Community Based Corrections

The annotated bibliography on impacts of community based corrections on the criminal justice system covers the following topics Thesis statement The proponents of community based corrections argue that there is need to find an alternative to imprisonment of nonviolent offenders which is low cost given the financial constraint the federal government is facing and the […]

Ecosystems: Biodiversity and Habitat Loss

Alberti (2005) journal mainly focuses on the effects of urban development on the surrounding natural ecosystem and biodiversity. The main aspects covered in the journal are that the urban ecological systems are mostly characterized by the complex relationships that exist in the economic, socio, cultural and political environments of a particular area. Such relationships and […]

Juvenile Probation and Parole

Introduction Criminal Justice and Systems is very important in every country because it helps in maintaining law and order (Cole & Smith, 2007). In America, more than five million citizens are usually under the supervision of Criminal Justice and Systems at any given time. Thirty percent are imprisoned in federal, local, and state institutions. The […]

The Smurfette Principle

The article “The Smurfette Principle” by Katha Pollitt, coins the underlying truth of gender stereotype in the popular culture. She draws her reference from various Children Media literature and finds them to exemplify the impact of media on gender roles. She also points out that almost all television children’s shows (cartoon, movies, and books) contribute […]

Why the U.S. Dropped Atomic Bombs on Japan

Introduction The central precept behind propagation optimisms is that, the main impact of the use of atomic bombs by the U.S. was to dissuade war between their possessors. Atomic bombs are assumed to have a stabilizing effect because even a small atomic arsenal can deter potential enemies from attacking the proliferators. Deterrence is essential because […]

Drug Abuse as an Ethical Issue

Theories Theories explaining how life should be lived are defied by the addicts, they device their new ways of living which are inconsistent with the societal rules and norms. Drugs change an individual’s ego making him/her to have desires and aspirations different from those of the society (Thiroux 5). The addict develop new desires equivalent […]