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Contemporary Issues: Gender

The critique of women's position in society and culture goes back to the writings of Mary Wollonstonecraft in a publication entitled 'a vindication of the rights of women, Stuart Mill "the subjugation of women" and [...]

The Cove Documentary

In spite of awareness, there has been sufficient evidence that hunting of dolphins is increasing by the day. From the film, it is evident that a small proportion of dolphin is consumed locally while the [...]

Industry and Competitive Analysis

Environmental analysis helps a potential investor to understand the dynamics of the macro and micro dynamics of the industry. Demographics of the retail industry are made of vast diversity of ethnic backgrounds; for instance, the [...]

Luxury and Ethics

This thus leads to the question, is being ethical crucial for the survival of luxury fashion brands in the market? From the discussion above, ethics is a must have tool for luxury fashion brands to [...]

Folks and Fairly Tales

It is fascinating because even though Bluebeard was wealthy and had life trappings that could endear him to any woman, all women and girls could not stand the thoughts of marrying an ugly rich man [...]

Definition of Leadership and Its Traits

Although there is no universal definition of leadership, or the traits that comprise it, all definitions can be summarized as the "process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support [...]

The Healthcare Law

The demand function could also be applied to the healthcare law and the demand of healthcare in the U.S. This would enable the federal government increase and improve the provision of healthcare services to U.S.citizens.

Disaster and Crisis

There are various response efforts that have been taken by the responsible individuals and agencies in order to curb the Hurricane Katrina and the tsunami in Sri Lanka each of them having different levels of [...]

School Violence, Its Causes and Prevention

According to Benbenishty and Astor, school violence is a global issue that needs concerted interventions from various countries and stakeholders in formulation of theories and policies to avert increasing trends of violence in schools.

Fashion Goes Round in Circles

In the 2000s, the generation involved in arts and fashion looked back to the past decades for greater inspiration, and it was able to keep new fashions.

Cultural competence

Cultural competence is the ability of an individual to be aware of the social, economic, religion, and political practices of different groups of people.

Characteristics of an ideal society

Many philosophers have made attempts to suggest ways of attaining an ideal society, a society in which there is equal freedom for all and where all the needs of people are met. More and King [...]

Performance Appraisal

When straight ranking is to be done it is expected of the evaluator in terms of those who have the best attributes to those who have the worst attributes and those who are effective in [...]

The American Economy

To understand the economy of U.S.more clearly it will be somewhat prudent to subdivide the economy into subsections for easy comprehension of the economical units. The government of the U.S.intervene the market in a number [...]

Sport’s Gender Differences

Although they are aware of this fact as well as the role that sports play concerning the immune system of their bodies, they have neglected sports based on claims of issues of gender and racism [...]

The healthcare reform debate

A group of health policy experts, health insurance executives, business leaders, economists, hospital administrators among other experts held several workshops to discuss health care reforms in a forum known as the Fresh-thinking Project and came [...]

Economics of Integrity

Unlike the goodwill that represents the monetary value of the firm, integrity represents the value that customer attaches to it products and services.

Variable Identification

An independent variable is one that is manipulated and controlled by the researcher; on the other hand the dependent variable is the one that is observed and measured so as to understand the effects of [...]

Contemporary Management

The framework does not reflect the day-to-day work of managers."The typical day in the life of a manager at any level can be fragmented and hectic; with the constant threat of having priorities dictated by [...]