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Nazi’s Crimes Against Jews During World War II Essay

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The word holocaust stretches back into the 17th Century. It is normally used to refer to the violent extinction of masses of human entities. Its contemporary use refers to the Nazi volumetric killings during the Hitler’s reign. The holocaust of the 20th century was the worst persecution of the European Jews by the Nazis in German between 1933 and 1945. Bell (1990) The term Holocaust is founded from the Greek holokauston which means completely (holos) burnt (kaustos) sacrificial alms given to gods. The catastrophy involved the Jewish race which was rather considered inferior according to Hitler. Over 6 million Jews were exterminated by the SS troops during the Second World War. After the formation of the National Socialist German Workers Party in 1919.

Adolph Hitler ascended to the highest rank after two years becoming its leader. The party comprised of the unemployed German veterans during that time of the First World War. The party being strongly anticommunist, anti-Semitic, racist, natiolistic, imperialist and materialistic. They attuned to a false pretext that they were Germans superior race. However races like the Jews Gypsies handicapped Germans and many others were considered inferior and that their ultimate reward was utter extinction. Blame was therefore shifted on other races for wars and other major problems. They targeted mainly the Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Soviet prisoners of war, dissidents, homosexuals and Jehovah witnesses. Lethal injections, poisonous gas were some of the weapons of death used to exterminate the captives under the Nazi regime. Family members, friends alike and their loved ones were reduced to nothing and buried into mass graves.Bennito Muller (1946)

Concentration Camps

In the wee days of 1933 concentration camps were the major preoccupation of the Nazi’s.They established primarily to imprison political opponents after they took over leadership. Many phrases were coined around to suit the functions of these camps; some acronyms granted to these camps of death include; corrective labour camps; relocation centers and reception centers. People were arrested amorphously by the security police known as the Gestapo.

The Gestapo’s had audacity to arrest anyone indefinitely into the concentration camps. Communists, socialists, religious dissenters, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Jews were circumvently arrested. By 1939 German had six camps and each has a population of about 25,000 prisoners. People were put in these camps without any trial of sorts. The rule of law didn’t apply here; it was a predetermined fate that would be vetted by the Nazi’s.Bloch S (1941).

People had no choices to make, but to await destruction. It has also been notified that the lifespan in these camps was averagely 4 months. The camps were characterized by diseases, hunger, lice heavy work and no food at all. Myriad places were used as concentration camps. These included barracks, tents or huts. All these death trap centers were surrounded by watch towers and barbed wires.Toland.A (1976).

Jews were routinely stripped from all of their clothes and valuable. They were hence put into stratums,; the masculine jews who were preserved for sometime majorly to work on rocky farms. The weak, old, sick and women mostly of the Jewish race were taken straight in the showers for extermination. These big rooms had no ventilation, once all the victims were packed doors were closed. The deception of showering was to blindfold the victims; essentially deadly gas was loosed into the room. People died with agonizing death. Toland.A (1976).

The corpses were then burnt in huge ovens. People in the concentration camps could smell human flesh burning in those chimneys. It was impeccable that even those put aside to work were only being exhausted in order to follow the fate of their beloved ones. It is approximated that more than 2 million Jews were executed in gas chambers while more than half a million died of starvation and disease outbreak. The strong inmates received crude orientation, they were disinfected and showered and given prisons uniform. They were then branded tattoos on their arms for identification purposes.

The strong captives were woken up from their barracks at dawn; their typical day began this time. It constituted three-hundred to eight hundred inmates per barrack. Prisoners’ bunks were made of slatted wood and bunks were shared by three to four prisoners.

Inmate’s typical breakfast was moldy bread and small portions of coffee or tea that were picked from the distributional center. They were then sent out to work for ten to fourteen hours. Work was done in mines, factories roads and airfield buildings. Shooting were done on the spot on prisoners who refused orders mostly during the summer period. Roll calls were conducted to make sure that no prisoners escaped. With different concentration camps, people were worked into death in factories. The GI Farben chemical works and the V-2 rocket factories are an example of camps where people met death while on duty. Bloch S (1941).

The feeble inmates were killed by gassing shooting or fatal injections. Some were used for experimental purposes by the medics. Human skulls were for example sawed open while victims were still alive. Anesthesia was not used; human brains were seen working during this time. Most women were made pregnant and also experiments were done to their unborn children. In a nutshell the holocaust was the worst perpetrated form of atrocity against humanity. Bleuel and Tolystoy (1990).


The ripple effect of the Nazi Holocaust reverberates consequently in the consciousness of humanity at large. The Jews people on one hand cannot reconcile with this barbaric act that goes beyond savagery. Findings indicate that concentration camp survivors exhibit Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in great magninamity.Indirect effects of the Holocaust have been evident in many ways; this includes various psychological denial exhibited by the holocaust victims and the German society at large.. The Jews and the holocaust remain two irreconcilable entities. The Jews from the word go can ever trust any other person apart from the Jews. This is on of the contemporary effects in our existence. Finally, the Holocaust could be viewed as a human sacrifice that was fuelled by the persistence of evil and wrong dogmas like the evolution theory that was mostly adopted by the Nazi’s to extend such atrocious juncture upon humanity. Bloch S (1941).


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