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Metalico Inc.’s Sustainability and Waste Management Report

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Updated: Nov 26th, 2020

Metalico (MEA) is metal recycling plant in the United States of America. MEA has its headquarters in Cranford, New Jersey (Metalico Full Service Company 2013). MEA has about eight hundred workers for its thirty branches. These branches are located in ten states of the US. This company does the following tasks: 1.Recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. 2. Recycling of platinum and minor metals. 3. Lead Fabrication.

The company has metal recycling yards classified as a catalytic converter and metal fabrication facilities. Furthermore, these categories can be classified into three: 1. Recycling units, which include lead manufacturing and fabricating facilities. 2. An aluminum deoxidizing facility. 3. Platinum group and minor metal recycling facilities (MEA profile 2013).

The company has its branches in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York for recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The other types of scrap metal are distributed to the other facilities in various states. This company serves markets in the United States and Canada (Metal Recycling Yards 2013). MEA obtains its scrap metal from dealers, demolition contractors, and small-scale scrap sellers. The scrap metal collected is sorted out and sold to foundries, mills, and furnaces (MEA profile 2013).

Tranzact facility, located in Pennsylvania, recycles scrap metal like tungsten, molybdenum, and tantalum. The other three branches located in Gulfport, Austin and Newark use catalytic converters to process rhodium, platinum, and Palladium. On the fabrication side, MEA is the number one manufacturer of non-battery leaded products. This fabrication facility is located in Syracuse, New York. MEA has both national and internal markets for its business (Metalico Full Service Company 2013).

Various kinds of scrap metal are accepted by Metalico for recycling and fabrication. Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal are collected and processed to consumable metals before they are released into the markets. Also, the platinum group and minor scrap metal are accepted for recycling. The end products of this recycling process include platinum, rhodium, and palladium, which are obtained through catalytic conversion(Metalico Full Service Company 2013).

Metalico manages its waste in different ways. To start with, MEA, being a metal recycling company, it makes maximum use of its scrap metal. This implies that the remaining fraction of metal waste is very small and manageable. In addition to that, the company’s waste materials like plastics and metals are collected and incinerated. Incineration process has various advantages: 1. The facility requires small size of land. 2. The facility allows full time operation regardless of the weather conditions. 3. It is free of smell. 4. It reduces refusal volume by 50%. The company releases its effluents into the water bodies, land, and atmosphere. Some of the water soluble gases are dissolved into the water before they are deposited. The advantage of this method is that it is inexpensive and convenient method (Waste disposal methods 2013).

The accumulation of scrap metal at the landfill can be hazardous and unaesthetic. Therefore, Metalico has diversified strategies to convince the public to direct such waste materials into the company’s premises for recycling. First, the company offers persuasive payments to scrap dealers (Taylor & Allen 2013). This influences majority of the people to deliver their scrap metal to the facility. Secondly, the prices of the metal products are raised so that metal waste can be minimized. Thirdly, the company has several strategically located scrap collection points where the assembled scrap metal is collected and delivered to the respective plants. Finally, company has programs that educate the public about the importance of scrap metal and the problems associated with scrap metal accumulation at the landfills (Taylor & Allen 2013).

Metalico Company abides by the legislative regulations of waste treatment and disposal. The company treats its effluents before releasing them into the environment. It has several units with enough spaces to handle and recycle scrap metal besides incinerating some waste materials. It has a financial assurance for its operation (U.S Environmental protection Agency 2013). Above all, the company is legislatively permitted to carry out the above mentioned activities.

A person can establish this company’s recycling capability by scrutinizing the company’s present and previous work records, carry out physical assessment, and request for its work permit. Metalico offers fair payments for useful scrap metal. The company accepts e-waste without payment. The e-waste is accepted, purposely, for deposition (Electronic Waste Recycling 2013).

Metalico educates the public on merits of the recycled scrap metal. This company uses green energy thereby promoting environmental conservation. Since this company is a scrap metal recycling facility, it protects the environment against pollution. The company treats its waste before releasing it into the surroundings. Finally, it conducts regular servicing of its recycling systems and vehicles to ensure that they are pollution free.


Metalico is a potential scrap metal recycling and fabrication company dealing with ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, platinum and minor scrap metal, and lead fabrication. The company has enough scrap yards, adequate and competent recycling systems, good transportation network and reduced environmental pollution. The company is permitted to conduct its activities. Therefore, Metalico is recommendable for scrap metal recycling.

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