Promoting Diversity through Professional Development and Education

The Case Study a) Considerations Mr. Weston should consider the social interaction ability of Alana because she exhibits aloofness and becomes aggressive easily. Examining the cause of the withdrawnness and aggressiveness that Alana exhibits is critical as it helps Mr. Weston to understand her condition. Social interaction has significant benefits to children because it does […]

6-year-old child’s biosocial, cognitive and psychosocial development

Introduction Some of the most interesting aspects of child development are the biosocial, cognitive and psychological development.Reading these aspects can be interesting, especially if you have a child who is still developing. In order to understand these aspects fully, scientists have come up with numerous theories to explain the development stages right from birth to […]

Habit 3 Put First Things First

Introduction Highly effective people are known to focus on discovering opportunities around them. They then utilize these opportunities to their advantage keenly taking into consideration their principles and values. They do this in order to achieve personal or organizational goals (Hergenhahn, 2005). The decisions they make are centered and focused on already defined mission statements. […]

Alcohol Abuse

How an Economist Would Approach the Problem of Alcohol Abuse Alcohol abuse is a real disaster for any country. A lot of professionals try to deal with this specific problem and economists also can contribute to solving this issue. One of the main measures which may be takes is the price increase induced by taxation […]

Why people cheat

Although cheating is considered a “bad thing”, there are no clear pointers as to who are prone to cheating. The general agreement is that everybody is capable of cheating. According to Dachis (Par.2), a consideration of why people make a fearful choice is crucial in understanding why people cheat. In this essay, I assess some […]

Status anxiety

Introduction Status anxiety is the perception that somebody is socially inferior because of their background. Status anxiety is further complicated by the idea of the American dream and the desperate way in which we strive to achieve it. Those who have not achieved it are deemed inferior. Coping with status anxiety is imperative, and it […]