Relationship between budget deficits and tax cutting

Introduction A budget deficit comes about when the government’s spending exceeds government revenue. That is, income from taxes and other sources are not adequate to meet the expenditure. In most cases, budget deficit calls for either external or internal borrowing or increase of taxes. On the other hand, tax cuts refer to reduction in the […]

Shoppers’ Online shop

The world is developing fast in technology and communication; the advancements have been adopted for numerous business purposes improvement. In the 21st century, the invention of electronic Medias and the Internet has changed the way businesses and other institutions are managed. As businesses use these technologies to improve their efficiency, resource allocation, communication and marketing, […]

Federal Reserve; Money and Banking

1. Introduction 1.1 Background to the study The Federal Reserve System in the United States was established in 1913 by the Congress through the Federal Reserve Act. The objective of its establishment was to prevent the country from experiencing banking crises similar to the ones that it had experienced earlier. The economic crises adversely affected […]

Resource Distribution: Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Executive Summary To worthy causes, it is important that as a member of the society, the business entities should give their support which mainly includes donating money and devoted time. The corporate social responsibility emerged in the United State and Europe as corporation became more powerful and then the communities started reacting to their excess […]


Marketing in a crucial strategic practice in organizations; in Porters 4Ps of marketing, promotion is one of tool that form a base for an integrated marketing communication; however when marketers are promoting their products, there are chances that they emit pollutants. This paper discusses four practices with promotional campaigns that cause noise pollution. List four […]

Motivation and Flight Centre Staff

Introduction Flight Centre is one of the world’s leading travel agency organizations. Headquartered in Australia, Flight Centre has branches in the US, UK, Canada, and New Zealand. It offers a wide variety of services in the air travel industry. Flight Centre has nearly 10,000 staff, and motivation of such a vast number of workers in […]