Analysis of a company 3M Canada

Executive summary 3M Company is located in Canada and sells a variety of industrial products such as adhesive, tapes and plants’ maintenance appliances. The company initially served OEM customers, who bought the company’s products with the purpose of reselling them to the end users. The company decided to change its customers in the year 2006.Consistent […]

Britvic: Creating a Brand flavor

The Benefits of Gatorade Gatorade is the brand name for the non-carbonated sports drink bottled by Britvic plc under the license of PepsiCo. Gatorade is the drink of choice for persons undertaking physical activities particularly strenuous sports games and long workouts that require a lot of energy and water. As a result, Gatorade is formulated […]

Human Resource Management

Selection Employee selection process constitutes a major aspect of organization’s resourcing strategies because it defines and protects people being crucial for the organization. Due to the fact that the selection process consists in soliciting all possible information about the candidates to assess their suitability for a particular organization, it is very sophisticated, creating a solid […]

Business Communication Trends Paper

The managerial functions of communication According to Wertheim (2008), majority of employees expend about 76% of their time in private communication with their colleges at workplace (p.1). Thus, efficient communication- whether at personal, intergroup, intra-group, or external level- is a vital factor needed by an organization to drive and achieve its goals. Effective communication enables […]

Final Business Plan

1. Company Description Indiana Beach Resort This is a leisure based company whose mission statement is to be the best beach resort in the whole world. The resort will be based in the north Sumatra province of Indonesia along the Sumatra Island. The main route of accessing the island will be a company based boat […]