Peer Review of Authorship Ethics

The author demonstrates a fair understanding of the ethical issues associated with assigning authorship to a manuscript or scientific report. The author shows that establishing authorship is through building significant contribution to an article (Handyman 2011). The author also indicates that all authors named in a publication should play a substantial role in all the […]

Understanding How the Medical and Social Model of Disability Supports People With Disability

Introduction Disability is a term that is used to described people who are not able to independently live, achieve their livelihood, attain mobility, speak, learn, take care of themselves among other problems. Most of these are developmental problems and others can occur as a result of accidents. Other disabilities are congenital, that is, a disability […]

Counselling Theory of Freudian Psychoanalysis

This paper reflects upon how I believe the application of psychoanalysis can become an integral part of Christian counseling. The foremost idea that is being explored throughout the paper is that, even though the theory of psychoanalysis appears to contradict a number of Biblical conventions; it nevertheless correlates with the overall spirit of Christianity, as […]

Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is a complex phenomenon that does not seem to have a conclusive argument. According to Rives and Yousefi (1997), the statement above is right in its articulation that the problem is prevalent and widely spread all over the world (p. 90). This has prompted scholars to critically debate about the issue with varying […]

Forensic Psychology

Introduction Forensic psychology is the incorporation of psychological techniques into the criminal justice process or system. It differs with forensic science in that forensic psychologists concentrate or focuses on the application of psychological perspectives to criminal justice system (Forensic psychology, n.d.). They often come across legal issues which includes competency, public policies, newly created laws […]

Virtue Ethics and Moral Goods for Society

Introduction Virtue ethics stresses the need to develop human character instead of striving to define ‘goodness and rightness’ (Porter 2005). The highest goal of virtue ethics is to promote human happiness. As Aristotle noted, we can only attain virtue through habits and inculcating moral and intellectual virtue. The concept of natural law relates closely to […]

Responsibility Definition

Introduction One of the key factors that lead to success in life is being responsible. From childhood, my parents and the whole society at large have been pushing me to show responsibility through my actions, feelings and utterances. The question that is left begging is: What does responsibility entail? In my opinion, responsibility is making […]

Coaching Style

Introduction My coaching style mirrors the transformational approach, but I am yet to work on some imperfections that minimize my potential. These flaws revolve around all three phases of transformational coaching. Analysis A transformational coach ought to undergo three phases; that is, foundation, learning loop and forwarding-the-action. My problem areas lie in all three sections. […]

Multicultural Training of Counselors Increases Competency

Abstract Since the competency of counselors depends on the nature of training that they have received, this study hypothesizes that multicultural training increases professional competence of counselors. Thus, the study investigates the impact of multicultural training on professional competence of counselors. Multicultural training enables counselors to work in diverse populations with different needs. In the […]

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

REBT Case Conceptualization Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) refers to a detailed psychotherapeutic and philosophical treatment for resolving behavioral and emotional challenges among clients. Through this process, individuals can live happily, and achieve their desired objectives in life. This therapy points out that people develop and formulate opinions, which make them distressed. In this case, […]

Death Penalty

Capital punishment is one of the most controversial issues in the United States of America. Most Americans believe that death penalty is the best punishment for murderers. However, capital punishment should be abolished in the United States. Even though some people are heartless, there are a few reasons as to why the death sentence should […]

Evaluation of Ethical Responsibilities as Psychologists

This paper attempts to highlight some issues that any psychologist may encounter during his or her practice. Besides, the paper seeks to highlight ethical aspects that psychologists must consider while dealing with clients and the community. There is also a description of other ethical aspects of psychologists such as values, diversity issues, confidentiality, research, multiple […]

Language Role in Cultural Communication

Introduction Language is one of the most important aspects of culture since it facilitates understanding among members. Language offers meaning to events and situations implying that each language has its own dynamics (Clark 1996, p. 87). In a culture, language permits individuals to view things from a similar perspective, comprehend societal rules and regulations, reproduce […]

How do Migration and Urbanization Bring About Urban Poverty in Developing Countries?

Introduction Urbanization is the increase in the urban share of the total population. A report given by The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) states that urbanization has rapidly increased in Africa and Asia since the year 2000 (UNFPA, 2007). The report says this population will duplicate by the year 2030 and many of the new […]

Nationalism and Identity Among Middle East Immigrants to Australia

Introduction Immigration is a thorny political as well as social issue in Australia. Like many western countries, Australia receives millions of immigrants from third world countries who enter the country both legally and illegally. According to the Australian government, the country has received nearly 6.8 million immigrants since 1945. Middle East countries like Lebanon supplies […]

Boundaries in Marriage

A summary of Boundaries in Marriage Cloud and Townsend (2002) recommend a hypothetical model that can be used to maintain a healthy marital association. Their proposed model summarizes both the theological and theoretical orientation to a healthy relationship. They argue that marriage basically concerns love. Nevertheless, the authors claim that love itself is insufficient to […]

Family Systems

The movie explains family relations. It is noted that one family member may influence the behavior of others. From the movie, it is evident that the family plays a critical role in the life of an individual since it restrains behavior (Knapp, & Womack, 2003). Agency-structure theory suggests that the individual does not exist freely […]

General Psychology

Introduction Physical environment where people live and grow up is certainly one of the main sources of factors that affects directly or indirectly development of a person through various development stages (Richardson 2000). For instance, natural calamities such as Hurricane Katrina which occurred in New Orleans interrupts with peoples lifes in a manner that adversely […]

Self-Injury Discussion

Introduction What is self-injury? Self-injury is defined as an act of causing injury to ones own body with the use of an object like knife and laser, arrows and panga among others. Self-injury is in other words referred to as self-abuse, self-mutilation, self-inflicted violence and Para suicide. Self-injury behavior include burning, cutting, hair pulling, scratching, […]

Future Challenges to the Field of Professional Psychology

Professional psychology has undergone significant challenges that should be taken into consideration to face those efficiently. These challenges are primarily predetermined by such processes as globalization and technological advancement. Within the context of globalization, shift from a mental health professional to a primary health care provider is necessary to pay more attention to cultural and […]

Depression Development

Depression as a type of the psychological disorder is often characteristic for people who suffer from definite difficulties in their life and have to act in stressful situations regularly. From this point, the situation of caring for the loved person who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease can be discussed as a stressful one, and it can […]

Leading with Soul Response

The foremost characteristic of post-industrial living is the fact that; whereas, the exponential progress in the fields of informational technology and genetics had left very little room for monotheistic religion in the minds of most Westerners – due to being affected by intellectual and very often biological degradation, many of these people nevertheless continue to […]

Analysis of Gender Inequalities in the Workplace

Introduction to Gender Inequalities in the Workplace According to Massey (34), many people confuse gender with sex, which involves biological differences between a male and a female. Many societies and cultures in the world create distinctions between individuals based on gender. In many societies, men are superior to women (Burstein 342). The distinction is displayed […]

Theory of Knowledge

Knowledge is very fundamental in the life of a person and it is therefore very necessary to fully understand the various ways of knowing. Traditionally, there are four basic ways of knowing which were developed by different philosophers. These four ways of knowing are depicted in the TOK diagram of knowledge. The sources of knowledge […]

Gay Marriage’s Social and Religious Debates

Beginning the year 2001, some nations among them being the U.S.A., Argentina, Canada, and Netherlands among others began to authenticate gay marriages. Following this legalization, proponents of same-sex marriages like Sullivan have since then advocated for legislative changes to the existing marriage laws. He says that the bottom line of marriage is love regardless of […]

“Impossible Subjects” Book by Mae Ngai

The book ‘impossible subjects’ by Mae Ngai focuses on the history of immigration in the twentieth-century America. It offers a concise illumination of the illegal immigration of the late twentieth century. Though considered illegal and a serious problem, the author sees the immigration as a legal endeavor. According to him, the inclusion of Mexican immigrants […]

Principle Values in Social Structures

There are varied principal values that govern various activities undertaken by people in different social structures like the school, health care systems, mortuary and boot camp. From a school perspective, students are taught many lessons ranging from the formal elements of the curriculum to the informal elements related to the student’s behavior, dress code, body […]

Learning and Behavior

Introduction Learning is a continuous process and has proven to be an important aspect in the lives of human beings. By definition, Akers loosely describes learning as the process through which human beings gain knowledge, skills and expertise that can be applied in day-to-day endeavors (32). Considering the importance of learning, theorists have over the […]

Nationalism and Identity among Middle East Immigrants to Australia

Immigrants are individuals that have come into a country to be residents of the country. There are various reasons that can make an individual leave his or her country and seek residence in another country. Whereas some individuals may migrate to another country due to the unfavorable social, political, and economic conditions in their countries, […]

The Efficacy of Spirituality Group

The research is focused on the efficacy of the spirituality group in chemical dependency treatment program. It has already been proven that religion and spirituality have positive impact on human mental health (Moritz et al, 2006). Being more powerful tool in the relation to motivating people to give up chemical substances consumption, spirituality is considered […]

Multicultural Psychology

Introduction Multicultural psychology is the systematic approach to all kinds of humanities that occur in a multicultural environmental background. This means that people from different backgrounds encounter each other thereby creating an environmental setting that results in composite human behaviour. The multicultural aspect has been perceived by psychologists worldwide as the fourth force in the […]

Taoism and the Tao

Taoism is an ancient philosophy which describes Chinese relation to the universe, to people, to nature and to the whole life in general. Those who understand the main idea of Taoism can easily consider the place of objectivity and subjectivity within the philosophy. According to the main principles of Taoism, Tao is central notion for […]

Multicultural Competency

Introduction There is a great diversity in the field of culture. Culture covers aspects like race, gender, language, values and beliefs and is developed from a combination of individual uniqueness and organizational or environment characteristics. Different people and communities have different cultural values and beliefs in regard to daily life. It is usually a hard […]