Agricultural Subsidies and Development

For several years, many countries and especially developed ones have been heavily relying on agricultural subsidies and tariffs in order to boost the agricultural production and stability to their domestic farmers. The outcome has been obvious, depressing world commodity prices and making it difficult for farmers from third world countries to produce. Agricultural subsidies lead […]

Hyundai Eqqus

Introduction There has been increased competition in the business world. This is attributed to existence of different manufacturers producing similar products. Technology has been advancing day in day out with the latest technology winning the market favour. As any company aim is to maximize the returns and lower the cost of production while still providing […]

Immigration Debate

Introduction Illegal immigration into the U.S. has been on the rise in the last few years and this has sparked debate in the Congress and prompted many immigrant supporters to hold peaceful demonstrations in the streets. This debate has led to many controversies which heated up when the former president of the United States (President […]

Contrasting attitudes about some limited aspect of the individual and community from the Plague and the Stranger

Introduction The manner in which any author sets the stage for his story forms the basis upon which the literary value his work may be measured. Camus suggests a philosophy that is distant from the religious belief and common man concepts of morality. Sentience and individual integrity are at the heart of a content and […]

Death Penalty

Introduction Philosophy is a very wide discipline with numerous branches and sub disciplines. Some of the sub disciplines include epistemology, which is the study of knowledge for instance its nature, sources and limitation, ethics on the other hand studies morality for instance what is right or wrong or good or evil. Religion is also an […]