Do People Choose What They Are Attracted To?

Considering the subject of attraction, the term seems ambiguous because for a scientist, it might mean some forces of physics, to psychologist it takes the emotional perspective, to lovers it takes the emotional perception and, from the youth or the new-age point of view it faces various external determining factors or circumstances such as events. […]

Business model and planning case study

Customer Value The firm is at a position of utilizing technology to the point of improving the quality of living all over the world. The firm invented machines that enabled the consumers to find ease especially in movement. The invention of the iBot made it easier for the consumers to move up and down stairs […]

Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed and My Personal Role in the World

In the amazing world of literature, there are so many works which help to evaluate this life, person’s role in this world, and the principles that are so important for self-improvement. Among the variety of literary works, it is very difficult to define the one that perfectly depicts people’s hopes, dreams, and thoughts which are […]

The Economics Of Globalization In South Korea

Introduction Globalization is a phenomenon that has had a variety of effects on different countries in the world and to which all countries have reacted to just as differently. South Korea is one of the countries that has greatly benefitted from free trade and open markets. Within the span of three decades, South Korea transformed […]

Teenager Of Alcoholics

Introduction Acceptance is a feeling that emerges from individual’s need for approval and acceptance. This behavioural pattern begins at an early age and continues although life to adulthood but it is at peak during teenage stage. The teenagers are in the process of emulating or declining the parental guidance since they need their freedom and […]


Sleepers directed by Barry Levinson is a dramatic film addressing juvenile justice system at length. It also gives insight of how New York City was in 1960s. Levinson bases Sleepers on a 1995 novel by Lorenzo Carcaterra going by the same title. According to this film, the juvenile justice system is inconsequential in the realms […]