International marketing

Abstract International marketing is an important concept in international management course. This paper analyses this concept by looking at the different components of the international marketing, which include identifying market opportunities, market targeting, market mix and consumer behaviour. The diversity of global market is also emphasised in this paper especially its importance to the marketers. […]

State Power and Economic Crisis

Introduction The power of the state as reflected in the political system is related to the economic development of most countries. Modern development economists believe that quick and robust economic growth is a function of the political system of the day. At the international level, most developed countries are now using their state powers and […]

Value Driven Management: Publix Supermarket

Introduction Competition has increased and this has forced managers to look for innovative ways of enhancing competitiveness of organizations. There is a general trend of change in management and leadership from simple leadership to more complicated leaderships. This change has been prompted by changes in the business environment and increased competition. The environment in which […]

Productivity Audit

Introduction A Productivity audit is a tool that companies and businesses use to analyze an organization’s effectiveness. A company achieves this by determining the status of its productivity. A productivity audit establishes the organization’s current productivity. Recently, due to increased competition and the dynamic nature of customers’ needs, many companies are adopting the productivity audit […]

Global Challenges Faced By Fast Food Companies

I. Introduction While operating in the fast food industry, companies have to analyze the external environment before they make any decision. This involves the social environment, competitive environment and the legal environment. A company that does not take care of its market will lose its competitive edge. The external environment determines the strategies a company […]

Induced beauty as a Social Problem

Literature indicates that the connection between a thin body image and extreme prettiness amongst the majority of American women has culminated into an undesirable consequence on their self-esteem and dieting parameters. Concurrently, women are striving to attain the beauty associated with a thin body to an extent that it ultimately becomes a vice. It is […]