Meaning of emotion words This research method was based on the meaning derived from words describing emotional experiences people experienced. These emotionally descriptive words target specific emotional feelings. Different emotional words convey distinctly different emotional feelings from a specific audience and situation. A word like love for example could convey a unique sense of belonging […]

Analysis of the history of biological psychology and its relationship with other psychology branches

Introduction Biological psychology is a major branch in psychology that has been prominent since its beginning and remains a key area of research and training in most parts of the world. This paper will attempt to analyze biological psychology by defining it, examining its historical development and identifying associated important theorists. It will further depict […]

Social Psychology

Introduction Social psychology is the study of the influence of the genuine, obscure, and the anticipated presence of an individual on the emotions, contemplations, and actions of another. This essay highlights the concept of androgyny and its benefits in the society, and describes situations where an androgynous individual might be suited than either a masculine […]

Clown Program

Issues associated with the development of clowns Most of the children tend to shy away from the hospitals because of its frightening nature and experiences. The hospital presents a place away from home for the child with no familiar family members around. The environment is always strange with smell and noise and this creates some […]

Psychology and Qualitative Research

Introduction Qualitative research is commonly used in social sciences and marketing. The techniques of qualitative research either study human behavior in a particular situation or series of events or they are aimed on solving the major aspects of decision making(Denzin & Lincoln, 2005). The elements of qualitative research are simple. It starts with identification of […]

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Social psychology examines how the personality, attitudes, motivations and actions of individuals are influenced by social groups. Researchers in the field have always been interested in the effects that social and environmental elements have on individuals’ perceptions and behavior. One of the most common research studies in social psychology is that conducted by Zimbardo, Haney, […]