Push Versus Pull Technology Research Paper

The internet is a very complex communication platform. The current form of the internet is the product of multiple innovations from various people. The internet still has many technological gaps despite its current complex form. Therefore, the number of business applications as well as the tools and protocols that guide the operations of the internet […]

FTP Research Paper

Definition FTP or File Transfer protocol refers to rules or protocols that are used to transfer files from one computer to another. The files are transferred from a remote computer to another computer connected to a web server or internet. The transfer of the files happens through the aid of transmission Control Protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP). […]

Data Communication Research Paper

Introduction Since time immemorial, the need to convey messages has been an integral part of human life. Today, communication is almost a basic necessity. Communication, which is the transmission of messages, takes different methods. Throughout the ages, the methods of communication have continuously evolved. This communication evolution has moved from the early development of language […]

Textual Research Analysis: “Introduction to Mobile Communications: Technology, Services, Markets” by Dave McNally, Tony Wakefield, Alan Mayne, and David Bowler

Today, mobile communications are connected with a lot of spheres of the people’s life. In their book Introduction to Mobile Communications: Technology, Services, Markets, Dave McNally, Tony Wakefield, Alan Mayne, and David Bowler present the discussion of the main aspects of the modern telecommunication industry. The research question associated with mobile technologies can be formulated […]

Headphones Essay

H2pro Company has invented wireless headphones that can work without connection through wires to electronic devices that transmit sound. These headphones will work well with smart phones and other mp3 devices that have applications of Bluetooth. These headphones are waterproof and, therefore, can receive sound impulses even under water. These headphones will be very significant […]

Click, and Facebook revises privacy by Tim Dick Critical Writing

The text is Click, and Facebook revises privacy by Tim Dick. The article discusses the issue of privacy on the Internet taking Facebook as a bright example of how your interests and activity can be revealed to other users of this global social network. According to Veer (2010), privacy concerns exist among all people that […]