The Language of Justice to Excuse the Violence of Those in Power Essay

The abuse of power is a prevalent phenomenon in diverse societies and systems of governance as evident by the practice of judges in the context of law and the ability of a president to pardon criminals. Judges operate within a legal structure, which constrains their roles in the administration of retributive justice and curtails their […]

Homeland security and consequence management Research Paper

Introduction On September 11, 2001, devastating attacks on the United States by the Islamic extremist group called the Al Qaeda made the nation to come to grips with reality. Since these attacks were well planned, the historic occurrence triggered the need for the establishment of a more reinforced network of homeland security and consequence management […]

Overview of Theories of Liability and Defense Essay

Before considering the main laws and regulations, it is necessary to define the term liability and defense from the plaintiff’s viewpoint. In most judicial systems, the theory of liability is often associated with a cause of action, the actual underpinning for the complaint, which is often claimed against the physical or legal entities who have […]

The Common and Civil Law System Assessment

There are two legislative traditions that are very widespread in many countries; in particular one can speak about the common and civil law systems. This paper is aimed at discussing the similarities and differences between these approaches. Furthermore, one should show how these differences can affect the work of many companies, for instance, American firms […]

Legalization of marijuana Essay

Introduction Recently, there has been a debate on legalization of marijuana among the adult population in many states. In particular, the states of Oregon and Colorado have grappled with the issue for the last few months. Before last year’s vote on the issue, the states had made illegal the usage of marijuana for recreational purposes. […]

Law: Case study Essay

Procedure the Trial Court Used to Make Judgment The trial court relied upon two procedures. First, there was Chouinard v. New Hampshire Speedway where the defendant owned a racetrack and the plaintiff was supposed to attend a race. She purchased a ticket, which was not immediately available. Hence, she was to pick it on an […]