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NBA’s Corporate Culture Modernization Project Proposal

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Updated: Jun 22nd, 2022

NBA decided to take a radical step and abolish the all-star game, to express its attitude to the North Carolina’s transgender bill. The NBA’s Commissioner urged officials to adjust the law obliging transgender people to use the bathroom according to their birth gender (Kopan and Scott par. 1). This decision has caused disputes because the cancellation of this match would result in serious consequences for the state and its residents in economic terms. Most importantly, people have linked the actions of the NBA with political incorrectness.

The corporate culture of the NBA implies the high social activity of players and includes several areas united by a global goal to help people in difficult life situations. The objective of this project is to explore the consequences for the NBA in terms of its social activity and to analyze the ways it shall modernize its corporate culture to address the issues correctly.

Project Management

The project aims to investigate how the NBA can improve its organizational culture to remain an active participant in the life of society while not becoming politicized. To do so, it will be necessary to conduct research on the topic of social responsibility and analyze ways such as sports leagues like NBA influence communities.

Also, it will be helpful to examine the league’s performance regarding its engagement in social activities and its impact on community improvement while many people stress the importance of the league (Cacciola and Blinder par. 3). Further, it is essential to investigate the factors that harm the NBA’s reputation and provide guidelines on the practices of effective corporate culture improvements.


The notion of social responsibility is attributed to any form or type of business, and it entitles almost any kind of activity related to addressing social needs (Salcines, Babiak, and Walters 181). Corporate culture and social responsibility are directly linked, and they are the necessary components of the professional sports industry (Richardson and Monro 196). To achieve the goals and objectives of the project, extensive research will be carried out to provide guidelines on how the NBA shall organize its corporate culture to clear out the current issue.

An overview of the literature on the topic of the sociology of sport will enable assessing the impact such corporations as NBA and others have on the performance of the society and the implications and consequences of improper activities (Smith 65). Also, the examination of social responsibility in the prism of a professional sports league will enable revealing new perspectives on the issue. It will be helpful to evaluate what limitations can the industry place on the involvement in community activities.

Further, research on the limits of using strenuous campaigning to execute political or social change will be carried out to consider the issue of political correctness (Page 267). It is essential to define the boundaries and limitations of political correctness as well as determine the underlying reasons for considering any performance improperly.

To conduct such research, various academic resources will be used such as books or peer-reviewed journals on the sociology of sport, equality, and cultural attitudes. Also, several newspaper articles dwelling upon the performance of the NBA and the community and authority response to it will be analyzed to obtain the updated information on the issue. To facilitate the most effective outcomes of the project, the research and the resources may be extended to ensure that the gathered information is relevant and to produce the guidelines that will facilitate an effective change in the corporate culture of the organization.

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