Beating ADHD Naturally

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurobehavioral disease which is characterized by such symptoms as inattentiveness, daydreaming, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, inability to focus on the same thing for a long time, and impatience (NIMH, 2010, unpaged). The key peculiarity of ADHD is that a patient displays several of these symptoms, and they are observed quite […]

Boeing’s e-Enabled Advantage

Understanding of the case An evaluative look at the author’s write-up regarding the case study (Boeing’s e-Enabled Advantage) shows that the author demonstrates a good understanding of the case. Here, it is worth noting that the author reviews the case relative to the company’s background, market situation, changes in leadership/management strategies, and new innovations/opportunities in […]

“Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom: A Pedagogy for Learning and Teaching” Article

Content of the Article The article “Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom: A pedagogy for Learning and Teaching” by Creese Angela and Blackledge Adrian discusses bilingual pedagogy based on the assumptions on Gujarati and Chinese language schools within the United Kingdom by Cummins. The authors are comprehensive in the aspects of language ecology and how complementary […]

Emotional Intelligence in Groups

Introduction In their article, “Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups”, Druskat and Wolff (2001) set out to discuss the concept of emotional intelligence and the role it plays in today’s organizational settings. The authors aim at revealing to readers the relevance of emotional intelligence in facilitating efficient organizational performance. The authors are accredited scholars with […]

Managing Occupational Health and Safety: A Multidisciplinary Approach

This article reviews the importance of managing occupational safety and health. It specifically presents the problems or costs associated with poor management of occupational health and safety. The main findings show that failure to observe safety and health of workers may result into unnecessary costs like payments for sick employees, administrative, insurance as well as […]

University Students’ Emotions in Lectures

In their article “University Students’ Emotions in Lectures: The Effect of Competence Beliefs, Value Beliefs and Perceived Task-Difficulty, and the Impact on Academic Performance”, Greek researchers Georgia Stephanou, Petros Kariotoglou, and Konstantinos Dinas present the results of the investigation on the problem of correlation between students’ emotions at lectures in Psychology, Linguistics and Physics and […]

Academic Performance of College Students: Influence of Time Spent Studying and Working

Lack of thorough preparation among modern college students is a serious problem that affects their academic performance. There is a general tendency among students who work and study at the same time consisting in the fact that students tend to spend more time at work instead of devoting their time to studies. The research study […]

“US Slaps Sanctions on Caucasus Emirates as Violence Continues in North Caucasus” Article

In their book titled Global Terrorism, Lutz & Lutz (2004) note that critics of the U.S. policies on global terrorism often questions the capacity of the policies to meet international threshold and the will of America to involve other traditionally non-aligned state actors in the fight on global terrorism. However, the article by The Jamestown […]

Safety Culture in Aviation

Introduction Safety in the aviation industry is of utmost importance. Mistakes arising from human error or technical problems can lead to loss of lives. Aviation is a high-risk sector that needs stringent measures to improve safety and prevent accidents. In this regard, safety culture is important for aviation maintenance organizations, as it promotes their public […]

“Some Effects of Lead Contamination on Liver and Gallbladder Bile”

Article Summary Lead poisoning is one of the common health problems affecting mankind today (Bhagwat, Patil, & Sontakkem, 2008). The article “Some Effects of Lead Contamination on Liver and Gallbladder Bile” explores the toxic effects of lead on the human liver. According to the article, lead “results in weight loss, poor liver functioning, and abdominal […]

Aitken Spence Hotel

The situation The Aitken Spencer hotel is a successful project that has achieved its purpose and goals beyond the initial expectations. Like many projects undertaken in ecologically sensitive places, the project initially generated controversy and invoked resistance among the population of Kandalama community. However, the current picture speaks differently about the attitude of the people […]

Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Summary The article, The Use of Prayer and Scripture in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by Tan starts with an introductory part, whereby the author gives some of the applicable cognitive behavioral therapy methods. The methods are mindfulness therapy, dialectical therapy, and acceptance-based therapy. Tan (2007) acknowledges prayer and scripture as the third therapy for behavioral therapy […]

Financial Management: Johns Hopkins Hospital

Back ground Back ground Johns Hopkins Hospital was established in 1889 it’s a facility of John Hoskins School of medicine. It offers out and in-service medical services. The hospital has an effective finance management. (The Johns Hopkins Hospital official website, 2010). This paper analysis the financial management of the hospital The goals of the financial […]

Etihad Airways to Collaborate with Maharashtra Government for Economic Growth

Summary The main issue of the article is an establishment of collaborative bonds between Etihad Airways and the government of Maharashtra. The author of the article describes the key meeting between James Hogan, who serves as a Chief Information Operator for the crucial airlines corporation and Devendra Fadnavis. The latter works for the Maharashtra government. […]

The Article Activator Control of Nucleosome Occupancy in Activation and Repression of Transcription

Article Analysis The Authors’ Question The article Activator Control of Nucleosome Occupancy in Activation and Repression of Transcription by Bryant et al. delves on a highly studied area on the relationship between chromatin structure and gene expression (par.1). In this study, the authors assert that the universal activator, namely the Gal4, helps to remove promoter […]

“New Ways of Working: Does Flexibility in Time and Location of Work Change Work Behavior and Affect Business Outcomes?”

In the article called “New ways of working: does flexibility in time and location of work change work behavior and affect business outcomes?” Blok et al. discuss factors that impact the increase of productivity and economic growth in business environments. The objective of the article is to identify ways to maximize efficiency at the workplace. […]

Researchers’ Ethical Failures

Reflection The importance of ethics in research has caused many professional associations, government agencies, and research dependent institutions to come up with strict standards in fostering an ethical practice among members and affiliates. These are extensions to legal rules governing behavior and ethical norms. Ethical actions can be legal or they can be illegal. When […]

“Jaguar Land Rover and HSBC using CSR to Ensure Brand Success in China” by Andy Rice

The selected article, titled “Jaguar Land Rover and HSBC using CSR to Ensure Brand Success in China”, demonstrates how international corporations the world over are increasingly using the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to win the market share for their brands in international markets by funding charitable activities that support the corporations’ commercial expansion […]

Talent Management Strategies and Measures

Introduction The modern business environment is facing enormous changes and constant challenges that result from human resource errors and production failures. Given the increasing demand for exemplary services by consumers, managers are continuously looking for new talents in the labour market to replace incompetent workforce and fill vacant positions (Kehinde, 2012). While the increasing need […]

Todorov and Structuralism

Background Todorov is a Bulgarian writer and philosopher. He grew up in Bulgaria. He moved to France and made a name for himself in his adopted country. Todorov made significant contributions in the field of literary theory, culture, and history. His works appeared in books such as The Poetics of Prose, The Conquest of America, […]

Global Labor Relations

Introduction Labor relations are management practices that focus on the unity of employers and their workforce. These practices incorporate areas such as labor laws, contracts, organization of unions, and laws of the civil service that govern both public and private sectors. Globalization of labor relations has significantly enhanced the transactions amongst employers and employees worldwide. […]

“The Link between Fire Research and Process Safety: An Evolution from Specific Needs to General Concern” by Cadena & Munoz

Brief Introduction The article “The Link between Fire Research and Process Safety: An Evolution from Specific Needs to General Concern” identifies the gap between Fire Safety Engineering and Performance-based Risk Analysis (PRA). Risk Analysis is “a powerful field that makes it easier for engineers to improve their dynamic systems” (Cadena & Munoz, 2013, p. 2). […]

Change Management and Role of Effective Communication

Introduction An organisational approach that ensures transformation of teams, individuals, and organisations to ensure sustained efforts towards the accomplishment of particular goals is termed change management. Processes that are involved in change management must be consistent to guarantee long-term results that are fruitful. Change management is implemented due to the current innovation and improvement in […]

Business Process Management and Reengineering

Introduction A few decades ago, many businesses experienced slow change or remained static due to poor management or non-visionary leadership practices. However, an enormous difference exists between the ancient and current business scenarios. Contemporary organisations are characterised by tremendous changes due to continued innovation in the field of technology. This situation has ensured a neck-to-neck […]

“Creating Classroom Community Network for Student” by Korinek, Walther-Thomas, McLaghlin, Williams

Abstract The chosen article is aimed at showing why classroom communities are important for the wellbeing of the child. Moreover, the authors describe the strategies for creating them. Furthermore, the researchers identify the elements of the support network which is necessary for creating a more inclusive environment in the modern schools. Descriptors and the key […]

Autism and its Effects on Social Interaction

Summary of the Article The article “Social Impairment in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder” identifies the major challenges facing many people with autism. The authors wanted to examine the social problems and difficulties encountered by individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The level of “social impairment for individuals with ASD varies significantly from one person […]

Buddhism Animal Ethics

Buddhism is a religion that has its origins in the beliefs of Prince Siddhartha Gautama. Prince Gautama’s sole purpose was to seek spiritual enlightenment by denouncing his enviable social standing. Eventually, Buddhism spread to Asia. However, Buddhist teachings later separated into various factions although most fundamental principles remained the same. Buddhism has since spread from […]

Working Condition Problems in Amazon Company

Introduction Even as companies strive to change the working conditions of their employees to enhance innovation and improve individual performance in the workplaces, the problems of poor working conditions are still on prevalence (Littler, 2013). The recruitment processes, the empowerment plans, the promotion strategies, and other employee retention practices of some American companies have faced […]

“Value, satisfaction, loyalty and retention in professional services” by Trasorras, Weinstein, and Abratt

The relationship between the value and customer retention, loyalty, and satisfaction is the question which is discussed by many researchers in the field of relationship and retention marketing (Hirschey, 2008, p. 112). In their article, Trasorras, Weinstein, and Abratt focus on the problem of keeping customers in association with the concepts of value, satisfaction, retention, […]

“In favour of ethics in business: The linkage between ethical behaviour and performance” by Upadhyay and Singh

Upadhyay & Singh’s (2010) article entitled “In Favour of Ethics in Business: The Linkage between Ethical Behaviour and Performance”, is a refreshing article that inspires people to bring back integrity to businesses that are faltering in ethics. Stakeholders of this article include people involved in business – managers, employees, staff, customers and beneficiaries of corporate […]

“From freemasons to industrious patriots. Organizing and disciplining in 18th century Germany” by Kieser, A

Main arguments in the article Overview of the article An assessment of the modern organisations reveals that contemporary organisations have slowly adopted different practices. These practices are viewed as organisational rationalisation where people within organisations adjust their behaviours in a certain manner to align their behaviours to the goals and objectives of organisations. In the […]

“Medical Hospitals’, Surgical Centers’, and Clinics’ Vicarious Liability for Acts and Omissions of Doctors, CRNAs, Physician’s Assistants, and Nurses” by Writes, D., & Dent, G.

The article, Medical Hospitals’, Surgical Centers’, and Clinics’ Vicarious Liability for Acts and Omissions of Doctors, CRNAs, Physician’s Assistants, and Nurses, discusses the liability imposed to medical practitioners and healthcare organizations in the United States (Writes & Dent, 2012). The article seeks to determine where legal liability should rest in the event that a patient […]

Problems that Researchers in the Arab World Encounter

Research is very important in economic and social development of any particular country (Davidson 23). Arabic countries such UAE have made tremendous progress in research despite the many challenges that researchers in those countries face. Researchers in companies and those in universities make a significant contribution to the overall development of a nation (Davidson 23). […]

Internet Filtering: Debating the Positives & Negatives

Presently, it is evident that the Internet has achieved momentous growth and now surround children and teenagers in the modern household (Livingstone & Helsper 2008), but concerns about unhealthy use of this invention continue to hit world headlines with heightened vigour. These concerns have elicited debate on the viability of Internet filtering to not only […]

You Cannot Live Without Mobile Phones

While communication technologies have penetrated to the lives of contemporary society, it does not positively contribute to its adequate cultural, psychological and social development. Ladies and gentlemen, today my team plan to prove the affirmative speaker’s argument is not well-grounded because it distorts the current data on negative influence of mobile phone use. My argument […]

Internet Filtering

Many people fear the idea of filtering for the fact that it can be used to withhold vital information necessary for gauging the accountability of governments. However, that is not the case, since filtering the internet helps in harboring criminal activities. This is because security is important to everyone and every government has the responsibility […]