Meaning of emotion words This research method was based on the meaning derived from words describing emotional experiences people experienced. These emotionally descriptive words target specific emotional feelings. Different emotional words convey distinctly different emotional feelings from a specific audience and situation. A word like love for example could convey a unique sense of belonging […]

Representations of Global Femininity/Masculinity in Contemporary Media

Introduction The change in time and events from a conventional world to one that is sophisticated and modern has been accompanied by changes in representation of masculinity and femininity. This is with regard to how the contemporary media represents both man and woman and its position on this. Contrary to the conventional style of representation […]

Risk Discourses

To a large extent, the future development of humankind is defined by the way young generations view the world and shape it accordingly. Youth, or adolescents, are characterized by a peculiar state of transition between childhood and adulthood, when physical and psychological immaturity does not allow functioning as complete members of society. At the same […]

Analysis of the history of biological psychology and its relationship with other psychology branches

Introduction Biological psychology is a major branch in psychology that has been prominent since its beginning and remains a key area of research and training in most parts of the world. This paper will attempt to analyze biological psychology by defining it, examining its historical development and identifying associated important theorists. It will further depict […]

Arguments on the unscientific nature of astrology

Karl Popper, Thomas Kuhn and many philosophers argue that astrology is a pseudoscience, although they have different explanations as to why it is considered a pseudoscience. Arguments vary from issues of Popperian’s variability and falsifiability, to questions of progress and Kuhn’s normal science, to the different sorts of tests raised by the scientific community. However, […]

The Privatization or Commodification of Water

Introduction For a long time, ethics has been seen as the study of what comprises good and bad conduct which includes the values that influence the conduct. Generally, contemporary culture has given humans unprecedented liberty and prosperity which has necessitated the growth of the concept of ethics. Business ethics on the other hand has existed […]