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One Touch Direct Essay


One Touch Direct being a call center company meets numerous challenges on a day to day basis, top on the list being competition from emerging companies in the same field both locally and internationally.

However, an assessment of the internal environment of the company reveals that some of the company’s greatest weaknesses arise from the failure to conduct proper reviews of the company’s performance as well as the incompetence of some of the hired members of staff. It is therefore imperative that the company adopts various strategies tailored at giving it a competitive edge across the board.

OTD uses an electronic portfolio for company evaluation whereby all the electronic information gathered is assembled and managed online. This information includes consumer feedback emails and staff rating links. This method is effective and needs to be maintained as it provides for a systematic way of rating company services.

Two of the primary recommendations that can help One Touch Direct attain the desired level of industrial supremacy include regular performance analysis and the development of proper tests for recruitment of members of staff. These two will be extensively detailed below:

Performance analysis

There are various performance analysis strategies that the company One Touch Direct can adopt. One of these is the employment of continuous data-collection to measure performance (what areas work well versus what areas need to be fixed or eliminated all together). This will also help provide business insight that can be used immediately by call agents for better performance.

The company tends to incur extra costs as a result of the employees underperforming either as a result of redundancy occasioned by having to do the same thing over and over or through basic incompetency.

Tools that can consolidate, aggregate and arrange measurements and metrics will be used to help in the analysis in order to isolate those individuals with the desired levels of performance from those who are underperforming. The process of data collection will involve the monitoring of call centre staffs by offering provisions for customers to rate the service after each call as well as analyzing the number of successful deals that a certain individual manages to seal.

Financial feasibility of performance analysis

Any business establishment worth its name has to allocate some substantial portion of its annual expenditure to performance analysis. OTD is no different and it is recommended that while setting up the budget, the company dedicates a given amount of money to the process of performance data collection and evaluation.

Operational feasibility of performance analysis

Performance analysis particularly for the company OTD will be left to the senior management staffs who will either have the option of selecting a panel from amongst themselves to carry out the duty or can also outsource the service. The assessment will be carried out over a specific period of time and it is only ideal that the reviewers carry out their duties as discreetly as possible. This will ensure that the employees under study do not get wind of the activities and therefore making attempts to cover for their incompetence.

The results of the assessment will then be presented to the managerial department of the company from which appropriate measures will be taken against underperforming employees and/or departments.

Tests for the recruitment process/Reduction of training time

One Touch Direct as a company has employed the traditional method of application and one-on-one interviews to assess the abilities of their would-be employees. However, this process aside from being tedious tends to give varying results particularly because the limited time of the face to face interview does not give the assessors ample time to analyze the skills of the candidates. It is therefore appropriate that the company develops develop a skill analysis test to be issued to applicants via the internet.

These tests will be all encompassing and will focus on all the abilities of the employees in identifying their suitability to the respective job position and will assess an individual’s personality, behavior and motivation for more accurate job placement catered to their specific needs.

Aside from ensuring that the abilities of all employees meet company requirements, this method will substantially help cut down company costs in terms of in-house training. By having applicants study the work processes they will be required to perform, the training time will also be greatly reduced and this will result in an increased work output.

Financial feasibility of the tests

The administration of these tests will be a critical determinant of OTD’s human resource strength. The company will therefore dedicate a given percentage of its annual budget for this process. The applicants can also be charged some registration fee before taking the test. The amount raised can then be used to cover the costs of production and assessment of the examinations.

Operational feasibility of the tests

A panel of professionals in the specific department that the company is recruiting will be tasked with the responsibility of coming up with a set of standardized questions which can be used to examine the applicants. The company human resource department will then place call-outs for vacancies in the appropriate media (preferably the website) and advice the applicants on whether a registration fee is required among other essentials.

The date and time of the test will be mentioned and all individuals who meet the minimum qualifications for the test will be required to take it over the internet and electronically hand in their answers within a specific amount of time. The tests will then be assessed and the individuals who score the highest will tentatively get the job awaiting confirmation that they can appropriately fit in the job environment.

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