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Organizational Ethics Issue Resolution Essay

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Organizational ethics issue resolution business ethics in the workplace is about prioritizing moral values for the work place and ensuring that behaviors are aligned with those values. Parhaps too often, business ethics is portrayed as a matter of resolving conflicts in which one option appears to be the clear choice. For example, case studies are often presented in which an employee is faced with whether or not to lie, steal, cheat, abuse another, break terms of a contract, e.t.c.However, ethical dilemmas faced by managers are often more real to life and often complex with no clear guidelines, whether in law or often in religion.

Ethical decisions are things we must make each and everyday life. Sexual harassment/sex discrimination according to the U.S. equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC), sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual employment, unreasonably interferes with an individuals work performance Resolution to be implemented. (Achampong, 1999).

Sexual Harassment Issue Clarification

Despite increased attention on harassment prevention in the business, claims of workplace harassment have remained relatively steady and jury awards have been quite high. Additionally, new legislation adds a provision to the fair employment and housing act requiring employers with fifty or more employees to provide two or more hours on sexual harassment training to all supervisory employees. The company’s commitment harassment prevention training is a critical to our legal protection as a written policy prohibiting harrasment. The reason is simple, the conduct involved occurs in the day-to-day interaction of employees.

To effectively and legally handle issues of harassment, a manager, supervisor, or HR professional must know what harassment is, why it is illegal, what to do about it and what the consequences of failure to properly handle these issues can be. Since sexual harassment training and refreshers must be provided periodically, and to all new hires within a reasonable period of time, employers may seek to reduce costs by videotaping sessions for later use. (LeMuncheck, and Mane, 1997).

Sexual Harassment Stakeholder Analysis

Being knowledgeable about the latter of the law is not enough to safeguard either organizations or employees from litigation or from the less obvious costs of allowing sexual harassment to exist in the workplace. It is also critical for employees at all levels as well as for customers, vendors and other stakeholders to be aware of the spirits of law, which is based on the conviction that treating people with respect and dignity benefits the bottom line.

An employee found to have violated this policy should be subject to appropriate disciplinary action according to the findings of the complaint investigation. If an investigation reveals that sexual harassment has occurred, the harasser may also be held legally liable for his/her actions under provisional and federal law. Anyone making a false claim of sexual harassment will also be subject to disciplinary action. (LeMuncheck, and Mane, 1997).

Sexual Harassment Value Identification

Because of the law and sometimes-unclear nature of sexual harrasment, it is important to educate employees on the types of scenarios that could place them in a potentially victimizing position. By watching the scenarios presented in this video, viewers will get a clear definition of sexual harrasment, including gender based and subtle forms of sexual harrasment, they will also learn why sexual harassment happens, how to recognize it and what steps to take if they are victimized but it or if they observe it. In turn, managers will receive guidance on how to treat sexual harassment issues in the workplace. (Gerdes, 1999).

Sexual Harassment Issue Resolution

The company prohibits sexual harassments by all faculties. To inform, educate and provide guidance and handling sexual harassment complaints. To fulfill this mission, the organization offers training, information, consultation and resources for the organization with regard to diversity, harrasment and discrimination prevention and affirmative action. A mechanism for addressing complaints of harassment and discrimination and oversight of and support for the organization efforts in the areas of equal opportunity and affirmative action. (Brant, and Yun, 1994).

Sexual Harassment Addressing Objectives

The company provides training and education to the employee of the company and improving employees working environment. In case of any case of sexual harassment by the employee, get off with probation and a warning for a non-severe offense and even termination if the offense is considered grave. (Kreps, 1993).

Resolution Implementation

Considering the severity of the offence, the employee can get off with probation and a warning for a non-severe offense and even termination if the offense is considered grave. Nomatter the outcome of the resolution, the whole proceeding must be documented, and both parties must sign and date the forms so that there is proof that an investigation was completed. (Kreps, 1993).


I would like to conclude by saying that it is important to remember that an accusation like sexual harassment is a serious offense that can change a person’s life forever and hence should be stopped. Training employees on sexual harassment will create a work environment free from sexual harrasment, which means creating a work environment of pride. Employees will be encouraged that prevention is up to them. This means knowing that sexual harassment is an unwelcome action, knowing who is a harasser and who is a victim and addressing such as dating in the workplace, plus actions to avoid ensuring sexual harassment does not occur.


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