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Military Control of Students’ Demonstrations Essay

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Demonstration is one of the frequent ways of exhibiting discontent on a pressing issue and dealing with controversial issues since time immemorial. Demonstrations give individuals contradictory perspectives on the objectives of the demonstration. Many are the times when the core purpose of the demonstration is not conveyed and the aftermath brings tribulations to the parties involved (He 98). For instance, when there are political conspiracies, demonstrators are manipulated to rebel against the government or a political party. We are currently faced with students’ demonstrations in our towns marching across the streets in the name of democracy.

As any other group of citizens, students may want to express their dissatisfaction on various issues. Some demonstrations that are held are not carried out in a civilized manner. These kinds of demonstrations may jeopardize the country’s economic, social and political stability (Beja 34). However, to tactically terminate students’ demonstrations, the paper advocates for the use of military forces. In addition, I would urge the indecisive party officials to consider this approach as the ideal way to end students’ demonstrations for the following reasons.

Ulterior motives by some demonstrators

A student demonstration can have additional parties in the demonstrations. The members of the public who are not necessarily students can join in the movement in the name of struggle for democracy. In our case, the students are demonstrating against the political party which is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In the recent student demonstration at the Tiananmen Square, it has been noted that a group of tiny handful people has emerged and is taking advantage of the situation at hand. They are fabricating some rumors to attack the Party and the government at large (Lizhi 15). People’s minds have been contaminated with all sorts of lies and this has led to a state of confusion amongst the citizens.

Manipulation of the demonstrators

Small portion of the demonstrators has been noticeably seen manipulating the students through financial assistance to demonstrators as a way of expressing their support. The once democratic demonstration by the students was turned into a political based demonstration with no civilization. As we are all aware, the ruling party has put a lot of efforts to harmonize the country and as a result, the economy has a recommendable rise. The government and the Party have tolerated some of the slogans being used by the students long enough as a way of consideration of the profound anguish of the students. However, with such attitude, a lot is at stake and it is time for the party to handle the inciters (Lizhi 22). The military force should be sent to stamp out the demonstration. They are trained and can tactfully deal with the students. We should be able to distinguish right from wrong at this level and as we can see this demonstration is being held in the wrong way. Inciters have brought a differing objective of the demonstration and the only way to handle them is by handing over to the military to terminate the demonstration for the good of our country (Janet et al., 45).

Spectrum of threats

Demonstrations mostly come along with a spectrum of threats attached. In our case, the students’ demonstration can threaten the social stability and also the political stability. During demonstrations, the young people can be aggressive and therefore vandalizing public and public property. The use of brutality is also common which leads to injuries as students in demonstration can do the unthinkable to see their needs are met. As for the political rivals, they will make the most of the demonstration and threaten subversion (Louisa 23). Breaching of laws and the constitution will be the order of the day and with no peace we will lose track of our country’s growth and development. The reflection of such unwanted demonstrations will be rejection by the outside world in terms of multilateral affairs. The investors will be scared away as they will feel insecure to invest in a politically unstable country. Therefore, it is wise to have the military solve demonstration by students since a peaceful deal with students is normally ineffective (Weinberger, par 6).

Social order

A country with no social order is as good as obsolete. Students demonstrating settle for nothing less till their demands are met. However, for a solution to be found between the students and the government for instance there must be social order. The riots and boycotts are some of the domino effects of the demonstrations. Absence of social order leads to increment of criminal activities, rebellion and anti-social behavior (Jonathan 65). The turmoil caused is reflected from declining economic growth and collapsing of the education sector. To get back to the track and harmonize the citizens, the small proportion causing havoc should be dealt with by the arms of the government through the soldiers who would do anything to see that peace prevails in their country. The seemed to be division amongst the army which if it persist the situation will worsen eventually. The trusted military forces should be given the mandate to control. Under such conditions, the ideal way to eradicate the issue is deployment of the armed forces (Lizhi 36).

Overcoming subversion

Students can be inconsolable when expressing dissatisfaction in their education needs or any other need they want met. Those in the frontline of the protest in one way or another cause tumult and are in the support of the reformers who even financially support them. Others with malicious objectives will want to overthrow our government by just fabricating rumors about the ruling political party hence pulling down our efforts to harmonize the country. For this reason I advise on sending the troops to clear the air before damage beyond our repair happens. If there are political issues to be addressed to the government, they should be made peacefully without demonstrating on the streets. Otherwise, we will be forced to send the military forces to bring to an end to the demonstrations (Janet Chen 34).


We have a responsibility as the party leaders to protect and implement the rules of our land (Janet Chen 35). The citizens who go against them should be castigated accordingly as the constitution states. Making the decision of allowing the military force to handle the demonstrating students is therefore ideal as it ensures that those polluting our student’s minds do not prevail at any level. Our military forces are well trained and can handle the rebellious ones by using techniques that will ensure the innocent and the guilty ones are filtered (Beja 65). I would therefore, urge the entire panel to consider wisely using the troops to handle the demos. Let us not forget that the soldiers we are giving this job are our brothers and sisters who are kind hearted and always want the best of our country.

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