Project: Warfare in the High Skies

The UAE Government The Unites Arab Emirates (UAE) is a perfect example of the transformational power of politics in the management of a country. The country was a sleepy corner of the Gulf barely a century ago. Its current international profile is the result of efforts undertaken in the last forty years. For a country […]

The Concept of Race

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among many social scientists to refer to the concept of race, as an essentially social construct. That is, they believe it came into being on the account of representatives of European elites striving to retain their social dominance in the Europe. As Arnesen noted, “One common denominator of most […]

Significance of the veil in Islam

Introduction Wearing of the veil among Muslims has remained a debatable and controversial issue for decades, across the world. Different people have taken varying positions in explaining the origin and significance of the veil, which is a key symbol of identity among Muslim women. This is the case, with some of the people under this […]

Arab Spring

Introduction Several Arab countries have witnessed a turning point in recent years, characterized by riots and demonstrations, stretching from North Africa to the Middle East. These protests and transformations were first witnessed in Tunisia towards the end of 2010 and largely spread in 2011 to several countries, in what was later referred to the Arab […]

Was the response by Chinese government to Ningbo protest justified?

Introduction With the growing market of petroleum products, the Chinese government intended to expand the petroleum refinery plant in Ningbo. The Chinese government planned to expand the petroleum plant using 8.9 billion of dollars. The local government of Ningbo city backed the expansion of the petroleum plant because it aimed at promoting industrial development in […]

Behavioral Theoretical Perspective

Human behavior has been a focal area in psychology that has attracted many psychologists. In trying to explain human behavior, several behavioral theorists have developed theories that explain why people behave in certain ways. This paper first identifies some theorists who have contributed to behavioral approach and then compares and contrasts the perspectives of B.F. […]