Theology Paper Examples

Chapters 1-12 in Frame’s Systematic Theology

Key Learning from Chapters 1-12 in Frame’s Systematic Theology Chapters 1-12 from John Frame’s Systematic Theology provide the background for understanding the idea of theology in general and systematic theology in particular and present the information on the basic definitions, the Biblical Story, and the Doctrine of God. This reflection paper provides the detailed discussion […]

Book Review on “Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration” by David N. Entwistle

Introduction This article seeks to review and analyze a book by David N. Entwistle called “Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: An Introduction to Worldview Issues, Philosophical Foundations, and Models of Integration”. Entwistle’s book focuses on the relationship between theology and psychology. The author looks at the history of the two studies as well as […]

Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

Summary In his book, Psychology, theology, and spirituality in Christian counseling, Dr. Mark McMinn argues that Christian counseling entails more than theology and psychology. McMinn (1996) believes that both the spirituality and the interdisciplinary approaches need full consideration. The interdisciplinary approach arises from the view that the client and the counselor are involved. The author […]

Sexuality in the Life of St. Augustine

Introduction Among the early Christian theologians, St. Augustine ranks as one of the greatest of all times. Even now, his initial ideas on marriage and sexuality have had considerable effects on Protestants and Catholics. Therefore, it is important to offer an analysis and review of his marriage and sexuality ideas. Augustine’s perspective of sexuality according […]

Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39

The Lausanne Movement includes sessions and forums that are dedicated to different issues and topics related to the question of evangelization. Lausanne Occasional Papers are usually presented as reports on the sessions of Issue Groups. In this context, Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39 is a report on the conclusions made after “the Forum for World […]

“Quiet Talks on Prayer” Book

Introduction Religious principles have always dwelled on the foundations of continuous praying as means of communicating with God. Whereas people congregate in the worshiping places to pray, the reality about the prayer as a means of communication between the humans and God has remained unrevealed. Samuel Dickey Gordon is one of the renowned spiritual writers […]

Dispensation Theology

History of Dispensation The ideology of dispensation is one of the most significant aspects when it comes to religion. By definition, it is considered as a range of time where God tests human beings with regards to the respect and compliance to revelation or guidance of God’s will. In other words, it is a time […]

Baptists and the Ecumenical Movement

Summary The article titled, “Baptist and the Ecumenical Movement” by Briggs (2005) explores the Ecumenical Movement in Europe, especially the actions of Baptist churches in the movement that gained prominence across Europe. Briggs takes a historical approach, tracing back the developments to the 17th century in order to elaborate on the phases of the movement […]

Jews and Christians

Jews and Christians Linda’s point of view may seem quite radical, but is understandable. The Pharisees were hostile to Christ as they even planned for his death. They constantly accused Jesus of breaking the law and committing blasphemous acts. Even after crucifying Christ, mainstream Jews continued to excommunicate early Christians because they branded them as […]

Jim Jones Leadership Traits

The Only God You’ll Ever See: Case Study This case study revolves around group leadership where charisma of the leader and devotion of the followers lead to self-destruction. Jim Jones is the group leader of a religious group in Guyana. Jones influences his group to accepting that the world outside their temple hates and segregates […]

Living Buddha, Living Christ

In his book Living Buddha, Living Christ, Hanh (1995) explores the issues concerning religious tolerance and peace among people pertaining to different traditions. One of the most striking statements in his writing (which can be regarded as a thesis statement of the entire work) is as follows, “We have different… ways of seeing, but we […]

Book Critique: Reviving Evangelical Ethics

Preface The authors of this book have established the effect of Reuschling’s classic models on the evangelical ethics. These models are controversial in a Christian point of view. The book outlines the ethics on Jesus Christ and the Church.The author seeks to discredit the manner in which Reuschling has constituted evangelical ethics. However, Reuschling seeks […]

The interview by Francis Collins on The Language of GOD

To begin with, we must appreciate the fact that science and religion have been perceived to be conflicting concepts since time immemorial. While religion and science cannot be disentangled from the reality of God and creation, there is a sharp contrast between scientific discoveries and most of the biblical doctrines. Although Francis Collins is assertive […]

How John Portrays the Role of the Holy Spirit in the Lives of Chnristians

Introduction The book of First John has received relatively less attention from biblical scholars compared to other sections of the gospel. Part of this diminished attention stems from the ambiguity regarding the role of the Holy Spirit in the book of First John. Here, critics often say the book of John undermines the prominence and […]

The Parable Of Cloth

The parable of cloth originated from a certain Buddhist monk called bikkhus, who narrates his encounter with the Blessed One. It states that the Blessed One gave bikkhus the parable saying that if unclean garment is absorbed in any dye regardless of its color, the cloth will still contain initial dirt and stains. The Blessed […]

“Spiritual Leadership” by Henry and Richard Blackaby

Introduction Following the rules of God can be rather a challenge in modern society. One faces many rapid changes and factors that influence the way of thinking and the perception of the world. Many people believe that the religious spirituality decreases nowadays. “Spiritual Leadership” is a book that describes effective ways of improving the well-being […]

The Work of the Holy Spirit

Introduction The article “Sanctification: the Work of the Holy Spirit and Scripture” by William D. Barrick enlightens the problem of a believer’s sanctifying and the principal constituents of this process. Trying to analyze the issue, the author covers several relevant aspects such as the notion of holiness, the main agents of sanctification, and the role […]

“Comeback Churches: How 300 Churches Turned Around and You Can Too” by Ed Stetzer and Mike Dodson

Summary The book in question is entitled Comeback Churches: How 300 Churches Turned Around and You Can Too. It provides valuable insights into the state of the contemporary US churches and way to bring more life to them to meet the needs of modern people. The authors provide helpful advice to leaders and pastors, and […]

Comparing and Contrasting how Human is Jesus, According to Theologists

Introduction The Gospels written by Mark and John have a series of common traits, as soon as they tend to assign particular connotations for the human nature of Jesus. Thus, both texts cover mental and emotional aspects of Jesus assigning them with worldly characteristics. Meanwhile, one is likely to find some differences in the approaches […]

Would St. Antony be an Ascetic Hero Without the Demons He Battles?

The word asceticism derived from the Greek word “askesis” that means “exercise” (2016introchristianity61.pptx). In other words, this is the type of lifestyle that is meant to exercise one’s soul and spirit. Asceticism assumes that the pleasures of the body are the obstacles on a monk’s way towards spiritual development. As a result, the desires such […]

Meaning of God

What is the meaning of God in the different stages of development? Many religious groups in the world recognize the presence of God in their day-to-day lives. However, they know God in different ways. This research paper will look at God according to different stages of human development. Developmental Stage (0-2 years) This is the […]

Biography of Edmund Botsford

Baptist Church Baptist churches are comprised of members of the protestant Christian family who also have similar basic beliefs like many other protestant but put more emphasis that baptism should only be done for the believers. And that the baptism should be strictly be immersion of the convert into water instead of just a sprinkle […]

Contemporary Accounts of Nature and Grace: Karl Rahner’s Christian Theology and Hindu theology (Hinduism)

Introduction A substantial body of scholarly work in the recent decades has focused on Hindu-Christian studies. The studies have helped in the elimination of stereotypes against the followers of Hindu religion and encouraged Christian thinkers to reflect on the foundations of their religious beliefs through the motifs of Hindu. Ways of conceptualizing the divine reality […]

Reliability of the bible

The Bible is not just one book, but rather is a collection of many books that are historical, prayer, poems, epistles, prophecies and other kinds of books which were written by different authors. All these books are interrelated and they are compiled together to form the Bible which has one principal message of redemption of […]

Book Review: “Knowing Jesus Through The Old Testament” by Christopher Wright

Introduction The book ‘Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament’ gives readers an analysis of the bible teachings with specific focus on the Old Testament. By the end of the book, the author, Dr. Christopher J.H Wright, intends that the readers will have a greater appreciation of the book of the Hebrews and his Lord. Additionally, […]

Book Critique: “The intentional church: moving from church success to community transformation” by Randy Pope

Introduction Randy Pope is a church leader and founding pastor of Perimeter Church. The church is located in Duluth, Atlanta Georgia. The church has a following of more than 6000 members who are devoted to reaching people in North Atlanta and the whole world who are “unchurched.” Pope’s vision and dedication to train disciples is […]