Conceptualization of Politics

Introduction Very many definitions cloud a universal application to understanding politics. There are those who argue that the search for a legal understanding of politics is practical. Given this scenario, it becomes necessary to place more emphasis on the characteristics of politics to arrive at a clear understanding and a better analysis of what actually […]

Marketing efforts and consumer needs

Consumer needs are the effects that consumers require. This does not imply that the consumers can not necessarily do without these commodities. Some of the commonly identified needs of consumers include food, shelter, clothing and medical care: these elements form the basis of the lives of consumers which as a result make them top priority […]

Marketing Strategy

Executive summary The basis of this report is information on the shoes used by trainees to achieve success of maintaining personal fitness. The report involves evaluating the marketing strategy used by Guangzhou Kala health shoes Technology Company Limited in China. It suggests solutions for ensuring development and improvement of the company. The purpose of this […]

Samsung company analysis

Introduction Well established modern business organizations have increasingly been seeking to expand their operations beyond the boundaries of their mother countries. Consequently, at the international level we have a new kind of business known as international business. Business organizations particularly from world’s major economies and the emerging Asian economies offering goods and services in different […]