Counselling Theory of Freudian Psychoanalysis

This paper reflects upon how I believe the application of psychoanalysis can become an integral part of Christian counseling. The foremost idea that is being explored throughout the paper is that, even though the theory of psychoanalysis appears to contradict a number of Biblical conventions; it nevertheless correlates with the overall spirit of Christianity, as […]

Forensic Psychology

Introduction Forensic psychology is the incorporation of psychological techniques into the criminal justice process or system. It differs with forensic science in that forensic psychologists concentrate or focuses on the application of psychological perspectives to criminal justice system (Forensic psychology, n.d.). They often come across legal issues which includes competency, public policies, newly created laws […]

Coaching Style

Introduction My coaching style mirrors the transformational approach, but I am yet to work on some imperfections that minimize my potential. These flaws revolve around all three phases of transformational coaching. Analysis A transformational coach ought to undergo three phases; that is, foundation, learning loop and forwarding-the-action. My problem areas lie in all three sections. […]

Multicultural Training of Counselors Increases Competency

Abstract Since the competency of counselors depends on the nature of training that they have received, this study hypothesizes that multicultural training increases professional competence of counselors. Thus, the study investigates the impact of multicultural training on professional competence of counselors. Multicultural training enables counselors to work in diverse populations with different needs. In the […]

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

REBT Case Conceptualization Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) refers to a detailed psychotherapeutic and philosophical treatment for resolving behavioral and emotional challenges among clients. Through this process, individuals can live happily, and achieve their desired objectives in life. This therapy points out that people develop and formulate opinions, which make them distressed. In this case, […]

Evaluation of Ethical Responsibilities as Psychologists

This paper attempts to highlight some issues that any psychologist may encounter during his or her practice. Besides, the paper seeks to highlight ethical aspects that psychologists must consider while dealing with clients and the community. There is also a description of other ethical aspects of psychologists such as values, diversity issues, confidentiality, research, multiple […]

General Psychology

Introduction Physical environment where people live and grow up is certainly one of the main sources of factors that affects directly or indirectly development of a person through various development stages (Richardson 2000). For instance, natural calamities such as Hurricane Katrina which occurred in New Orleans interrupts with peoples lifes in a manner that adversely […]

Self-Injury Discussion

Introduction What is self-injury? Self-injury is defined as an act of causing injury to ones own body with the use of an object like knife and laser, arrows and panga among others. Self-injury is in other words referred to as self-abuse, self-mutilation, self-inflicted violence and Para suicide. Self-injury behavior include burning, cutting, hair pulling, scratching, […]

Future Challenges to the Field of Professional Psychology

Professional psychology has undergone significant challenges that should be taken into consideration to face those efficiently. These challenges are primarily predetermined by such processes as globalization and technological advancement. Within the context of globalization, shift from a mental health professional to a primary health care provider is necessary to pay more attention to cultural and […]

Depression Development

Depression as a type of the psychological disorder is often characteristic for people who suffer from definite difficulties in their life and have to act in stressful situations regularly. From this point, the situation of caring for the loved person who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease can be discussed as a stressful one, and it can […]

Theory of Knowledge

Knowledge is very fundamental in the life of a person and it is therefore very necessary to fully understand the various ways of knowing. Traditionally, there are four basic ways of knowing which were developed by different philosophers. These four ways of knowing are depicted in the TOK diagram of knowledge. The sources of knowledge […]

Learning and Behavior

Introduction Learning is a continuous process and has proven to be an important aspect in the lives of human beings. By definition, Akers loosely describes learning as the process through which human beings gain knowledge, skills and expertise that can be applied in day-to-day endeavors (32). Considering the importance of learning, theorists have over the […]

The Efficacy of Spirituality Group

The research is focused on the efficacy of the spirituality group in chemical dependency treatment program. It has already been proven that religion and spirituality have positive impact on human mental health (Moritz et al, 2006). Being more powerful tool in the relation to motivating people to give up chemical substances consumption, spirituality is considered […]

Multicultural Psychology

Introduction Multicultural psychology is the systematic approach to all kinds of humanities that occur in a multicultural environmental background. This means that people from different backgrounds encounter each other thereby creating an environmental setting that results in composite human behaviour. The multicultural aspect has been perceived by psychologists worldwide as the fourth force in the […]

Multicultural Competency

Introduction There is a great diversity in the field of culture. Culture covers aspects like race, gender, language, values and beliefs and is developed from a combination of individual uniqueness and organizational or environment characteristics. Different people and communities have different cultural values and beliefs in regard to daily life. It is usually a hard […]

Vicarious Trauma

Introduction Literature concerning professionals working with traumatized clients or patients is enormous. The interaction between the professional and clients takes place on daily basis where the professional may be affected by the client’s problem through exposure to the problem. Vicarious traumatization (VT) was first identified in early 1990s through an extensive research done by McCann […]

Clinical Psychologist’s Professional Issues

How does the research design and methodology affect a clinical psychologist’s professional work? Clinical psychologists use descriptive research designs to investigate the prevalence or incidence rates of particular problems in the population. This research design enables psychologists to understand the scope of a problem, but not why or when the problem occurs, or what causes […]

The Reiss-Epstein-Gursky Anxiety Sensitivity Index

The Reiss-Epstein-Gursky Anxiety Sensitivity Index (ASI-R) is the psychological assessment instrument which is used to measure such a variable as the anxiety sensitivity which can be explained as the fear of anxiety. Thus, the anxiety sensitivity is the fear of the anxiety-related factors which can lead to the negative and threatening physical, psychological, and social […]

Depression and Workplace Violence

Abstract Workplace violence is a growing social problem that has many negative consequences. The workplace can provide an atmosphere of both physical violence and verbal aggression. A perceived violence climate can be reduced if the management exercises control and provides ways to eliminate violence and verbal aggression. This can be done with the institution of […]

Value of Assessment and Testing Instruction

Correct psychological assessment and testing is the first step towards a successful psychological intervention. Although existing psychological assessment and testing methods and instruments are found to be helpful, there is always question about possible bias when applied in minority populations. There is possibility of individuals from minority cultural and ethnic groups being assessed inappropriately because […]

Difficulties That Children Face and the Possible Solutions to the Emerging Problems Post Divorce

The Children of Divorce: the Current Situation The Statistic Data on the Children of Divorce Because of the difficulties that the children of the modern society are experiencing in the family relationships, most of these children, according to the recent researches, are bound to suffer from the complexes that root from the past during the […]

Counseling Theories

Sketch of Theorist Carl Ransom Rogers (1902 – 1987) grew up in a very religious and ascetic family and was expected to become a minister, but chose to study psychotherapy instead (Prochaska and Norcross 114). He started his career as a child psychologist in New York and then moved on to training the students in […]

Person-centered Approach vs. Cognitive-Behavioral Approach

Abstract The person-centered and cognitive-behavioral theories are common models in counseling and psychotherapy. The two approaches have different theoretical underpinnings and thus, have distinct uses in therapy. Moreover, a number of factors, such as the client’s age and the setting of the therapy, determine their efficacy and application. However, both theories lead an individual through […]

Structural Family Therapy

Model Description Among the existing variety of therapies for a family, it is hard to define the most appropriate or the less effective because every family is unique, and its members face different problems and misunderstandings. In the current paper, one of the family therapy models, the structural family therapy by Salvador Minuchin, will be […]

Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Children with ADHD

Efficacy of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) refers to a set of intervention strategies devised to cause behavioral changes among children with ADHD symptoms or other similar conditions. As opposed to medical interventions, which involve the administration of medicinal drugs, CBT revolves around eradicating the negative behaviors exhibited by children suffering from the […]

Solution Focused Therapy

Therapists, who rely on solution focused therapy, emphasise the role of exceptions or the situations when a person managed to cope with a problem that usually seemed insurmountable. Moreover, these practitioners lay stress on the idea that a patient has the strength to overcome such difficulties on a regular basis. This paper includes the discussion […]

General Mental Ability in the World of Work

Introduction The research study evolves from the idea of General Mental Ability (GMA) resurgence in the field of modern psychology. The conception, which was first described by Spearman in 1904, integrated some individual features that could measure intellectual performance. It was initially suggested that the GMA mechanism stems from genetic features. Therefore, the primary objective […]

Adolescent Risk: Substance and Addiction

Introduction According to Stanis and Andersen (2014), substance use among adolescents occurs when one consumes drugs or alcohol. Substance use may not always cause addiction, but it might cause habituation when used repeatedly. The continued use of drugs and alcohol leads to substance abuse. The problems associated with this vice affect personal life, education, health, […]

Predictors of Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Use

Drug and alcohol use among adolescents in the United States tends to increase, and the lack of monitoring the adolescents’ behaviors by parents and teachers can lead to developing this tendency in the future. Much attention should be paid to identifying predicting factors in order to avoid impacts on adolescents’ well-being, health, academic performance, and […]

Child Abuse Problem

Child abuse is one of the most pressing problems of the society. The absence of clear definitions and exhaustive information concerning the scope of the problem raises obstacles for its solution. The study of the problem of child abuse has begun in the 60s with focusing attention to children problems. It should be mentioned that […]