Dictionary (2011), a bilingual refers to a person “able to speak two languages easily and naturally.” […]

A Survey of Specific Purposes on Language Use in English and Arabic: A Literature Review Essay

Introduction Languages such as English, Spanish and French among others are increasingly being used by people who are not native speakers of those languages in contemporary society. For example, it is noted that most universities around the world are adapting English as the basic language for instruction in the classroom (Upton & Lee-Thompson, 2001). Most […]

Review of Scoring Rubric Critical Writing

Introduction English language learners’ represents a significant subpopulation of USA students which in the 2006/07 school year were more than 5 million in the PK to 12 grades (Esquinca, Yaden, & Rueda, 2008). This is projected to represent 1 in 9 students in the country with 80% of them nationally being native Spanish speakers and […]