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Newsworthy Articles from the New York Times Essay

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A story is deemed newsworthy if it fulfills a specified criterion characterized by these attributes: timing, significance, proximity, human interest, and prominence. This means that the targeted new information is current and interesting to the identified consumers, affects the greatest number of people, is appropriate to individuals near the event, involves prominent individuals, and evokes significant human responses. The selected two articles meet the minimum threshold of a newsworthy publication since they are timely, present significant issues affecting many people, and involve famous leaders. The purpose of this paper is to describe the outlined articles from the New York Times and explain why they are newsworthy.

Newsworthy Articles: Analysis and Discussion

The first article for this analysis is “Fresno Backyard Shooting Leaves 4 Dead and 6 Injured, Police Say” by Jacey Fortin, Thomas Fuller, and Mihir Zaveri. It can be studied as a newsworthy publication since it fulfills a number of attributes. Firstly, the report was presented only a few hours after the shooting incident took place in Fresno, California. This is a clear indication that the organization and the authors were able to publish the story in a timely manner. The second element is that of significance. After going through the article, the reader realizes that the event claimed four lives and injured six people (Fortin et al.).

This occurrence resonates with the problems that continue to disorient the experiences and lives of many citizens in different parts of this country. Some of them include increased cases of violence, gang culture, insecurity, and poor social policies or programs (Al Najar 144). This information can also empower and make it possible for different stakeholders to consider the outlined predicaments and introduce sustainable solutions.

The next attribute that the authors of this newspaper article considered was that of proximity. The shootings that took place in Fresno echo the problems many people in California and across the United States face. This means that all citizens appreciate the intensity and nature of this incident and how it affects people’s lives. Similarly, readers in order countries will examine this story in an attempt to have a clear understanding of the major trends in violence. Different stakeholders will consider the developments associated with such shootings and consider the most appropriate strategies to deal with insecurity in the future (Fortin et al.).

Another concept targeted when determining the newsworthiness of a given story is that of prominence. From the nature of the story, it is evident that four deaths are something that people cannot take lightly. The reader goes further to observe that similar events have been experienced in the past.

The final factor to take into consideration is that of human interest. As described earlier, this story evokes sadness and pain since several people have lost their lives while others have been left with serious injuries. This kind of presentation creates a sense of sensation and draws the attention of the greatest number of possible readers (Al Najar 147). The issue of safety or security is essential in every society or region across the United States. Individuals will, therefore, be willing to read this article in order to understand the background of these shootings, the leading causal factors, and the possible mitigations that have been put in place by the relevant authorities to protect American citizens.

The second article selected for this discussion is “In Shift, U.S. Says Israeli Settlements in West Bank Do Not Violate International Law” by Lara Jakes and David M. Halbfinger. The authors explain how the United States government has reversed its opinion or decision regarding the existing conflict between Israel and Palestine in the West Bank. Through the country’s Secretary of State, the Trump administration indicated that “the country was no longer considering Israeli settlements in the West Bank a violation of international law” (Jakes and Halbfinger). The above attributes or factors can be applied to this report or document to determine if it is newsworthy or not.

Firstly, the element of timing reveals that the authors have been keen to present the new stand within a period of fewer than 24 hours. This approach makes the article current and capable of informing more people about something new and critical. This strength makes it worth reading and appropriates for many individuals. The second one is that of significance, and it examines the relevance of a specific story to the targeted population. It is agreeable that the conflict recorded between Israel and Palestine is something that has been ongoing for many years. The problem has continued to affect the lives and experiences of the greatest number of citizens (Jakes and Halbfinger).

Many countries in Europe and the UN have for years been opposed to Israel’s decision to annex parts of the West Bank. The people of Palestine have been focusing on the same area in an attempt to establish a future state. These attributes explain why this article is significant.

The third aspect for identifying a newsworthy article is that of proximity. The presented document focuses on an issue that remains critical for many people in Israel, Palestine, and across the globe. This is the case since they have been following this conflict and how the involved stakeholders plan to mitigate it. The United States’ new stand becomes a major development that will influence or affect the resolution of this upheaval. The next factor that many analysts and readers pursue is that prominence (Jakes and Halbfinger). The fact that the story revolves around these persons makes it relevant and newsworthy: Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump, and Mike Pompei.

The final element is that of human interest. This story is essential since it appeals to people’s emotions and disheartens or discourages Palestinians and their sympathizers across the globe. The current problem continues to affect many individuals who are unable to protect themselves against any form of invasion or oppression by the government of Israel (DeYoung et al.). The United States’ decision to support this kind of occupation is unexpected and will affect the lives and outcomes of many helpless individuals in the troubled region.


The above discussion has outlined the unique attributes that analysts can utilize to determine whether a given article is newsworthy or not. From the presented description, it is agreeable that the selected articles from the New York Times meet the outlined criterion. This is true since they both present new information to the readers, outline issues that affect the greatest number of people, and involve prominent individuals and politicians. These insights can, therefore, become powerful guidelines for writers and journalists who want to emerge successful in their respective careers.


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