Employment Relations Issues: Discrimination in New Zealand’s Work Place

Introduction Over the past few centuries, the human civilization has advanced tremendously giving rise to significant social and economic changes. This has resulted most notably in the creation of a large group of working class members of the society and their employers. It is this class that has been primarily responsible for the creation of […]

Contrast the different levels of police operations and their unique operations

Introduction The role of the police is to enforce laws, protect property and reduce civil disorders in the society. In this essay, I wish to discuss the differences and similarities between the federal, state, and local levels of law enforcement and contributions of August Vollmer and other pioneers to the development of Criminal investigative techniques. […]

Global threat of Russian Organized Crime

Schwirtz, Michael. Vory v Zakone has Hallowed Place in Russian Criminal Lore. New York: The New York Times. 2008. Web. 27 Aug. 2010. This article gives an account of a police ambush conducted on a meeting held by Russia’s criminal elite in Moscow. During the attack, 37 members of the Vory v Zakne, a dominant criminal […]

Occupational health and safety

Introduction On 13th April 2006, an upset occurred at Fosters Australia Limited. A 58 year old member of staff by the name of Cuu Huynh was crushed involving a handrail and a machine door operated pneumatically. This machine takes bottles from pallets prior to their filling. Mr. Cuu Huynh died six days later in hospital. […]

Community Based Corrections

The annotated bibliography on impacts of community based corrections on the criminal justice system covers the following topics Thesis statement The proponents of community based corrections argue that there is need to find an alternative to imprisonment of nonviolent offenders which is low cost given the financial constraint the federal government is facing and the […]