Ambivalent Conquest

An Overview of the Book In the Ambivalent Conquest, the author, Inga Clendinnen examines the Mayan trials initiated by Diego De Landa when he visited the Yucatan in 1561. Landa’s inquisition was motivated by reports of human sacrifice purportedly performed by the Mayans, whom he believed had been converted to Christianity[1]. Landa set out to […]

Book Review of Niall Ferguson’s ‘The Ascent of Money’

Introduction Niall Ferguson’s book “The Ascent of Money” is one of the most investigative works that attempt to describe and determine the origin and progress of the financial system in human history. It traces the origin of money as a means of exchange and measure of value, financial systems, institutions and debts. In fact, the […]


Greek culture is one of the most ancient and unique cultures that exist in the modern world. The traditional beliefs, norms and separation of gender roles have been always prevalent. For a long time, there has been a gender difference between men and women in life and social environment. Even though there were times when […]

Relationships in the Human Services Field

Human beings are social animals and creation of relationships among each other is a common practice. People of various status and responsibilities have various relationships in the society. It should be noted that in the human services field, worker client relationships are unavoidable. As Alexander and Charles (2009) state, social workers consider the relationship built […]

The relationship between Shin and his parents. Escape from Camp 14.

The book Escape from Camp 14 written by Blaine Harden is based on the life of a North Korean refugee Shin Dong-hyuk who escaped from an internment camp. This literary work gives readers in-depth insights into the experiences of a person who grew up in a totalitarian state. In particular, it shows the repressive government […]

The Other Wes Moore

Introduction The story The Other Wes Moore: One Name ,Two Fates is one of the modern bestsellers and the most interesting stories. While reading the story we are following the life paths of two individual persons who seem to have only one thing in common: the name. However, later it becomes obvious that although their […]