Toms Shoes Company

Background of the Company Toms Shoes Company is a profit-oriented business enterprise located in Santa Monica, California. The company runs a subsidiary, Friends of Toms. Blake Mycoskie, a business enthusiast from Arlington, Texas, conceptualized Toms in 2006. Toms is a maker and distributor of shoes based on Alpargata design borrowed from Argentinean style and fashion. […]

Validity and Reliability of peer review

Validity refers to a study that is accurate and assesses given areas of study that the researcher should understand. Validity may be internal or external. This depends on the aspect of the study that the researcher wants to measure. Internal validity is the design of conducting research and how the decision making process is undertaken […]

As Supreme Court Reconvenes, Civil Rights Issues In The Fore

Madison’s article (2012) ‘As Supreme Court Reconvenes, Civil Rights Issues in the Fore’, discusses legal issues the Supreme Court needs to rule on after reconvening (p. 1). The court is about to reconvene with a lot of civil rights cases awaiting its determination. The civil rights cases which the court will rule on relate to […]


There are significant inconsistencies across cortical thickness and volume studies regarding the localization and extent of age effects. This is despite the revelation of use of effects on large areas of the mind by cross-sectional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. These dissimilarities impede research on effects of aging on brain, and reduce the probable worth […]


Several schools are using i-Pads to improve the way students are learning mathematics. I-Pads have several applications which have widened students’ access to maths learning resources. This has led to improvements in the way students are studying math. Research shows that iPad devices encourage different schools to share ideas which improves learning outcomes in such […]

Email Communication

Introduction Communication is important in all organizations because it enables employers and employees to understand each other. It is necessary for people to know communication channels that will enable recipients to understand and respond to their messages. This paper examines the best email practices using a case study. Summary of Case Study Mr. Neal Patterson […]