NJ – International Finance Management Mid-Term Assignment

Introduction Bahrain, just like any other financial center, provides an environment where domestic and international trade is conducted on large scale. The Bankers’ Society of Bahrain (BSB) (n.d.) states that Bahrain has been known to be a strategic trading point between the East and the West. Additionally, Bahrain trading history dates back to the Dilmun […]

Nature verses Nurture

Introduction Human growth and development is an important aspect in human life. Conventionally, it describes the physical, emotional, or psychological and cognitive transformation in human life. In addition, it is a complicated process controlled by both environmental and genetic aspects (Bronfenbrenner 3). Throughout human history, research has continually debated on several aspects of human life […]

Ethical Dilemma

Introduction Professional counselors should establish good relationships with their clients to provide the therapeutic healing that these clients require. They should keep a boundary in the way they relate to the clients to ensure that their relationship with the client does no harm or pose potential harm to the clients. While relating to the clients, […]

Genetically Modified Foods

Introduction The introduction of genetically modified foods, GMFs, has been quite rapid, especially in the US. Stewart report that in the year 1996, “transgenic crops covered 1.7 million hectares worldwide”(5). Presently, there are more than fifty individual transgenic products that involve thirteen separate crops (Stewart 6). Statistics indicate that in 2009, more than fourteen million […]

Macroeconomic forecast of Turkey for the next 5 years (up to 2017)

Introduction Turkey has an overwhelming and continuously expanding economy. Additionally, it has viable macroeconomic indicators predictable in the coming 4-5 years from 2012. According to Eurocontrol (2011), the current economy of Turkey is commendable since it recorded GDPs of 8.9% and 6.5% in 2010 and 2011 respectively, which are among the world’s highest GDP figures. […]