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Maternal Hemorrhage: Nursing Project Evaluation Essay

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When an individual or a group of researchers is involved in the development of a new project, many steps must be recognized and taken properly. Project evaluation is one of the processes that include the assessment of objectives, processes, results, and outcomes. To succeed in evaluating a project, it is necessary to gather and analyze information about what has been done and what outcomes are expected. In this paper, the importance of project evaluation, its details, and data will be discussed to clarify how to strengthen the DNP project on a maternal hemorrhage.

Importance of Project Evaluation

Evaluation is an important part of any DNP project, as it is an opportunity to examine the work critically. This stage presents information about the purposes, advisability, tools, participants, and benefits of the implementation process (Galas et al., 2018). Some people could think that this kind of work is unnecessary because the resources, participants, and processes have already been defined and applied to answer a research question. Therefore, in the majority of cases, evaluation takes additional time and resources. However, there are many benefits researchers can obtain if they pay enough attention to this process. First, it helps students and other participants to learn from their experiences and share new information. Second, evaluation is effective for checking the progress in the chosen area, as well as the current needs of the population. As soon as the work is done, it is possible to identify and work on the existing strengths and limitations in order to understand what improvements can be made in the future. Finally, stakeholders and potential investors get a clear picture of what goes well and wrong in the project.

Steps to Evaluate a DNP Project

Any stage of a DNP project consists of several steps, and project evaluation has five major steps, which are:

  1. Situation review (a researcher identifies what has to be evaluated, what problems should be solved, what change is expected, and what results must be obtained);
  2. Evidence collection (a researcher assesses available resources and determines what has already been discovered in the field);
  3. Analysis (it is one of the most significant steps when the levels of evidence and the quality of the material are identified).
  4. Outcomes (it is important to compare the goals set in the beginning with the outcomes achieved at the end to prove successful/failed completion);
  5. Stakeholder engagement (a researcher should think about individuals, facilities, or communities for which the results of the project can be necessary and explain the importance of this work at different levels).

Data Collection for Statistical Analysis

To succeed in statistical analysis for a maternal hemorrhage project, rating differences should be collected. The prevalence of the chosen health problem before and after the intervention differs, and the researcher must have access to these results. Quantitative data through surveys and observations will help to understand if the offered practice (oxytocin management) can reduce the number of maternal hemorrhage problems (statistical proportions).

Tools and Participants

The analysis of reports about patient surgery outcomes is required after potential participants share their consent for the study. In this case, statistics is a tool with the help of which personal data is converted into research information. A survey will be used to gather personal data, and an ANOVA test tells about the differences between groups and between the periods of the intervention. It is expected that a facility shares information about maternal hemorrhage cases, and patients answer survey questions to contribute to the description of the problem and treatment methods.

Sustainability of the Project

In general, after graduation, the project about the possibility of reducing maternal hemorrhage can become a significant contribution to the field of nursing and health care. Its sustainability depends on the results of the intervention and the possibility to continue similar investigations in the future. This project can be sustainable in organizational and financial categories when healthcare facilities implement oxytocin to manage bleeding among women during a delivery phase. Project evaluation is used to determine project sustainability in a particular site.


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