Book Review: Night by Ellie Wiesel Book Review

Introduction During the Second World War, a number of scholars and writers came up with various writings to express their opinions, views, and standpoints. The Night, by Ellie Wiesel, is one such book that expresses the views of the writer. Life was unbearable during the Second World War, particularly in Germany whereby concentration camps existed. […]

Military rule Book Review

Introduction Military dictators ruled Latin America and other parts of the world such as Africa AND Middle East before the 21st century. However, some parts of Latin America are still ruled by military Juntas (a committee consisting of military generals). One major reason that inspired this form of governance is the fact that the armed […]

Speech Analysis: “How to Live before you Die” by Steve Jobs Book Review

The foremost aim of Steve Jobs’ speech How to Live before you Die, delivered before Stanford University’s graduates in 2005, was to motivate audience’s members to never cease exploring the full extent of their lives’ potential. As a person, who embodies the validity of an idea that a particular individual’s endowment with a strongly defined […]

Book Review: “When the State Trembled” by Kramer, Reinhold and Tom Mitchell Book Review

When the State Trembled presents a comprehensive study of the history of the Canadian working class, labor strikes, and the country’s most famous industrial conflict . The book is about the 1919 Winnipeg general strike that created a heat wave in the legal and historical arena regarding its impact on the nature of collective bargaining […]