Public Policy and Hurricane Katrina

Public policy refers to the guided approaches used by governments or government agencies to cover a specified class of issues that need the attention of the government (Stewart, Hedge & Lester, 2007). Although public policy is meant to cater for a myriad of government initiatives, it sometimes become evident when a nation is faced with […]

FDI Confidence Index

When an organization wishes to invest in a foreign market, it is advisable to analyze different countries and identify the one that has the greatest potential in investments. By ignoring this task an investor would lose greatly because things may be different, and it is therefore important to carry out thorough investigations by engaging the […]

How Hitler Compares to Stalin

Plan of Investigation This paper seeks to investigate and compare leaders of countries that were “single party states” (Weinberg 23, par 2). Therefore Hitler who ruled Germany and Stalin who ruled Russia about the same time will be compared in terms of the leadership styles and the overall effects they had on their respective societies. […]

Effects of Global warming on the Environment

Introduction The universe is composed of an exceptional community of life, humanity being part of it and other ecological systems. Existence in this source of life to many creatures, plants and other organisms is vital, demanding and uncertain, probably due to the forces of nature. In the process of acquiring survival techniques and well-being, depletion […]

Critical Evaluation of Marketing Strategy

Marketing forms a very integral part in the channel of distribution of goods and services. As a result, desirable entrepreneurship skills and competence requires workable marketing plans to be instituted in place. The critical evaluation of marketing strategy contained in this paper focuses on a new product, the Dove body wash which was launched by […]

Definition of Advertising and Its Elements

Algos (2010) defines advertising as an art of bringing goods to the attention of a customer. A good advertising incorporates elements of typography inspired by ideas, recognises the importance and value of message. Media requirements reveal significance of an advertisement to the reader and sluices information effortlessly and memorically into the reader’s mind. Heavily weighted […]