The Zip Car

Introduction A decade ago, two women came up with an environmentally friendly idea to deliver rental cars within the neighborhood at affordable costs. Years later and still run by the founders, the ZipCar realized it needed a new face to salvage it to profits. This paper is on how that new face transformed a company […]

Horror films

It sometimes raises so many questions as to why a human being with a sane mind can sit before a screen and watch horrendous scenes being displayed. Is it that the sight of blood excites all these people? Are people so heartless to sit glued in cinema theaters anticipating seeing bizarre scenes? These are some […]

Nuclear power

Introduction Virtually everything require some form of power for its running. For instance, the human body is able to operate on a continuous basis owing to the energy deposited inform of food. This power must be made available if a continuous operation is needed. This is no more than an illustration of a machine operating […]

Allegory of the cave

Plot Summary Socrates starts by explaining a scenario to Glaucon. He tells Glaucon to picture prisoners in a cave, chained in a manner that movement is impossible. These prisoners have been in this position since childhood. Not only their limbs are immobile, but their heads are also in a fixed position such that the only […]

Adding Latinos to Health Rolls

The article entitled States Struggle to Add Latinos to Health Rolls is written by Jennifer Medina and Abby Goodnough. The article is based on the data revealing slow rate at which Latinos are registering for public funded health care services. The authors name specific states that have so far registered low numbers of applicants though […]

Article Review on Lavin, M. A., & Cash, T. F. (2001). Effects of exposure to information about appearance stereotyping and discrimination on women’s body images. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 29(1), 51–58.

Purpose The authors discuss some of the effects of media messages on the socialization and productivity of women in society. The media suggests that women should be attractive whenever they present themselves in front of other people. Consequently, many women are forced to consume certain types of food in order to be attractive. The researchers […]