Religion, Culture and Society Paper Examples

Daoism and its influence in the modern Chinese culture

Introduction Daoist ideas expressed by Tao Yunaming have developed overtime and still have strong influence over the communist system in China. Specifically, this system of religious thought originated from Asia continent. Several authors have developed a comprehensive table of events on the development of Daoism philosophy. In analyzing Daoism in China, Tao brings about the […]

Exegetical Study of Biblical Divorce

Introduction Most exegetical studies offer discussions on divorce, marriage, and other rights of passage. The passage is a complicated topic that contains thoughts and expressions that are hard to comprehend. The topic is a constant problem in real life and has other passages showing similar relationship. In fact, there are personal debates on marriage and […]

Day of the Dead

Introduction The Day of the Dead documentary highlights how Mexicans connect with the dead during the Day of the Dead ceremony. The documentary provides detailed accounts of the ceremony by highlighting how the traditional-adherent Purepecha community, which is located in the “Island of The Souls” conducts the ceremony. Alan Aldridge describes a cult as a […]

Civil Religion in the American Society

Introduction Human beings are extremely subject to beliefs and culture in their way of living. Religious beliefs are highly influential and thus people live in accordance with the religious virtues inherent in their religious isms. In most countries across the world, religious beliefs, historical heroics, and historical events form constitutional backgrounds, which then make the […]

The Christian Canon, Oral Traditions and the Synoptic Problem

The book “A Brief Introduction to the New Testament” by Ehrman explains that the Christian canon was a result of many Christian debates on the correct teachings (6). These debates came about because there were many other writings by early Christians. For instance, there was a group of non-canonical writings called the Apostolic Fathers, which […]

Benefits of Attending Churches for International Students

Executive summary This proposal is aimed at raising the awareness of international students about the benefits of attending churches. This proposal includes several elements: the design of brochures and leaflets about the churches in California; distribution of these leaflets; evaluation of students’ experiences and attitude toward churches. The proposed program can assist learners who struggle […]

The Church as a Forgiving Community

Summary The article provides information on the role of forgiveness in the society. It also shows that educationists have proposed a three-tier psycho-educational approach, The Forgiving Communities, which can provide exceptional counseling solutions to the community. The model targets the family, the school, and the church. It is based on the biblical concept of love […]

Gospel and Culture Article

Article Summary The article is a presentation of strategies that the Lausanne committee developed to address the difficulties of cross-cultural evangelism. The presentations comprise nine sections that discuss the influence of the gospel on culture and vice versa. The authors begin by outlining the biblical basis of culture (Lausanne Movement 1978). They look at the […]

The Role of Culture in Gospel Communication

Introduction Culture helps in defining an individual’s identity. It shapes all human concepts. Numerous debates have attempted to explore the impacts of culture on an individual’s developmental features.1 Culture triggers the manifestation of identity that gives the individuals their exposure and orientation. This supposition holds that if the same individual is raised under a different […]

The Separation of Church and State with References to Roger Williams’ Ideas

During long historical periods, the church and state were closely connected in spite of the division of their influence on citizens’ life and spirituality. From the point of the US history, Roger Williams was the first to claim that the church and state should be separated to emphasize the personal liberty as the real fact […]

Rethinking Christ and Culture: A Post-Christendom Perspective

This paper is aimed at discussing the book Rethinking Christ and Culture: A Post-Christendom Perspective written by Craig Carter. This work is important for analyzing the role that religion should play in the contemporary society. One of the points that the author makes is that Christian organizations should not separate themselves from the world of […]

The Nature and Mission of the Church in the Twenty-First Century

The progress of the human thought cannot be stopped, and it is associated with a lot of changes in the spheres of the people’s life which are traditionally discussed as invariable and their aspects as constant. This statement was considered as relevant for analysing the elements of religion and faith during a long period of […]

“Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do To Stop It” by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer

The book Already Gone: Why Your Kids Will Quit Church and What You Can Do To Stop It is written by Ken Ham and Britt Beemer. It arouses feelings of dread and concern in parents and ministers who wish to see young children and youths walking in Jesus Christ. The statistics presented depict a worrying […]

The Impact of the Fruits of the Spirit on Psychotherapy

Introduction It is very important for the Christian psychotherapists to have proper knowledge and understanding of the scriptures. The utilization of systematic theology offers the apparatuses that are required in giving guidance in the approach to understanding God’s character and His mission. Employing this approach will serve as a basis for a functional working model […]

The Ways Religion Could Affect to Change in Societies

In the current society the position of religion has been a contentious issue. With the past years, societies that gained stability were strengthened by the only religion at that time. Within the sole religion, competing factions have been observed. Divisions were also observed within different sects being based on religious grounds. On the other hand […]

“World Missionary Conference” Book

Introduction The book highlights what transpired in a protestant-organised convention held in Edinburgh. The delegates created a highly disjointed atmosphere due to inability to build consensus on majority of the issues. Though chaotic, the convention has shaped the protestant history by recognizing the small emerging churches from various continents. The participant contemplated union with Roman […]

The Relationships Between Science and Religion

Introduction According to Campbell and Looy (2009), there exist numerous opinions and understanding of the concepts of religion and science. Moreover, different scholars perceive the relationship between religion and science in dissimilar ways. Nevertheless, it is apparent that there exists a link between the two realms as it has been addressed by several theorists (McGrath, […]

Abrahamic, East Asian and South Asian Religions and Concept of Religious Tolerance

While there is no particular unequivocal commandment in the holy books that states ‘thou shall not permit intolerance’, it is without doubt that religious tolerance on values, truth and beliefs is yet to be realized since it is the nature of religions to compete. Studies indicate that the capacity religions have been massively affected by […]

The Religious Themes Relating To Notions Of Deity

The theme of this paper is to establish the main religious themes in chapter eleven of the book of Bhagavad-Gita. The first main religious theme in the chapter is the recommended acts of commitment towards deity. When it comes to devotion towards deity, one can express their commitment to Christianity through many means. Through meditation […]

Creating the Plant Church: Ministry Application Project

Introduction: The Plant Church as a New Concept in the Christian Religion Background: The Concept of Volunteering Although the principle of volunteering is rather basic and is supposed to be inherent to all churches, not every religious institution follows it completely. Despite the fact that altruism is supposed to make the foundation of the Christian […]

Baptism By Immersion:A Discourse On The Merits Of Baptism By Immersion

Introduction Baptism is one of the issues with the greatest consensus among Christians in general terms. Many Christian denominations consider baptism to be an essential part of the expression of the Christian faith. However, the agreement seems to end there. There are all manner of views relating to the significance, power and the appropriate mode […]

Robert Matthias’ Vision of Family, Religion, and Women

Robert Matthias was the founder of the Kingdom of Matthias which was a religious movement that started in the 1830s. Robert Matthias or Matthews, who was an itinerant preacher from upstate New York, joined the Dutch Reformed church in Albany after attending the Washington County Presbyterian Church in Washington. Matthews was affected by the preaching […]

Impact of New Electronic Media on Egyptian Islam

Television Viewing Patterns and What they tell us about the Scope for Liberal Islamic Scholarship in Egypt The electronic media has the potential to influence public opinions. Egyptians use the media to educate themselves about their government. New electronic media refers to radio, television, podcasts and the internet. The internet is a dynamic source of […]

Leading with Purpose

Introduction Leadership principally entails influencing people towards a common objective. The rise or downfall of a ministry is usually attributed to the concept of leadership. Poor leadership basically causes the downfall of a ministry. On a similar account, effective leadership is an ingredient for the rise of a ministry. In any Christian organization, good leadership […]

The Inclusion of Islam, Christianity and Judaism in Politics

Introduction Society is very much dependent on religion where most people believe that having faith in a certain religion will make them better people. Those professing various types of religion, will want to follow to the latter the rules and requirements of their religion as they perform their day-to-day duties in the society. It is, […]

Mental health and spirituality

Introduction Religious people are less susceptible to depression because spirituality gives them a sense of purpose, community and teaches them to have an attitude of acceptance. These qualities are quite useful in mental health. The association between religiosity and mental health will be analyzed through empirical evidence on the two, causes of depression and how […]


Introduction There is a great controversy on what constitutes essential activities of Christians. The rationale might be to educate issues raised in the bible, wheel spiritual developments, or promote discipleship of Jesus Christ. The evident conflicts reinforce the need to distinguish the disparities or similarities that prevail between these domains. A disciple is an individual […]

Churches going Mega while small churches are dying out

Introduction The perception of American religion is changing with the entry of mega churches in the religious scene. Mega churches receive considerable attention from their leaders and attendees. Interestingly, leaders and members of smaller churches, denominational officials, church consultants, and seminary faculties pay great attention to mega churches. In addition, political parties and media reporters […]