The Ethicality of an Action Jay Gatsby Assessment

Ethics is a field of study that defines human actions and behaviors. Scholars have presented different ethical theories to explain when an action should be accepted or condoned. In our modern society, actions are ethical or unethical depending on their implications. While that is the case, very little research has been done to explore the […]

Apple Inc. Smartphone Marketing Strategy Presentation Assessment

The company and industry overview Apple Inc. is a publicly listed American company specializing in the production of high technological electronic products, computer hardware, and software (Apple Inc. 4). Under the electronic hardware category, the company products include personal computers, media devices, mobile communication, and portable-digital music players. In addition to high tech hardware devises, […]

Is a loyal customer also a satisfied one? why or why not? Assessment

Even the most satisfied customers posses the potential of abandoning a brand if given bigger incentive can easily convince them go somewhere else or buy something else. I think the main issue is not satisfaction of customer but about emotional attachment to the brand. Many researches also shows that only 30percent of individual’s decisions and […]