Bally Total Fitness

History In 1962, Dave Wildman founded the Wildman’s chain of fitness centers by acquiring ailing and financially struggling gyms. The growth strategy of the fitness center included an aggressive growth that saw the acquisition of dozens of brands even though their financial performance was weak then. Wildman’s chain was later acquired by Bally Manufacturing, a […]

Market examination techniques for the I-Pad

Marketing electronic products is a very intensive process which demands the need for extensive research. In this essay, I seek to discuss the reasons as to why qualitative research methods are the best when it comes to marketing an electronic gadget such as the I-Pad. In this regard, a brief definition of the term qualitative […]

Summary of “Children Need to Play, Not Compete”

In “Children Need to Play, Not Compete,” Jessica Statsky argues that organized sports are not good for children between the ages of six and twelve and should therefore be replaced by sports that emphasize on fitness, cooperation and sportsmanship. Statsky claims that highly organized sports such as Peewee Football and Little League Baseball are played […]

Make the Bad Jobs Better

I. Introduction In the past decade, the labor market in the US has been subjected to economic crisis. However, with the American economy reeling from the shocks of the economic crisis, companies are laying-off temporary workers and retrenching permanent workers in less active departments in order to protect corporate profits by reducing their expenses. Economists […]

Proposal for a MNE – Wildbear

1. Introduction Wildbear is a manufacturing company that mainly deals in the production of mobile phones and accessories. The company has headquarters in Washington D.C, U.S.A and has recently established branches in some of the Asian countries. The rapidly growing company also deals in the production of other electronic devices like Radios and Television and […]

Why politics needs religion

Introduction Religion has influenced political decisions for the longest time in various states and vice versa. This has created an interesting relationship between the two actors whose weight is felt across governmental fronts, religious communities, pressure groups and political parties (Jevtic 63-64). This paper looks at the arguments for and against keeping religion in politics […]