The Government Policy on Military Expansion

The institution that the research hopes to highlight is the military. Special focus will be laid on the expansion that has taken place in the military since the end of World War 2. The expansion that has been taking place in the military is not justified. There are economic and social implications to this expansion. […]

Problems Caused by China’s Three Gorges Dam

Part 1: Focus Statement The purpose of this study is to offer an objective exploration of the environmental, socioeconomic, health, archeological and geological problems resulting from the construction of The Three Gorges Dam across The Yangtze River as well as to offer possible mitigation measures of the problems caused by the dam. Interest Rationale The choice […]

Cultural Exchange via trade in the sixteenth century

Cultural exchange refers to the exchange of values, ideologies, beliefs and interests between two or more ethnic groups. Cultural exchange is inevitable in any circumstance that involves human interaction. De Vries (1979) argues that, in the sixteenth century, which is also termed as the golden age, the human activity that people consider having played the […]

Four Styles of Parenting

Miller, F., Vandome, A., & John, M. (2010).Parenting styles. New York, NY: VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller e.K. In this study, the authors define parenting styles as psychological constructs signifying typical strategies that parents utilize in bringing up their children. The authors continue to explain that parenting styles are affected by children’s and parents’ dispositions and […]

Young Goodman Brown

The key concept of this research paper is an in-depth analysis of the book “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This bibliography analyses the works of Johnson Claudia, Hurley Paul, Korb Rena, Carlson Patricia, and Hostetler Norman. These articles review the book “Young Goodman Brown.” Carlson, Patricia Ann. “Setting and Fictional Dynamics.” Hawthorne’s Functional Settings: […]