Review of Qualitative Methods in Linguistics Critical Writing

Introduction Though quantitative methods are much more valid and reliable than qualitative methods, the latter provides in-depth perspectives on human behaviors, as well as reasons that predetermine these behaviors. Specifically, Dornyei (2007) realizes limitations to the quantitative research and, therefore, the researcher recommends qualitative research as a tool to examine specific concepts in a broader […]

The Representation of Irish Nationalism Essay

Introduction The attempts to revive the Irish political nationalism have seen considerable Irish literary achievement. The country’s long history as a British colony and the effects of that colonization shapes the struggle for Irish nationhood and identity even today, both politically and imaginatively. The country’s struggle for independence intensified towards the turn of the 20th […]

Comparison between the two poems:”Corrina’s Going A-May” and “To His Coy Mistress” Essay

Introduction The main style of narration exhibited in the two poems is persuasion. In the poem “Corrina’s Going A-May” the persona coaxes his beloved, Corrina, to go forth and enjoy the delights of the chilly morning as other young people usually do. He is wooing his lover to accept his call. We do not get […]

Imaginary Homelands Essay

Introduction The essay Imaginary Homelands describes the plight of the writers in the Diaspora as they attempt to reconnect with their homelands. However, the reconnection fails miserably due to incomplete memory. They are completely out of touch with their homelands and hence grossly alienated. This essay will focus on the features of semantic and lexical […]

John Donne’s Sacred and Secular Love: Poetry Analysis Essay

John Donne was an English writer widely known for being the most prominent member of the metaphysical poets. “He affects the metaphysics, not only in his satires, but in his amorous verses, where nature only should reign; and perplexes the minds of the fair sex with nice speculations of philosophy, when he should engage their […]

Cross Culture Communication – Learning of English Case Study

Introduction of the topic It is important to consider structural differences evident in the English language in order to understand how the norms of communication and ways of speaking differ for Arabic speakers learning the language. Linguistic differences exist between communities embracing unrelated social and cultural obligations. This is a fundamental observation when considered critically. […]