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Supply Chain Management as an Indispensable Business Component

Product and Service Differentiation Supply chain management is an indispensable component for organizations in managing the supply of their products into the market, starting from the industry to the final consumer. This is the case with pharmaceutical firms. A firm needs to competitively stay in the market ahead of others by creating competitive strategies and […]

Important Characteristics for Effective Teaching

Introduction Teaching is very vital in the learning process. The success of effective teaching is greatly dependent on the characteristics possessed by the person providing teaching services. This paper discusses characteristics of learning process and also provides statements of self-evaluation criteria for the characteristics. Characteristics that you feel are most important for effective teaching The […]

Ending global poverty

Poverty has not only blighted communities to hopelessness, but it has also proved to be the main stunting menace to growth in the whole globe. There is thus a concerted effort from all world entities towards the fight against global poverty. At the international arena the UN (United Nations) has formulated eight poverty-fighting goals which […]

The Problem with Mr. Gunes

Jake was a 14year old boy of average build and height with the most outstanding feature about him being his long curly brown hair. While he was not overly enthusiastic about school and education in general, he showed as much dedication to school as could be hoped for from a 14 year old. For this, […]

Negotiation Article Analysis

When negotiations are held, the main intention is to come up with an agreement that will provide a roadmap for an action to be taken (Howard, 1982, p.5). Negotiations have mostly been aimed at ensuring that existing conflicts are resolved amicably. They occur over a wide area and have no restrictions. In addition, negotiations can […]

Simple Stimulus Learning

Learning is one of the most crucial processes for human beings particularly when it comes to co-existence in the environment (Aslin, 2008). There are a number of ways through which learning can occur and result in the transformation of behavior. Psychologists define learning as a life long mental process endured by human beings through the […]

Sources Of Data For Statistical Analysis Both Internal And External To Business

Introduction Background of the study The restaurant industry, both domestic and multinationals, were faced with extremely tough challenges through the end of 2009 due to the economic hardship that lead to weak labor and tight credit markets. The result was a decline in discretionary spending by consumers. With the US economy slowly reviving, the industry […]

The impact of colonialism on cultural transformations in North and South America

Any development project usually brings along economic advantages and helps in poverty alleviation. The project would contribute to social development, which will foster interactions between locals and outsiders. This would undoubtedly affect the neighborhood in both harmful and constructive ways, depending on how they utilize the opportunity. Gambling projects have transformed the landscapes of individual […]