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Mass Media Types Essay

In contemporary society, people live under high pressure of different types of mass media. Men are surrounded by streams of data, and it is possible to become lost. It should be mentioned that the digital revolution also influenced the development of means of advertising. It is possible to say that advertisers now use different digital technologies to promote their good and make people more interested in it. They use wide access to TV, trying to give as much information as it is possible.

However, there are eight Principles and Practices which limit the information given by advertisers to people. These principles guarantee that all communication, including advertising, should do what is right for consumers, which in its turn is right for the business as well (Snyder para. 5). Eight Principles and Practices now became very important phenomena which try to guarantee a customers security.

Among these eight principles it is possible to separate two which seem to be the most important from the customers perspective. The first one states that all advertizing or communication share a common objective of truth and high ethical standards in serving people (Snyder para. 9). It is very important principle which can guarantee a customers security.

Advertising now gives a lot of information to people and it is obvious that they expect it to correspond with high ethnic standards. With this in mind, it is possible to state the fact that this principle is very important for customers as it can guarantee that they will get only reliable information which will not hurt their feelings.

Another important principle is connected with the previous one. It continues the tendency and is associated with people who create different kinds of advertising. It states the fact that all professionals who are responsible for the creation of an advertisement should follow only the highest moral and ethic principles while creating new advertisement. This principle should also protect a customer from undesirable information and guarantee an advertisement to be made in an appropriate manner.

However, not all of these principles are observed. Very often to create new advertising or attract more attention, advertising professionals forget about these principles. Such products can be very dangerous for people as they do not care about their mental health, their views, and beliefs. It is possible to support this statement with clear evidence. There is a great number of different advertisements which ignore the third principle which states that advertising should be clearly distinguished from news, entertainment or editorial content.

People would trust advertisement more if it is given as a piece of news or presented like editorial content. Nowadays, this practice becomes more and more popular. It is possible to notice the aftermath of this problem, visiting some social network or attending news websites. Very often it is possible to find an advertisement there. The problem is that it can be taken by some people as credible information.

Having analyzed the data, it is possible to come to certain conclusions. First of all, it should be said that there are eight Principles and Practices in modern advertising which try to guarantee customers safety. Unfortunately, very often they are ignored and people become misinformed. This tendency becomes more and more popular nowadays. With this in mind, it must be said that people should be more accurate with the information they are given.

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