Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

Introduction Riordan is an international manufacturing company which specializes in large scale production of plastic parts. These plastics are used in the manufacture of beverage containers at the company’s plants in the United States. The plants are located in several cities such as Pontiac, Michigan and Albany, Georgia. The company also has a fan manufacturing […]

International Relations of the Asia-Pacific

Asian Democracy Democracy refers to the process through which individuals compete for power and various positions in the government at regular intervals. Thus, democracy implies a political system in which leaders are selected through a fair electoral process. Besides, no major interest group should be excluded in a democratic system. However, the meaning of democracy […]

Philosophy of Ethics in a Global Society

Cosmopolitanism This name was derived from the Greek word ‘kosmopolitê’ that denotes a citizen of the world. Therefore, cosmopolitanism is the conviction that all human beings on earth, irrespective of their physical separation or political associations, can exist as one in the same society. This ideology aims to form universal solidarity with a positive attitude […]

International Marketing: Market Entry Plan

Introduction As domestic markets mature and competitive activity intensifies, foreign business expansion is becoming an increasingly important component of most business enterprises across the world (Miller, 1998). Future growth in international market activity is apparently expected to accelerate because of unprecedented opportunities that are presented by emerging markets. As observed by Miller (1998), emerging economies […]

Quality Planning and Analysis: International Universities

Introduction International universities are mainly established with a view of providing higher education services to students who wish to pursue their studies at the bachelor’s level, master’s, or even PhD level. These universities offer quality research in various aspects of education, which in turn provides knowledge and important insights into varied areas of academia and […]

Understanding How the Medical and Social Model of Disability Supports People With Disability

Introduction Disability is a term that is used to described people who are not able to independently live, achieve their livelihood, attain mobility, speak, learn, take care of themselves among other problems. Most of these are developmental problems and others can occur as a result of accidents. Other disabilities are congenital, that is, a disability […]

NewCorp Scenarios Legal Brief

Legal Encounter 1 There are various legal issues surrounding NewCorp’s decision to dismiss Pat without any reasons. In particular, the company is at liberty to terminate any contract based on the behavior of the employees which it deems unacceptable. This implies that a company may dismiss any employee for no reason at all. Nonetheless, Cheeseman […]

Law: Intellectual Property Rights

Pharmaceutical industries use intellectual property rights to ensure that they protect their products against counterfeits and recover the inputs that they incurred in the research stages. Precisely, these industries use the industrial property (IP) rights, a category of intellectual property rights, to meet their demands. The managers, in these industries, should recognize the industrial dynamism. […]

Management Issues: Subjective Reflection on Commerce

There have been amendments to the competition and consumer act (CCA) 2010 in the last 12 months. A new division, Division 1A, was inserted into part IV of this act. This division is about anti-competitive conduct provisions, which prohibits anti-competitive price signalling and/or any other related information. This amendment act received royal assent on December […]

Networking in Entrepreneurship

Introduction What the Topic is about The topic of this paper is about the role of business networks in promoting entrepreneurial success in the creation and sustenance of new business ventures. Basically, networking refers to the connections an entrepreneur establishes with other individuals and business organizations. Thus, networks are crucial aspects in any business ventures […]

Personal Skills Development in the Teamwork

Introduction In the modern world, organizations are increasingly becoming active and uneven (Barthe 2010, p. 94). Instabilities force organizations to form groups and teams that are expected to work together in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives. An organization relies on teams and groups in delivering services to clients. There is increased complexity regarding […]

Goodman Fielder Benefits in Asia

Businesses organisations expand as a result of hard work which involves ensuring that customers get satisfied and aggressive exploration of the market. Sometimes, old fashioned methods of marketing are used to increase sales. This approach is supported by many consultants and business experts. Although hard work is important for business growth, it is basically described […]

Virtual vs. Traditional Tour Operator

Introduction Virtual tour operators offer online tourism services while traditional tour operators use other mode of services but not online services. Lastminute.Com is one of the leading online tourism operators offering variety of online travel services. The company headquarter is located in London and it is currently performing well in the London stock exchange. The […]

Generic Toolkit for Implementing a Web-Based Product Innovation Strategy for Zara Fashion Retailer

Introduction Sweeping demographic changes, technological advances, increased competition, geopolitical realignments and other related pressures are combining with concerns for security, changing customer preferences and expectations, expansion urges, and shifts in organizational governance to generate momentous pressure for organizational change (Kotter, 2007; Howard, 1994). A multiplicity of studies (Haveman, 1993; Amburgay et al, 1993) demonstrate that […]

Corona Beer Company

Trends in the global market beer The global market trends has faced substantial changes over the past three decades with giants like Heineken being edged out by upcoming new brands such as Corona Extra from Grupo Modelo. The two key strategies that clearly alter global beer market are strategic alliances with strategic partners and global […]

Organizational Learning

Analyzing the Evolution of Organizational Knowledge Creation Theory and Research Organizational knowledge creation involves making available and intensifying knowledge created by individuals and also shaping up and linking it with an organization’s knowledge system. The description of knowledge and knowledge conversion triggered research on conducive organization for and the context for knowledge creation. Research particularly […]

Wal-Mart Company’s Global Strategy

The initial global expansion strategy for Wal-Mart was to enter into the Western hemisphere states, Asia and Europe. However, Wal-Mart had insufficient managerial, organizational and financial resources that were considered necessary to simultaneously pursue these multiple states expansion. Wal-Mart thus initially opted to rationally sequence its market entry strategy to enable it to use the […]

Coaching Style

Introduction My coaching style mirrors the transformational approach, but I am yet to work on some imperfections that minimize my potential. These flaws revolve around all three phases of transformational coaching. Analysis A transformational coach ought to undergo three phases; that is, foundation, learning loop and forwarding-the-action. My problem areas lie in all three sections. […]

Employer-Employee Relationships

Comparison & Contrast of Employees-at-Will and Right-to-Work Employer-employee relationships refer to a professional way in which an employee receives orders from the boss. An employee-at-will has the right to work. However, an employer can terminate the services such an employee offers at any time. In some cases if there are certain rules that should be […]

Contract Creation and Management Assignment

Contract creation and management is an administration tool that offers effective information management techniques in an organization. The activities of any corporation are undertaken as projects, every project has it timing and requirements thereby requiring a unique type of management that is only achievable through contract creation and management. Information management is a key component […]

Future Architecture

Introduction Today, professional training is very important to the human society. It significantly determines how human beings will live and interact with the physical and social environments in the future. However, it is important to note that the society is changing rather rapidly and training has to change in the same direction and at the […]

Goodman Fielder Company Strategies

Goodman Fielder is a large producer and distributor of branded and private labeled brad, dairy products, dressings, condiments, and different food ingredients. Located mainly in New Zealand and Australia, the company has expanded its activities in Asia Pacific region to receive international recognition. Recently, the company’s overseas subsidiaries have experienced significant losses because of inadequate […]

Benefits of the Counsel

Legal issues are complex and multifaceted the world over, hence the need for clients to invest in credible and qualified counsel to guide them in the legal process. Individuals seeking justice for perceived criminal or civil wrongs often end up misrepresenting facts or entangling themselves with costly legal suits due to lack of adequate exposure […]

Role of Dynamic Capabilities and the Firm’s Abilities for Knowledge Management

Easterby-Smith and Prieto (2008), in their article, note that dynamic capabilities are regularly placed as an extension of the resource-based view. This view claims that an organization has a different composition of tangible and intangible resources that result to the variations in organizations’ competitiveness and their performance. The resource-based view has been criticized. It is […]

Compliance Issues Associated with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 1977

Introducing Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 creates substantial grounds for companies and corporations to take preventive measures for avoiding bribery and controlling compliance mechanisms. However, as practice shows, the awareness of the existing federal law does not always prevent third parties and company’s staff from violating the provision. Therefore, it is essential for the […]

Managerial Decision Making

Introduction The purpose of this case study is to assess the managerial decision making styles that exist among Saudi executives in companies and businesses. Decision making activities are important for managers since they are charged with the responsibility of planning, organizing, controlling and directing the organizations activities to achieve optimum results. Decision making can be […]

General Electric’s Two-Decade Transformation: Jack Welch’s Leadership

The Present Strategies of General Electric Marketing/Sales General Electric provides a great variety of products and services to its customers. They include home electric appliances, engines for airplanes, medical equipment, software solutions, etc. Apart from that, the company has established several water cleaning facilities throughout the world (General Electric, 2010, unpaged). At the core of […]

Risk Control Systems and Performance

Critical control systems Critical risk control systems are essential in various infrastructures notably those in the energy sector. Due to the increased integration in enterprise systems in modern settings, there is an increased need for the establishment of inherently secure risk control systems which are designed and implemented in such a way that they minimize […]

Real Estate and Construction Sector in the UAE and the Effects of the Crises on the UAE and the Gulf

Introduction The current economic status of UAE economy The global crisis that hit the world adversely affected the economies of developing countries. This is because these countries lacked the ability to withstand the external forces that resulted from the collapse of the major world’s economies from which they depended forcing them to restructure their operating […]

Consumer Behavior: Investigating Cultural Sensitivity

Consumer behavior is determined by various factors that influence the response of goods and services in the market place. One of those factors is the cultural factors or influence, where beliefs, values and perceptions of different communities determine consumer behavior. With globalization, the world has become a global village and as such, international marketing has […]

The Reiss-Epstein-Gursky Anxiety Sensitivity Index

The Reiss-Epstein-Gursky Anxiety Sensitivity Index (ASI-R) is the psychological assessment instrument which is used to measure such a variable as the anxiety sensitivity which can be explained as the fear of anxiety. Thus, the anxiety sensitivity is the fear of the anxiety-related factors which can lead to the negative and threatening physical, psychological, and social […]

What is Critique?

“It seems to be condemned to dispersion, dependency and pure heteronomy” (Foucault, p.42). It is therefore a reaction to an external force. But it has to be pointed out that this force must be significant and powerful enough to create discomfort and by creating this high-level of unease people learns to be critical This supports […]

Fault and Event Tree

Introduction Fault Tree Analysis and Event Tree Analysis are hazard assessment tools that have been widely used estimate the likelihood of occurrence of accidents and other undesired losses in life’s events. They help identify and detect hazards in a system or facility and give a provisional evaluation of any scenario that may lead to events […]

Management Accounting Report of Emirates Airlines

Introduction Accounting information is important to both external and internal users. Management uses the information for decision making. With appropriate information, companies make decisions which increase company’s competitiveness. Management accountants are responsible of advising an organization’s top management and policy makers on matters regarding finances to ensure there are effectiveness, efficiency and optimal use of […]

Job Motivation

Factors Causing the Employee Dissatisfaction Employees are the backbone of organizations; without them, organizations could never stabilize or grow. Nevertheless, the availability of employees alone does not guarantee that that organization could grow; they must be able to feel satisfied and motivated in order for them to render their very best. Employee satisfaction refers employees’ […]

Scottish and Southern Energy Evaluation

Executive Summary Scottish and Southern Energy serves the energy needs of household clients in the United Kingdom. The SWOT Analysis shows the many strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company. Likewise, the PESTEL analysis delves in the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal aspects of the energy-providing company. The Porter’s five forces analysis […]