Thailand ‘Interested’ in Refugee swap deal with Australia Report

The print text under analysis is called Thailand ‘Interested’ in Refugee swap deal with Australia and is dedicated to the problem of immigration and relations between countries concerning the swap arrangement (Anonymous n. p.). It also discloses the problem of asylum-seekers within a broad context. Due to the fact that the text touches upon national […]

Nintendo 3D Principles of Action Essay

This paper starts with the discussion of the principles of just noticeable difference and just meaningful difference, shows Nintendo 3D as an example of those principles in action, demonstrates how big trends have been used as the frame of reference during Nintendo 3D marketing campaign, views people’s need for Nintendo 3D from the perspective of […]

Smoking’s Ethical Problem Report

Smoking is a habit developed by most people but the problem with it, just like any other drug, is addiction. Consequently, people addicted to smoking find it difficult to go for long periods without smoking. This has led to people smoking everywhere; public areas such as buses, restaurants and workplaces. For non-smokers, this habit is […]

Recommendations for Organisational Goals for Mergers Article

There are recommendations for a company who wants to have a united organisational goal when merging with another company, especially among United Kingdom organizations (Grayson, 2011). The recommendations are as follows: The organizational goals must focus on engaging in the same market segment. There is better synergy if the merging entities are engaged in the […]

Confucianism and Taoism Term Paper

Introduction Confucianism is a system of ethical and philosophical values that are majorly practiced in eastern Asia. Taoism is on the other hand defined as traditionally practiced values that have philosophical and religious characteristics as practiced in the eastern region of Asia. This paper seeks to discuss both Taoism and Confucianism. The paper will with […]