Ethical and Legal Issues

Nurses constantly experience ethical dilemmas and legal issues during the course of their profession. These experiences are very challenging as they compel nurses to make immediate ethical and legal choices based on the interest of patients, relatives or physicians. Under certain circumstances, nurses find themselves in great dilemma in trying to balance legal and ethical […]

Medical Records

A medical record generally represents information concerning a patient that is written following a patient’s visit to health care facilities. The record contains the medical history of a patient as well as all the treatment procedures and methods that are carried out while in hospital. It is a significant document because it assists in making […]

Areas of Potential Liability for the Advanced Practice Nurse

Springhouse Corporation (197) defines advanced practical nursing as caring for patients using advanced diagnostic skills, ordering diagnosis tests, prescribing medications and using medical, therapeutic and corrective measures to treat illness and improve health status. An advanced nurse has many areas of liability that are likely to attract regulatory laws. Common sense and informed judgments can […]

Human geography

Urbanization refers to the development of urban areas. It involves population growth as well as physical development in such areas. Many global south countries like India, Brazil and Nigeria have high rates of urbanization than northern countries like England, Canada and Japan. This can be attributed to the natural increase in population of these areas […]

History of Developing Nations

During 19th and 20th century Europe was fully involved in the struggle for freedom. In the process of achieving freedom its economic, political, and cultural sectors were affected in different ways. At the beginning of 19th century, the presence of napoleon brought a great achievement in European empires. By defeating great empires Europe believed that […]

Policy Making on Federal Spending

It’s the responsibility of the government to acquire some resources to finance its spending. There are several sources from which the government gets finances. For instance, through taxation, fund raising by selling its goods and services, and also through borrowing from a potential donor among other sources. The main sources of centralized government revenue are […]