Book Review of Democracy and Custom in Samoa Book Review

Introduction When Samoa got its independence in 1962, it adopted democracy to improve economic, social, and political aspects of life in the country. Since Samoans cherished their customs and traditions, they demanded for a democracy would reflect on their beliefs. In the quest for forming a unique system of governance that comprised of democracy and […]

World of the New Testament Book Review

Introduction Seven Events that Shaped the New Testament World, is a book written by Warren Carter. The book has received many acknowledgements so far. Carter seeks to highlight economic, social and political situations that shaped the movement of Jesus and His disciples. Carter selects seven events that took place between 323 BCE and 397 CE. […]

The Review of In Search of Management by Tony J. Watson Book Review

Introduction The management is the crucial aspect of the organization success. There are a lot of study materials and professional literature on this topic. The book In Search of Management: Culture, Chaos, and Control in Managerial Work by Tony J. Watson is devoted to the problems of the managerial work. The author is the British […]

Review of Phonological Analysis of English Phonotactics Book Review

Introduction Despite not being a native language to many, English has continuously dominated the international communication and diplomacy, and is currently present in many national curriculums across the world (Al-Saidat, 2009). Although gradually influencing learners of different languages and different nations to adopt this language, learning English has never been a simple task. Reading, writing, […]

The perfect machine: building the Palomar telescope Book Review

Introduction The designing, construction, and execution of the Palomar telescope took around quarter of a century. The telescope was a state-of-art device, which drove technology to the edge. There existed numerous internal strains in the project. The collaboration between science and industry hardly ever went effortlessly (Florence, 2011, pp. 8-15). Ronald Florence, the author of […]

Book Review: “World on Fire” by Amy Chua Book Review

Introduction Published by the Yale School of Law in 2002, World on Fire by Professor Amy Chua points out various controversial issues within the society. The book digs deeply into cultural and sociological differences that are prevalent amongst different economic and governance structures across the world. In the book, Amy Chua discusses the phenomenon of […]