Reviewing and Critiquing Broad Wellbeing Programs in Specific Organisations Assessment

Introduction Sickness leaves and increased medical expenses incurred by organisations on their employees have called for the need to look at workforce health and wellbeing. Corporate organisations have appeared at the fore in funding research into workforce health challenges. Linley, Harrington and Garcea (2010) assert that management theories are interested in facilitating the growth of […]

Evaluating Grapple Mobile Technology Assessment

Introduction Grapple Mobile Technology is a full service solution and mobile application developer based in London, New York and Toronto. The privately funded company is a Red Herring top winner. Grapple’s main services include the building of applications for multiple devices and distributing these apps to leading app stores (Grapple Apps 2011). This paper aims […]

Company Financial Statements Assessment

Introduction The world is constantly changing in the socioeconomic, technological and cultural fronts. Major and minor effects of these rapid changes are frequently revealed through the various World businesses. Therefore all organizations should constantly develop effective marketing strategies for the purpose of enabling them adapt to the various changes capable of sustainable deliver y of […]

Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security Assessment

Advancement in technology and communication networks has changed how organizations market goods and services; the sales and marketing department are becoming computerized as a policy to attain competitiveness. The risk facing the globalized world is how to secure corporate and customer information; when using technology to market products and services, companies are able to reach […]

Enron Assessment

The effective organization management which is based on the principles of the successful leadership, trust, and corporate ethics is one of the main conditions for the company’s progress. The world of business is challengeable and the leaders and managers’ task is to provide the effective decision-making process which can contribute to overcoming the issues and […]