How the Information and System Assurance Theory and Methodology Impacted an Actual Company in the Last 10 Years

Abstract Any business entity requires proper management to avoid situations that would lead to its imminent collapse and eventually, loss of investment. For this reason, business owners should be very cautious when decided on the auditing firms to examine their books of accounts. A lot of business enterprises have collapsed due to poor management, inexperienced […]

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la Bête in French) written by Madame Leprince Beaumont in 1776, is renowned for its reformist and moralistic character, especially for discoursing feminine ideals. The story was written with the aim of educating young ladies of the virtues of femininity (Zipes 31). Beaumont wrote the tale in her […]

The Privatization or Commodification of Water

Introduction For a long time, ethics has been seen as the study of what comprises good and bad conduct which includes the values that influence the conduct. Generally, contemporary culture has given humans unprecedented liberty and prosperity which has necessitated the growth of the concept of ethics. Business ethics on the other hand has existed […]

Web Development

It can be argued that the preceding century was the beginning of the Information Age. It can be described as such because of two technological breakthroughs – the invention of the personal computer and the Internet. These two technologies combined, brought another milestone when it came to man his desire to improve the way he […]

Global threat of Russian Organized Crime

Schwirtz, Michael. Vory v Zakone has Hallowed Place in Russian Criminal Lore. New York: The New York Times. 2008. Web. 27 Aug. 2010. This article gives an account of a police ambush conducted on a meeting held by Russia’s criminal elite in Moscow. During the attack, 37 members of the Vory v Zakne, a dominant criminal […]

Consumer Behaviour

Introduction An understanding of consumer behavior is fast becoming an area of research and a cornerstone to marketing strategy and practice in many fields especially tourism. For some time, there have been an increasing number of tourist behavior studies that today constitute consumer behavior literature in recreational and tourist contexts (Crotts and Raaij, 1994, p.37). […]