New Product Development Assessment

Challenges experienced by new product managers and how to cope with them Businesses in different economic sectors have over the past few decades experienced an increment in the number of challenges they are facing within the business environment. One of the major challenges relates to increment in the intensity of competition (Lamb, 2012, p.40). To […]

Cultural and Relationship Values Analysis Assessment

Introduction The senior management and board of directors of different corporations are engaged in the process of managing various organizational aspects. These include monitoring, reviewing and development of ethical codes, culture and business conduct of their corporations. The focus has always been geared towards areas where the company anticipates increased ethical risks. In this respect […]

Supply Chain Management and Sustainable Product Supply Assessment

Supply of iPhones in UK The iPhone is a smartphone that is manufactured by Apple Inc. The company developed the product to diversify the product range. Apple has penetrated the electronics industry to improve on the profits of the company. The iPhone brand was technologically developed to match the innovativeness of the company. The product […]

Technology, Privacy, Accounting, Finance, and Governance Values Analysis Assessment

Introduction Nowadays, privacy in the workplace has become a prominent concern for many organizations. The issue of privacy has become a subject of concern as a result of an increased rate of employees monitoring in the workplace. The high rate of electronic monitoring of employees has caused a conflict between the rights of employers to […]

Six Sigma & Enterprise Architecture Assessment

Introduction Today, more than ever before, enterprises are increasingly being faced with unparalleled competitive and regulatory demands, along with elevated levels of business uncertainty as they wade through the upsetting waters of contemporary global economy. On yet another front, the convergence of technology witnessed in the 21st century has made many enterprises increasingly concerned with […]