The Sense of ‘Specialness’ is an Illusion Essay

Nowadays, it became a commonplace practice among sociologists to discuss the essence of the surrounding social reality, within the conceptual framework of the theory of Social-Constructivism, which denies the objectively predetermined nature of people’s tendency to act in one way or another, while remaining as the society’s integral elements. Nevertheless, the close analysis of the […]

Volvo Productive Model Case Study

What were the main design principles affecting process design at Volvo’s Uddevalla plant? In the 1970s, Volvo embarked on redesigning its production process in order to improve its competitiveness. This led to the establishment of Volvo’s Uddevalla manufacturing plant where workers played a key role in the production of cars. Volvo revolutionized the process of […]

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Essay

Introduction The business realm across the world has been undergoing enormous transformations and one of the foremost changes in the entrepreneurship sector is the emergence of technological advancements (Evans & McKee, 2010). Modern technologies have been integral in supporting the growth and development of rapturous networking activities and Social Media (SM) has presently become one […]

Threat to Civil Aviation-Hijacking Essay

Introduction In every nation, civil aviation sector is a significant part of the national critical infrastructure. As a means of transportation, this sector is always at risk from the terrorists and extremists. The 9/11 attacks on the United States’ civil aviation industry demonstrated the extent to which terrorism can cause damage to the economy of […]

Apple Inc. Smartphone Marketing Strategy Presentation Assessment

The company and industry overview Apple Inc. is a publicly listed American company specializing in the production of high technological electronic products, computer hardware, and software (Apple Inc. 4). Under the electronic hardware category, the company products include personal computers, media devices, mobile communication, and portable-digital music players. In addition to high tech hardware devises, […]

Nebular Model of the Solar system Research Paper

Introduction Philosophers and scientists, particularly the astronomers, have been looking for information pertaining to how the universe was formed. Even though there is no single authoritative model that explains the manner in which the universe was formed, there is one model that satisfies the highest share of astronomers: the nebular hypothesis or model. The model […]