Beloved by Toni Morrison

The plot Toni Morrison’s novel “Beloved” is a sensational story about the history of slavery and racial segregation in America. “Beloved” is based on the story of a fictional character named Sethe, who escaped from enslavement, and her children named Denver, Howard and Buglar. Their home is haunted by a visible ghost, whose presence is […]

Novel or Film

Jane Austen is one of the most famous English writers whose works became really popular in the twentieth century. It is but natural that these works have been interpreted differently at different times. It can be interesting to trace differences and similarities between the author’s novels written in terms of values of the nineteenth century […]


This article is discussing the trends of courtesy in different parts of the world, and the author examines how humans around the world are cultured (where courtesy is concerned). This is because the article investigates contexts in which courtesy should be shown by people to other people. The main point of this passage is informing […]

Book Review: Wheeler, Discovering the American Past and Equiano, Narrative

Wheeler, Discovering the American Past, 35-56 Wheeler observed that a number factors forced individuals to migrate from their countries to the US. For instance, the Puritans were escaping from the Church of England, which claimed that each person had to exercise religion supported by the state. Any person found exercising a contrary religion was subjected […]

Material Culture

Introduction Naomi Klein’s book is the face of contemporary material culture. She highlights the dangers of consumerism by looking at how mass-produced items are altering the social, political and economic landscape of the world. Analysis of the book In the volume, the author looks at the effect of a brand on any product. She posits […]