Introduction Cheddad, Condell, Curran and Kevitt (2010) allege, “Steganography refers to the art of covered or hidden writing” (p. 752). The primary objective of steganography is surreptitious communication to conceal a message from unauthorized parties. Steganography is different from cryptography, which is an art of hidden writing that aims at ensuring that a third party […]

Emergency Communications Program

Background In recent years, several incidents occurring in the external environment have forced organizations to consider implementing comprehensive emergency communications programs. The lingering uncertainty generated by terrorism, for example, has continued to take a psychological and financial toll on employees and organizations ever since 9/11 (Sellnow, Littlefield, Vidoloff, & Webb, 2009). At PSD Energy Solutions, […]

Digital Evidence Presentation

Introduction The world today is characterized by advancing technologies. The amount of information generated, stored, and distributed using electronic means on a daily basis keeps on increasing. As a result, agencies concerned with security and other regulations have to constantly gather digital evidence to use for law enforcement. Only people with specific training for digital […]

IT Resource Contingency Planning

Abstract IT resource planning contingency is key to curbing disruptions that result from various issues. Many firms are spending a lot of money to ensure that their computer systems are protected from interruptions. With regard to IT resource contingency plans, organizations should prepare adequately to deal with emergencies. Seven steps are involved in IT contingency planning. […]

Twitter Discussion Application Programming Interface

Abstract Twitter application programming interface (API) is a publicly available extension of Twitter that allows programmers to incorporate various aspects of the social network into their applications, websites, and software. This literature review examines research about the API and about its usage on a number of problems. The highlighted examples include the usage of the […]

Sources of Digital Forensic Data

Abstract Sources of data for digital forensics include storage media, file systems, and network equipment, among others. The data sources differ according to cases. Investigators can focus on account audits, live data systems, and intrusion detection systems to understand usage and trace intruders, until identification occurs. Internet service provider (ISP) records, virtual machines, and network […]

IT Resource Contingency Planning

The essence of having a contingency plan in any institution is to sustain the execution of critical events and systems when an extraordinary event occurs to disrupt the normal performance and cause below par execution. Organizations that rely on IT systems have both static and dynamic information that assists in routine operations. They have to […]

Attribute Based Encryption

Attribute-based encryption and other encryption techniques Attribute-based approach is an encryption technique that secures data security in the cloud environment. The features of attribute-based encryption include user key, cipher-text encryption, and user credentials. However, attribute-based encryption is derived for the traditional public-key encryption. Unlike other traditional encryption techniques, attribute-based encryption has a collusion resistance property. […]

Sharing Students’ Records in Cloud Computing

Introduction Cloud computing is generally perceived as the next generation computing structure for hosting and delivering economical services such as platform, software, and infrastructure. Notwithstanding the various advantages and facilities of cloud computing, privacy and security issues remain a basic concern and impair the growth of this technology. Consequently, this research proposal discusses the possibility […]

Smartphone Security

The rapidly spreading enhanced technology, the use of Smartphone becomes inevitable. They are reliable considering the privacy of information as they contain standard security. The security standards include the use keystroke dynamics, monitoring the time of key holding, the flight time, multiplayer access regulations, priority regarding the application accessibility. All phone security related phones get […]

Mobile Computing and Social Networks

Introduction The evident rapid growth of the IT sector has prompted the emergence of a myriad of electronic applications, which have the ability to run on mobile devices. Mobile applications are “internet applications designed to run on smartphones and other mobile devices” (Myers et al., 2006, p.36). Many of the mobile applications were initially designed […]

Can the Internet Provide a Forum for Rational Political Debate?

Introduction The Internet remains one of mankind’s most remarkable inventions in history, particularly in the area of communication. It probably ranks as high as the discovery of television and radio, both of which were invented much earlier. As people continue to marvel at the great capability of the Internet due to its extensive reach that […]

Improving Technologies at the High School

Improvements in schools should be closely associated with the improvement in the sphere of technologies and innovation. Today, technologies are available in different educational institutions, and the focus on using them is one of priorities for contemporary educators. That is why, it is necessary to find the answers to questions about the appropriate use of […]

Social Network: Сonsequences

Introduction Social network sites (SNSs) have drawn millions of users, many of whom have tailored them to their everyday needs. SNSs include Facebook, Bebo, 43 Things, BlackPlanet, and Athlinks, among others. Social network sites have made communication easy throughout the globe. In fact, they have spurred globalization across the world. In the process, SNSs have […]

Techniques for Detecting, Preventing or Mitigating DoS or Distributed DoS attacks

Introduction The internet has become part of the daily lives of people throughout the world. Some services such as banking, transportation, and healthcare are heavily dependent on it. According to Patrikakis, Masikos, and Zouraraki (2004), the internet is an intricate system of computers that are linked with the intention of creating an easy communication platform. […]

Cloud Computing Security Issues in Enterprise Organizations

Introduction Cloud computing has started to move beyond hype and into the fabric of businesses today. Small and Medium Businesses have discovered by utilizing cloud services, they can gain significant benefits including access to novel business application and state of the art infrastructure resources. Although Enterprise Organizations are gaining valuable insight into the potential benefits […]

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Abstract Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to the use of packet-switched internet protocol (IP) networks to relay a voice message. VoIP is among the latest modes of communication. As with a majority of the novel technologies, VoIP comes with both opportunities and security challenges. It has a unique architecture compared to the conventional circuit-based […]

Who Should be Allowed to Filter the Internet?

Filtering, also known as screening, censoring and blocking, is the permission or restriction to release or distribute items based on a laid down criteria (Kluver & Banerjee, 2005). Content filters try to limit access to internet content by scanning pixels. Filtering is typically done by use of technological tools, software or hardware, which are intended […]

Use of Social Media In The Police Force In Queensland

Introduction Social media is a fast growing type of technology used for social interaction. It entails the use of internet based and mobile technologies for effective dialogue. It is capable of reaching a large number of the target audience at a short period of time. Though most of the social networking was an attraction to […]

Increase in the Use of Mobile Phones and it’s Effects on Young People

Introduction Mobile phones are increasingly becoming an integral constituent of society with young people, in particular, embracing the technology that has come to be associated with a multiplicity of positive and negative consequences (Suss & Waller 2011). Emerging trends from the developed world demonstrate that the youth have the highest levels of mobile phone ownership […]

Effects of the Internet

Introduction The dawn of the internet phenomenon has completely changed the way people conduct their daily activities. The internet allows people to access various forms of information at all times from any location (Serbin 9). The internet presents immeasurable convenience in undertaking activities such as payment of household utility bills. It also enables people to […]

The influx of wireless technologies in organizations

Introduction The advent of wireless communication and mobile technologies played a significant role in enhancing mobility during communication, which is gradually becoming a primary necessity for organizations due to the nature of the present business environment that is based on the global environment (Basole, 2008). It implies that wireless communication and mobile technologies are essential […]

Telecom & Comp Net In HC

Technology is currently taking a lead in priority in most organizations and institutions that purpose to improve their customer services as well as the internal operations. One of the key aspects that aid to maximize on utilization of an organization’s resources is data organization and ease in the communication processes. Improving the telecommunication and network […]

Twitter: An Emerging Technology in Libraries

Twitter is becoming a foundational element of communication and collaboration among individuals. Organizations and institutions develop new technological commitments, to catch up with the pace of knowledge creation and learning. Public libraries are no exception: more libraries are coming to realize Twitter’s unprecedented communication and social networking potentials. The benefits of Twitter and other Web […]

Qualitative Data Analysis Exercise

A mobile phone company employee took part in an interview on October 20, 2008 at Geelong in response to the research project: excessive mobile phone bills, young people and the relevant corporate social responsibility of the telecommunications industry in Australia. The paper analyses qualitatively the information provided by the interviewee. Therefore, based on the analysis, […]

Data Communication and Networking

At present computers exist in most offices and several homes. Hence there is a call for sharing information and programs amid diverse computers. With the development of data communication services the interaction amid computers has augmented, therefore extending the supremacy of computers outside the computer room. At present a user operating from one place can […]

Internet- Mediated Information Communication

Introduction Innovations in internet technologies have affected various facets of an individual life, in the flow, transmission of information and enjoyment. Internet technologies improve efficiency, reliability and timely distribution of information as well as shaping “dating world” of people across the globe (Cooper et al, 2000). Mantovani (2001) attests that internet mediated communications provides a […]

Organizational Capabilities

We are glad to receive your request for information. Our company works in the field of consulting for more than ten years. Over this period we have already gained trust of a large number of clients. This company specializes in the following areas: technology implementation, change management, strategy development, operational improvement, technology implementation, and employee […]

Emails as a mode of communication

One can define communication as the process of exchanging messages “…views, ideas, knowledge, skills and emotions among others through use of symbols, words, pictures, graphs, figures from a sender to the receiver through a medium with the aim of stimulating a response” (Strawson, 1964, p.450). Communication is an art, which has kept on evolving day-by-day […]

Negative Influence of Cell Towers

Prolonged research The negative influence of cell towers is being debated in numerous countries worldwide. The extensive spread of these frightful towers evokes a lot of anxiety in public.1 The anxiety of people results in numerous researches which are being carried out worldwide. It is important to state that many researchers claim that there is […]


The solutions offered by IPscape can be of great interest to potential customers because their applications enable the users to reduce the cost on phone calls. The tools provided by this company largely rely on the use of cloud computing which helps the clients minimize the expenses on the procurement of hardware and software (IPscape, […]

The Mazeltov Nuclear Radiation Leakage Report

Executive Summary This paper presents a report of science and technology committee report written to the mayor about nuclear radiation leakage from the Mazeltov submarine. The submarine was located at the 32nd street on the Navy Pier in San Diego. The leakage resulted in unknown amounts of plutonium-239m in the air, causing contamination. Radioactive dust […]

How could Wireless Communications be made more secure?

Introduction Wireless communication is by far the most widely spread and fastest growing sector of the communication industry. It has mesmerized our civilization to a great extent. According to Brian Fling, “The telephone is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It revolutionized communications, enabling us to reach across great distances and share thoughts, […]

Transmission and Reception of Television Signals

The books, Electronic signals and systems: television, stereo, satellite TV, and automotive by Stan Prentiss, and Digital video and audio broadcasting technology a particle engineering guide by Walter Fischer provide sufficient information that is relevant to the research question. Stan Prentiss is one of the leading writers in the field of engineering. In his book […]

Push Versus Pull Technology

The internet is a very complex communication platform. The current form of the internet is the product of multiple innovations from various people. The internet still has many technological gaps despite its current complex form. Therefore, the number of business applications as well as the tools and protocols that guide the operations of the internet […]


Definition FTP or File Transfer protocol refers to rules or protocols that are used to transfer files from one computer to another. The files are transferred from a remote computer to another computer connected to a web server or internet. The transfer of the files happens through the aid of transmission Control Protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP). […]

Data Communication

Introduction Since time immemorial, the need to convey messages has been an integral part of human life. Today, communication is almost a basic necessity. Communication, which is the transmission of messages, takes different methods. Throughout the ages, the methods of communication have continuously evolved. This communication evolution has moved from the early development of language […]

Textual Research Analysis: “Introduction to Mobile Communications: Technology, Services, Markets” by Dave McNally, Tony Wakefield, Alan Mayne, and David Bowler

Today, mobile communications are connected with a lot of spheres of the people’s life. In their book Introduction to Mobile Communications: Technology, Services, Markets, Dave McNally, Tony Wakefield, Alan Mayne, and David Bowler present the discussion of the main aspects of the modern telecommunication industry. The research question associated with mobile technologies can be formulated […]

Wireless Headphones from H2pro Company

H2pro Company has invented wireless headphones that can work without connection through wires to electronic devices that transmit sound. These headphones will work well with smart phones and other mp3 devices that have applications of Bluetooth. These headphones are waterproof and, therefore, can receive sound impulses even under water. These headphones will be very significant […]

Mobile Computing and Its Future Scope

Introduction Mobile Computing technology can be defined as technology that make it possible for people to access network services wherever they are and at whatever time they want (Helal, 2002). Mobile computing has grown immensely in recent years and it is projected that in the future, mobile computing will control almost all technological activities in […]

Privacy on the Internet: A Critical Analysis

Introduction Today, more than ever before, the Internet has become an important constituent of our every day routine as more and more individuals use countless services offered on the World Wide Web. Indeed, extant literature demonstrates that the Internet has over the years evolved from a basic communication application to an interconnected highway of information […]

SMS Technology and Its Effect on Literacy

The advent of SMS technology was a means to enhance effective and efficient communication. Unfortunately, this has not been the case because SMS have been associated with some issues that tend to affect English proficiency. Individuals tend to use a language that they easily understand, which in most cases is not Englsih. Text messages are […]