The Protracted Sri Lankan Refugee Situation in India: Challenges and Possible Solutions

There is a lot of talk about refugees and what to do with them until they actually show up and upset the social harmony that existed before they arrived. There are a lot of people, government agencies perhaps and international organizations that speak well of the need to help refugees, but at the heart of […]

The Fortune 100-Best companies list and its significance to our employment agency

Abstract At present, placement agencies play a critical role in assisting those seeking for employment opportunities either for the first time or for those who want to advance their career. The Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list came out at the beginning of the year. It is important for our placement firm to […]

Business Report: Dell and ASUSTeK Computer Inc

Executive summary Dell Company is an international enterprise dealing with computers and its accessories. It is based in Round Rock, USA and employs over 96,000 employees in its worldwide branches. The name Dell was derived from its founder Michael Dell. Growth of Dell Company is attributed to mergers and acquisitions including the take over of […]

Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock: The Revolutionary Modern Artists

Introduction Art has played a pivotal role in helping to enhance people‚Äôs lives from generation to generation. Artists have been instrumental not only in expressing the culture of people but also in transforming it. As a result, art is now regarded a part of our daily lives. Artwork is evident in various aspects of our […]

Virtual police department

Introduction A virtual police is a national policing intelligence unit which is responsible for combating crimes (Jenkins 66). The unit also investigates and addresses issues that are causing unrest to the population. History This policing unit is believed to have started some years back. It is suggested that, the unit has been in existence for […]

The daily life of the ancient Maya

Introduction The Maya are people otherwise known as Mesoamericans. Long time ago, the people of Maya inhabited large cities and urban centers in the Central America; in fact, it is recorded that at a certain point in time, the Maya people had approximately a thousand cities. They used to live in rainforests and mountains; the […]