The Golden Sands Hotel Assessment

Current Situation The Golden Sands Hotel faces a serious difficulty in financial performance because of insufficient attention given to change management, as well as to the necessity of constant improvement. The old-fashioned leadership and negligence of the managerial department with regard to constant training and development of personnel negatively contributed to successful financial performance of […]

Business economics Assessment

Introduction Business economics can be defined as a branch of economics that deals with the application of various microeconomic models in the analysis of a business process. Business economics analysis will help a business to understand and adopt various strategic measures that will enable a business to have a competitive advantage (Carson, Hecht & Thomas […]

Tourism Industry and what way to travel is better Assessment

Impact of Transportation on the Tourism Industry The Chicago convention that contains the basic rules for civil aviation signed by Franklin Roosevelt in December 1944 emphasized that the future development of air transport will create good relationship between nations and people around the world. Air transport has become the foundation of the entire global society […]

Marketing Mix adjustment strategies Assessment

Executive summary This report presents marketing mix that Rose Chocolatier will use in Brazil confectionery market as its target market. The company must use its marketing mix strategy with the price as the determining factor upon which other elements of marketing mix depend. Rose Chocolatier must recognise that Brazil is an emerging economy with most […]

Current Events in Business Research Assessment

Business research can pursue a variety of objectives, for example, to examine the attitudes of employees or consumer decision-making. Each of such questions can be of great importance to an organization. Although a research process can take different forms, there are several parts that are normally present. One of the most important elements is the […]

Factors behind Economic and Social Development in the UAE Assessment

The United Arabs Emirates (UAE) consists of seven states established in 1971 and namely; “Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al Qaiwain” (Mundi 2). All the states are under the rule of an Emir; however, Sheikh Khalifa is president the UAE and ruler of Abu Dhabi while Sheikh Mohammed serves […]