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Make My Own Hotel on Bali Island Report (Assessment)

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Updated: May 15th, 2019

Targeted Market Segment

Foreign tourists

Since Bali Island is located in Indonesia, a customer segment that would be easily attracted is foreign tourists from all over the world. Foreign tourists would be appealed by the diversity of arts and culture which are preserved in an exotic fashion in Bali Island (Oxford Business Group 125).

Foreign tourists travel around the world in search of such places so that their holidays can be spent in an interesting and explorative manner. Foreign tourists are targeted since the natural features found in the Indonesian Island would appeal greatly to their holiday needs.

Characteristics of foreign tourists

  1. This customer segment includes people from different ages, but especially older adults who are from the working class.
  2. The targeted age group includes travellers who have a stable source of income and maybe families.
  3. The need for quality services
  4. Extravagance
  5. Willingness to spend so as to get the best services and the need for a relaxing atmosphere.
  6. They normally search for a place they can go to take a break from the busy lifestyles that they lead in their countries.

These will make the location of IndoBali Hotel ideal for this customer segment since Bali Island is in an isolated place away from civilization and the hustles of city life. Furthermore, the social, cultural, artistic, religious and hospitable people create an experience of a lifetime for foreign tourists who cannot find these aspects in other luxurious destinations or in their home countries (Richards and Hall 179).

Food and Beverage Operations

The IndoBali Hotel will include two restaurants that are needed because the expected visitors will be from different cultures and backgrounds. People from various regions in the world eat different foods.

For instance, the Japanese mostly eat shrimps and sea foods while Indians eat spicy foods. One restaurant will therefore be themed and will specialize in preparing exotic foods. This restaurant will be decorated with wooden frames and will have a capacity of 100 seats.

It will have an international presence including artwork from Asia, Africa, Europe and America. This will also be a fine dining restaurant that will cater for the needs of foreigners who might prefer their local cuisines even while on holiday.

The prices of foods in this restaurant will be higher than those charged in the other food joint and will range between $15 to 35 for adults and half for children below 12 years. This strategy will aim at encouraging tourists to eat the local foods that are eaten by the Indonesian people.

The beverages sold here will include popular brands like Coca Cola, Pepsi, Smirnoff, Viceroy and fruit juices.

The second food and beverage establishment will specialize in local 3 course meals including foods and beverages and will be operating throughout the day as long as there are visitors spending in the hotel. Wit a capacity of 200 seats, this restaurant will serve dishes such as Indonesian snacks like warung, siomay and batagor (Holzen, Hutton and Arsana 24).

The foods will also be spicy since the Indonesian people like hot foods. Other Indonesian delicacies include banana wrapped fish, vegetable salads with sweet peanut dressing, broth soaked noodles, fiery curries, sambal, Soto and satay. The prices of these delicacies will be cheaper than what is offered for the foreign meals so that tourists are influenced into trying out the Indonesian foods.

The Indonesian beverages that will feature in this restaurant’s menu will include: Bintang, Anker, Es Kelapa Muda, Es Cincau, Es Milo and Happy Soda (27).

This restaurant will have meals and drinks sold cheaper as compared to the themed restaurant and will include a charge of between $10 to 20 for adults and half for children below 12 years. This strategy aims at ensuring that tourists experience the Indonesian culture when they visit our hotel in Bali Island.

Services and facilities

Our hotel will also include a gym, bar and swimming pool. These aim at making the hotel a one stop shop for visitors. Since the objective of tourists who visit various destinations is to have fun and relaxation, all these services will come in handy.

The gym will include equipment such as that for aerobics, weight lifting, benches, dumb-bells, battling ropes, flooring, mats, exercise bikes and treadmills. This equipment will ensure that visitors do not leave the hotel having gained extra weight unnecessarily.

There will also be facilities for yoga since this is part of the religious culture of Indonesians. Foreign tourists will get to experience yoga if they visit our hotel.

There will be a bar within the hotel which will serve alcoholic drinks. This bar will operate 24 hours and will only serve alcoholic drinks to adults. There will be a strict policy about those who the drinks will be sold to so as to avoid law suits involving minors.

The bar will be spacious so as to accommodate a dance floor. Most of the popular alcoholic brands will be sold here such as Viceroy, Smirnoff, Martini, Sex on the Beach, Margarita, Pin Colada, Pina Colada and Long Island Iced Tea.

The hotel will include a luxury swimming pool that is shaped like the letter B. There will be a large deep end pool that will serve adult swimmers. There will also be a smaller adjacent shallow end pool that will be for young kids who do not know how to swim.

Floaters will be provided and there will be a trainer who will keep watch of swimmers so as to handle the need for swimming lessons or emergencies such as drowning. There will also be coaches besides the pool for swimmers to bask in the sun if they do not want to get into the water.

The Mission Statement

The mission statement sets out the objectives that are aimed at by an organization. For IndoBali Hotel, the mission statement will read as follows:

“To be Indonesia’s leading guest resort and to become the most visited hotel in the South Pacific within the next five years.”

This mission statement will thereby define the short term and long term objectives of the hotel. The short term objectives will include strategies that aim at making the most number of guests visit the hotel within the shortest period of time.

For instance setting up a functional organization structure and hiring the most qualified hospitality personnel in the hotel industry. These will ensure that the hotel is equipped with the necessary resources to make it the best run hotel in Indonesia.

The long term objectives can include strategies such as expansion into other regions of the South Pacific such as Malaysia and Singapore.

The philosophy of the hotel will define how stakeholders will be relating. The managers will be the top most employees and they will ensure that customers get value for their money through excellent customer service. The employees will be the servants who deliver the best quality services to the guests.

Employees will be expected to uphold the highest degree of professionalism when at work. The guests will be the important stakeholders in the hotel since without them the hotel would not be functional.

The guests will be entitled to the most outstanding service from all the employees of the hotel. Finally the owners will be expected to provide the hotel with enough resources to make the hotel the best in the region.

Guest service goal

The guest service goal for IndoBali Hotel will be to increase the rate of return of customers so that 20% of the sales revenue will be from client loyalty within one year. The aim of the guest service goal will be to ensure that there is world class customer service at our hotel. There is need for IndoBali Hotel to set this aim so that the interaction of customers with the company is positive and ever improving. The strategies that are going to be used to achieve this include:

  1. Rewarding employees with a 2% bonus for every satisfied customer who leaves the hotel and comes back again at a future date. A motivated workforce always strives to perform highly and so a reward and recognition program would benefit customers directly as a result of excellent customer service provided.
  2. Offering 5% discount to guests who make return visits to IndoBali Hotel as well as free breakfast in the restaurant. This strategy will encourage guests to come back again so as to enjoy reduced rates of accommodation and meals.

Employee training goal

The employee training goal will be to ensure that IndoBali personnel acquire hospitality and equipment training within six months. There is need for every hotel staff to be able to operate the facilities that will be available at IndoBali Hotel. This will make all personnel competent enough to handle customer complaints and to carry themselves out with etiquette throughout. The strategies that will be used to achieve this within six months include:

  1. Making orientation training compulsory when new recruits are absorbed into the hotel. All the new employees who will be hired will have to undergo hospitality and equipment training so that all staff will be responsible for their own behavior while at work. Compulsory training will ensure that job satisfaction levels are high across different departments.
  2. Prioritizing training in the hotel agenda so that sufficient learning will have been given within four months. Planning with four months will ensure that by the end of six months all working personnel will be at par in as far as operating hotel facilities and equipment is concerned.

Communication improvement goal

The communication improvement goal will be to eliminate employee complaints about lack of internal information within three months. Efficient communication is crucial for the flow of information within organizations. Despite this, many employees complain that they get more information from the press as compared to what they hear from management.

This communications improvement strategy is required to ensure that employees of IndoBali Hotel pass and receive information to management in an organized and reliable manner. The strategies that will be used to achieve the communication improvement goal include:

  1. We intend to improve communication in IndoBali Hotel by involving employee representatives during board room meetings so that information can always reach employees fast regardless of the slowness of the formal communication channel that is used to disseminate information. At times memos and emails may be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances but if employee representatives are present in management meetings then information can circulate through the organization’s grapevine.
  2. To provide employee feedback forms every month for evaluation of working conditions and recommendations. These forms will enable employees to provide confidential information to the management on issues that affect them and possible solutions. Within the second month of implementing this goal, management will start acting on the concerns of employees and this will motivate personnel to provide more feedback.

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