The Black Death, the Late Medieval Demographic Crises, and the Standard of Living Controversies

Cohn, Samuel. “The Black Death: End of a Paradigm.” The American Historical Review, vol. 107, no. 3, 2002, pp. 703-738. Samuel Cohn, Jr. opens the article by noting that the ravages of HIV/AIDS and the threat posed by biological weapons have rekindled the interests in the Black Death. However, he argues against most of the literate […]

Cultural Differences and Responses

Gupta, A., & Ferguson, J. (1992). Beyond ‘culture’: Space, identity, and the politics of difference. Cultural Anthropology, 7(1), 6–23. This peer-reviewed article presents insights about the way cultural diversity brings reform to the way a society is conducted (Gupta & Ferguson, 1992, p. 23). It was particularly important regarding the explanation of how different aspects […]


Ghoddousi, P., Yavari, H., & Hosseini, M. (2010). Competitive benchmarking of Iranian construction companies management performance. TTEM – Technics Technologies Education Management, 5(3), 621-634. This article presents a benchmarking method in practice. Iranian companies are compared and contrasted with the purpose to understand the differences in performance of the similar issues. The article is focused […]

International Adoption and Its Effect on Child’s Development

Brodzinsky, D.M., Schechter, M.D., & Henig, R.M.  (1992). Being adopted: The lifelong search for self. New York, NY: Doubleday. The authors of this book managed to outline developmental tasks at each of seven stages throughout the life of an adopted person. Brodzinsky, D.M., & Schechter, M.D. (Eds.) (1990). The psychology of adoption. New York, NY: […]

Management Consultancy Project

Annotated List of Books and Articles Gothberg, H. (1991). Time Management in Public Libraries: A Study of Public Libraries. Public Libraries. 30(6), 350–377. The author of this article discusses various procedures, established in public libraries. This study shows how public administrators can make the work of public libraries more time-efficient. Kinnell, M., & MacDougall, J. (1992). […]

Is Torture in Time of War Justified: Waterboarding

Greenberg, K. (2006). The torture debate in America. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. This book deeply analyses the different perspectives on torture in America and weighs the statements of some of the top government executives including former president George. W. Bush and the former attorney generals. Greenberg further gathers the opinions of various military […]


Farah, K., Nyariki, D., Ngugi, R., Noor, I., & Guliye. A. (2004). “The Somali and the сamel: Ecology, management and economics.” Anthropologist, 6(1), 45-55 . The present article focuses on a particular area of Somali economy, namely camel production. Apart from this, the article provides insights into the peculiarities of Somali economy in general. Therefore, the […]

Home Schooling Is an Alternative to Public Schooling

Butler, Shery. “The “H” Word: Home Schooling.” Gifted Child Today, vol. 23, no. 5, 2000, p. 44. This is a purely descriptive article. It presents the experiences of different personalities with home schooling. The article provides a narrative while emphasizing on the significance of home schooling. There is an observation that home schooling is more […]

Support Inclusion and Effective Practices for Students with Disabilities

Abstract Among other educational alternatives that are drawing thorough consideration, there is an option of meeting the reach to the requirements of students with disabilities in the average schoolroom. This proposal is written to the school principal or superintendent who is contacting the people who work in the daily classroom surroundings with students who have […]

Loss of Species and Its Impact on the Human Spirit

Bonnett, M. (2004). Retrieving nature: Education for a post-humanist age. Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing. Michael Bonnett is one of Britain’s well known philosophers of education. In his book “Retrieving nature: education for a post-humanist age”, he focuses on the issue of an environmental ethos for living and for education purposes. Bonnett questions how education can respond to […]

Organic Food and Healthy Eating

Ali, Fredrick. “Prevalence of Diabetes and Obesity – Related Health Risk Factors.” Journal of the American Medical Association, vol. 289, 2003, pp. 76–79. This paper analyses the prevalence of chronic disease like diabetes and obesity in populations that eat junk foods as opposed to the healthy eating population. Binkley, Kenny, et al. “The relation between dietary […]

Causes of Violence Against Women

Heise, L.L. (1998). Violence against women: An integrated, ecological framework. Sage Journals Online, 4, 262–290. This paper by Heise explains details the causes of domestic violence and classifies them as individual, relationship, community or society influences. She proceeds to illustrate how these determinants are interlinked and how they work together in the influence of domestic violence. She […]

Conflict in The Age of Innocence and Manhattan Transfer

Goldsmith, Arnold. The Contemporary American Urban Novel. Wayne State UP, 1991. Goldsmith examines various American novelists and the way these novelists present the American society. Goldsmith notes that these novelists have presented the conflicts that faced people as they encountered new ways. This book makes the reader understand the concerns that are raised in American […]

Wave Energy Scientists

Banholzer, William. “Practical limitations and recognizing hype.” Energy & Environmental Science, vol. 2, no. 5, 2012, pp. 5478-5480. This research article evaluates the public perception of green energy, making reference to the lack of knowledge on energy issues. The author argues that the public is easily swayed by claims from scientists promoting their models of green energy. […]

Spill off from Fossil Fuel Based Powerplant Affecting a Local Ecosystem

Bhanarkar, A. D., Gajghate, D. G., & Hasan, M. Z.  (2003). Assessment of impacts of a fossil fuel based power plant. International Journal of Environmental Studies, 60(4), 325-333. Type: Research Paper Main Argument/Research Question:The main argument of this particular research paper is that fossil fuel powerplants produce a significant degree of pollution which creates a negative […]

Should CEOs Receive Excessive Golden Parachutes

McCann, C. J. (2009). Golden parachutes: A theoretical and empirical investigation. Washington, D.C.: Macmillan. This book is vital in the analysis of the various means that organizations adopt golden parachutes to influence their performance. Golden parachutes are considered to be the main reason that makes executives be objective due to the security of they are […]

Chinese Painting

Ebrey, Patricia Buckley. The Cambridge Illustrated History of China. Cambridge UP, 2010. This provides an illustrated history of China. The book provides traditional myths about the Chinese. The book demarcates several periods in the history of China using dynasties. The author uses illustrations throughout the book to show various activities that took place in various […]

Impact of the Economic Status on Domestic Violence

Audra, Bowlus, and Shannon Seitz. “Domestic Violence, Employment, and Divorce.” International Economic Review, vol. 47, no. 4, 2006, pp. 1113-1149. The article argues that women are normally caught in between a cycle of domestic violence akin to factors related to the likelihoods of seeking employment having priory experienced domestic violence acerbated to them by their husbands. Additionally, a […]

The Benefits of Playing Video Games

Barlett, Christopher, et al. “Video Game Effects–Confirmed, Suspected, and Speculative: A Review of the Evidence.” Simulation & Gaming, vol. 40, no. 3, 2009, pp. 377-403. According to Barlett et al., when it comes to discussing the potential effects of playing video games, it is important to understand how they can be properly categorized. The authors suggest […]


Pennypacker, S. (2006). Clementine. New York, NY: Hyperion Book CH. The book entitled Clementine is written by Sara Pennypacker. It dwells upon the life of the girl, Clementine, who is very active, resourceful, helpful, creative, responsive and kind. It is possible to state that Pennypacker (2006) depicts an average child who is trying to find […]

Immigrants Services in Auburn (NSW), Australia

Afra, S., 2008. Availability, Affordability, Accessibility: Housing Victoria’s New Migrant and Refugee Communities. Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria Policy Discussion Paper, 4, pp. 1-28. The policy discussion paper seeks to establish the cause of housing shortage in Australia and NSW. Afra argues that although refugee population has increased tremendously in the past decades, it does […]

Natural Disasters

Amin, S. & Goldstein, M. P. (2008). Data Against Natural Disasters: Establishing Effective Systems for Relief, Recovery, and Reconstruction. Washington, DC: World Bank Publication. Amin and Goldstein (2008) inform that “natural disasters have become a constant feature of the global landscape” (p. 1) from the very beginning. Their main purpose is to inform the reader […]

American Economy Vs Outsourcing

Bhagwati, Jagdish et al. “The Muddles over Outsourcing.” The Journal of Economic Perspectives, no. Fall, 2004, 1-42. Bhagwati, Panagariya, and Srinivasan argue that the often claimed job losses in the US as result of outsourcing are negligible arguing that long term gains were inevitable despite the continued high unemployment rates persisting. Chapman, Bob. “Outsourcing and Offshoring […]

Health Information Technology Adoption

Kijsanayotin, B., Pannarunothai, S., & Speedie, S. (2008). Factors influencing health information technology adoption in Thailand’s community health centers: Applying the UTAUT model. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 78(2009), 404–416. In this article, authors reported findings of a research conducted in Thailand. The study sought to explain factors that influence adoption and use of health […]

Use or Misuse of Medicines in Western Society

Bradburd, Danell. Being There: Necessity of Fieldwork. Smithsonian Institution Press, 1998. A medicine is generally defined as a chemical component that helps the person taking it in overcoming some unwanted feelings one may be experiencing in the body. A good example is the normal painkiller that people buy over-the-counter. Such over the counter medications can […]

Modern Advancements in Foreign Policy

McCormick, J. (2009). American Foreign Policy and Process. Belmont, MA: Wadsworth Publishing This book offers the audience a challenge of studying and understanding the ways in which foreign policies have been altered. The work illuminates on foreign policy process from the early years to the present era of terrorism. The author, McCormick, holds that foreign […]

Woman’s Portrayal in Advertising

Introduction The traditional portrayal of women in advertisements was that of being house helps and dominantly being supported by men. This has undergone transformation in the recent past since advertisements have experienced some shifts from the ancient housewife centric to the modern career women. Women have continued to dominate advertisements. This is largely due to […]

Community Based Corrections

The annotated bibliography on impacts of community based corrections on the criminal justice system covers the issues discussed below. Thesis Statement The proponents of community based corrections argue that there is need to find an alternative to imprisonment of nonviolent offenders which is low cost given the financial constraint the federal government is facing and […]

Ecosystems: Biodiversity and Habitat Loss

Alberti (2005) journal mainly focuses on the effects of urban development on the surrounding natural ecosystem and biodiversity. The main aspects covered in the journal are that the urban ecological systems are mostly characterized by the complex relationships that exist in the economic, socio, cultural and political environments of a particular area. Such relationships and […]

Juvenile Probation and Parole

Alarid, L.F., Cromwel, P.F. & Del Carmen, R.V. (2007). Community-based corrections. Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. The book mainly focuses on community based corrections that are used instead of imprisonment. The programs are inclusive but not limited to parole, house arrest, electronic monitoring, day treatment centers, restitution, probation and boot camps. The book explains clearly how […]

The Human Cloning Debates

Introduction Human Cloning is a universal phrase, giving a description of any procedure that creates or manufactures a precise genetic imitation of a biological object, together with a DNA sequence, a cell, or an organism. However, elementary consistencies like genes and cells have been cloned by Scientists for years. Currently, great quantities of regular biological […]

Public Awareness of Climate Changes and Carbon Footprints

This research explores the subject of public awareness of the issues of climate changes. In particular, the research focuses on the issues of the impact that global warming and big concentration of carbon have on human health and what possible decisions of these problems are. The research also considers questions of the importance of media […]

Four Styles of Parenting

Miller, F., Vandome, A., & John, M. (2010).Parenting styles. New York, NY: VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller e.K. In this study, the authors define parenting styles as psychological constructs signifying typical strategies that parents utilize in bringing up their children. The authors continue to explain that parenting styles are affected by children’s and parents’ dispositions and […]

Young Goodman Brown

The key concept of this research paper is an in-depth analysis of the book “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. This bibliography analyses the works of Johnson Claudia, Hurley Paul, Korb Rena, Carlson Patricia, and Hostetler Norman. These articles review the book “Young Goodman Brown.” Carlson, Patricia Ann. “Setting and Fictional Dynamics.” Hawthorne’s Functional Settings: […]

War in Afghanistan

Causes of the War Aldrich, G. (2002). The Taliban, Al Qaeda, and the Determination of Illegal Combatants The American Journal of International Law, 96 ( 4), 891-898. This article gives an in depth description of the causes of the war in Afghanistan. The war had been caused by the September 11 bomb attacks in the […]

Are today’s teens becoming more sexually active and aware at a younger age than previous generations?

Chapman, J. (2000). Adolescent sex and mass media: a developmental approach. Miami: Herald. This book has a different approach to adolescent sex. Adolescent sex can be largely blamed on mass media that has been promoting it in one way or the other. In this case, mass media has not controlled the way it airs sexual […]

Does TV increase violence among children and teenagers?

Children between the ages of zero and six year are continuously learning and developing socially and emotionally. For an appropriate development, a child needs love and care from both parents. In the case of families experiencing domestic violence, the social and emotional development of children brought put in such families is affected negatively. Psychological wellness […]