Decision Process

Introduction Decision making has been defined as “the process of identifying and selecting a solution from among possible solutions to a problem according to the demands of the situation” (Texas State, n.d., p. 2). The most fundamental aspect of a leader in every institution or an organizational setting is not only his/her ability to make […]

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets … Polite: Establishing the Relationships with Employees

1. Counting the Losses or… Learning to Keep One’s Temper: Boss and the Corporation Because of the inability to handle his own temper, Steve has created rather strained atmosphere in his own enterprise, which is likely to drive to the most deplorable results. Unfortunately, the style of management that Steve has chosen, commonly known as […]

Lincoln Electric: Venturing Abroad

Question 1: What are the reasons behind Lincoln Electric being effective or ineffective? Reason for the company being effective: One of the major reasons for Lincoln company success lies in the methodology the company uses to compensate its employees. The compensation system is based on philosophy of development of one potential through a properly defined […]

Applied Management Team Proposal

Executive Summary This project will analyse findings of an investigation on how PGL, a freight company, employs deferent aspects of motivational aspects to maintain its efficacy in maintaining optimum organizational performance. Organizational performance depends on the efficacy and competency of each employee of the organization who collectively form the organization. Employees depend on a right […]

Google: Business Administration

Executive Summary Stiff completion is the major problem being faced by Google in the search engine industry. The already established and emerging companies have new features that attract users to them (Pichette, 2011). A careful analysis of the competition in the search engine industry brings out some interesting findings. To begin with, the main objective […]