Same-Sex Marriage

Introduction One of the most heated debates of our time entails same sex marriage. While many people point out different reasons for opposing such a marriage, others have equally many reasons for supporting it. This paper seeks to support same sex marriage in the limelight of increasing liberalism and human rights across the world. In […]

Promoting Diversity through Professional Development and Education

The Case Study a) Considerations Mr. Weston should consider the social interaction ability of Alana because she exhibits aloofness and becomes aggressive easily. Examining the cause of the withdrawnness and aggressiveness that Alana exhibits is critical as it helps Mr. Weston to understand her condition. Social interaction has significant benefits to children because it does […]

Identity Belonging and Difference

The modern society recognizes the importance of reconsidering race issues that influence of the concept of identity belonging and equality among culturally diverse groups. However, the principles of identity and belonging are not confined to ethnic affiliation only, but also to new social constructs that are affected by such famous trend as McDonald’s. In fact, […]

Constructive Disobedience.

Most people in the contemporary world regard obedience as a virtue. However, the dilemma with obedience is that a person may have to accept wrong orders from a superior in an organizational or any other setting. In this phrase, wrong means going contrary to one’s responsibilities and beliefs. By obeying the orders, a person relinquishes […]


Prostitution is not Oppressive of Women Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the world. It can be traced back several centuries, before the Israelites went to Egypt. It remains one of the most controversial professions in the current society. Prostitution can be considered as being oppressive of women, or not, given the perspective […]