“The New Deal” Book report

Objectives and synopsis The overall objective of the historian is to develop an intellectual discourse. The new deal provides a coherent and succinct description of a period that was regarded to be chaotic. Specifically, the book gives a clear account of different policies such as those emanating from the domestic level that were developed and […]

Book Review: Freaks, Geeks, And Cool Kids-American teenagers, schools, and the culture of consumption

Freaks, Geeks, and Cool Kids is a book by Murray Milner that explains teenagers’ behaviors in American high schools. The author of the book turns the readers’ attention to how teenagers’ lives are organized in secondary schools across America. In addition, the book addresses how these formations shape these teenagers’ lives. In this book, Milner […]

Book Review: Judith Stein’s Pivotal Decade: How the United States Traded Factories for Finance in the Seventies

The period of the 1970s became one of the most problematic periods in the history of the USA because of the significant economic decline. In her book Pivotal Decade: How the United States Traded Factories for Finance in the Seventies, Judith Stein presents the chronological description and analysis of the events and policies in the […]


Al-Qaeda is one of the most feared terrorist groups in the world. Al-Qaeda traces its origin to the Middle East. People often associate Al-Qaeda with extreme Islamism. This article reviews a book by Fawaz Gerges, “The Rise, and Fall of Al-Qaeda”. The book reflects on issues surrounding the Al-Qaeda. Fawaz uses his mastery and expertise […]

The end of the free market

Introduction Having experience in the political and economic fields for many years, Ian Bremmer can be considered to have strong evidence in his extensive research on global economy. In this book, he tries to address the current economic crisis by answering questions such as; can state capitalist compete with free market? Does capitalism still exist […]

The Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

Introduction A Pulitzer Prize-winning book called The Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation is written by Joseph Ellis. The literary work focuses on the interactions among individuals of various origins who had a profound impact on the evolution of a new nation and culture, the United States of America. In particular, the account relates to the […]