Colchester, M. Indigenous peoples and protected areas: Rights, principles and practice Article

Purpose The article’s main purpose is to give an insight into how conservation of indigenous lands and wilderness was historically executed. The author gives an analysis how land was conserved in America during the civil war. An account on how the Indians were evacuated from the wilderness and establishment of national parks provides insightful information […]

“HANA-BI” Article

The movie “HANA-BI” or “Fireworks” tells a story of a retired police officer who has left his work for emotional reasons, due to the accident with his friend. As such, his life has turned into a completely different experience, and he has to adjust to different values and morals. One of the key scenes in […]

Education and Leadership Role Modeling Article

Summary Although the application of desired leadership and employee management qualities in the endeavor to achieve an organization’s set goals may sound an easy undertaking, this is one of the primary nightmares facing most leaders (Harris, 2010, Para 1). According to research findings obtained by Development Dimensions International (DDI), Deloitte Consulting and other organizations, most […]

Contingency theories and Situational leadership theory Article

Abstract There are many theories on what defines successful leadership and contingency and situational leadership are among them. These two theories are almost similar but the contingency leadership theory is not about whether or not a style should be adapted to external factors but rather how different factors can interact in unexpected ways to shape […]