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Online Advertising Research Paper

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Updated: Jul 18th, 2019

Apply a theoretical framework for explaining how sale promotions work in your case study

Scientific and technological innovations and invention have devised new marketing, communication, and selling strategies; to remain competitive in modern business environment, a company need to adopt modern systems of operation.

Sale promotions are used as promotional strategies whereby customers are persuaded to buy certain commodities from certain shops with the promise of a discount or fair price. The system discussed in “Could online coupons save the High Street” is the use of discount coupons and vouchers offered using traditional manual system or the use of the Internet (Fill, 2009).

The use of Internet as an advertising tool has been used as a replacement of traditional advertising model while in some case it has been used to widen the base of communication with the target market using the internet as their new mode of communication, buying and socialisation; thus a tool of traditional voucher and coupon marketing strategy.

Online discount voucher use has increased in place of traditional voucher system where customer used to get vouchers; and was expected to use it within a particular time in a certain place.

Though the internet has been used for giving and dispensing of vouchers, it should not be seen as a threat to the old promotional strategy but should be viewed as a strategic innovation of the old system to meet the level of technology and meet the needs of current population.

It is worth noting that for a promotion to be successful, the target customers must be reached in an appropriate way; the Internet is one such system of communication that is getting the attention of both local and international community (Clow and Baack, 2007).

Internet adverts have in the past been used to fleet online discount voucher, used as promotional tools; they have also offered an opportunity to target large population whose persuasion method is through offering of discounts saving system.

Online discount voucher are offered to be exercised in a certain place within certain duration, the exercise can still be online where an accumulation of voucher discounts can be used to purchase more products.

The innovation of online discount voucher does not look down the traditional voucher promotional system but has developed it a notch higher to make it relevant and applicable to modern lifestyle and level of technology. It offers a sale promotional methodology to brick-and-mortar retailers to get their customers back into their stores after the promise of something in return- the discount.

The internet should not be seen as a new wave of things to change traditional system of operation; it should be seen as an additional communication tool that will assist a company sell products locally and internationally with minimal expense.

Suggest other marketing communication tools that could be used as part of an integrated marketing communication campaign

An integrated communication system is a system that utilizes all avenues available in a business to market and sell products to customers and yet spend the minimum cost possible.

Under the system, the best strategy is attained when there is large customer persuaded at a minimal cost (Spears, 2003). Other than internet promotion, other tools that can be integrated to have a more effective marketing and customer communication system they include:

Promotional Tools

These tools create a close customer-company relation by creating a close interaction between them; the customer and the company develop some close links facilitated by the communication between them off course initiated by a company.

Some of the tools that fall under promotions include personal promotions, personal selling, data base promotions and public relation programs. These tools indirectly or directly focus individual customer need and aim at fulfilling the need (Braun, 1999).

Advertising Tools

As much as internet selling can be taken as an advertising tools; it is not the only available option; it does not guarantee that a large population of the world can be reached by internet adverts. It should be used alongside other tools of advertising like television advertising, newspaper, and personal advertising.

The most important thing when developing a marketing campaign is to ensure that the target market is well understood that the strategy will fit and get their attention and be able to persuade them effectively to buy the commodities of a company.

Use of corporate image

A good name is a save advertising method which a company has little to pay for; brand identity and the reputation that a firm has in the world market determines the success of its marketing strategies.

With as strong brand name, a company is able to self advertise and create customer loyalty, thus other than developing and using modern advertising tools, a company should aim at developing a strong brand name. A good name is more effective than an aggressive marketing campaign; it is also a tool to create customer loyalty and brand identity.

Although there are a variety of advertising mechanisms that can be adopted, a company should aim at a combination that gives maximum return at a minimum cost. Different target market can be reached through different advertising methods so when a good combination has been adopted, the company is likely to benefit the advantages of good communication accustomed to individual and target market needs (Castells, 1996).

Discuss the ethical issues that need to be considered in adopting online discount vouchers and coupons

Online discount vouchers and coupons are offered to customers as promotional tools; they are used to support traditional discount vouchers and coupons, which were required to be redeemed at a certain store within a certain period. A number of ethical issues that can be attributed with online discount vouchers and coupons, they are:

Some times when the online discount vouchers and coupons have been floated through the internet, the promoting company does not remove them after they have become due and ineffective. They continue to remain in the sites and confuse a number of customers. Customers are likely to lack confidence with companies whose online discount vouchers and coupons are floated when ineffective.

Another ethical issue with online discount vouchers and coupons is the location and the way they are supposed to be redeemed; the internet communicates to the world, this a coupon that is supposed to be redeemed in Unite Kingdom can be won by an Asian who find it is uneconomical to fly all the way to redeem the voucher. In such a case, the deal is seen as if it was faulty from the start.

From unethical consumers’ perspective, they are likely to duplicate online discount vouchers and coupons for their benefits especially where an offering company fails to implement adequate checks and balances to the system. Some may even pass usage rights against coupons and vouchers policy (Guffer and Almonte, 2009).


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