Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

“Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation” is a book about the American history and its leaders. It focuses on the personal characteristics of the presidents and aligns it to the public lives the men have led. The author, Joseph John Ellis is a historian who has a lot of experience writing in a genre that is […]

Contemporary Sociological Theory: A Book Review

Studying the society, its nature and progress is not an easy task; not only does it evolve, but also includes a countless number of individuals, with their own character traits and developmental patterns[1]. However, some common threads can be traced in any society, which makes sociology as a study viable. In their insightful research, Ruth […]

Piasecki, D J. Inventory Accuracy: People, Processes, & Technology

Introduction This book looks at the inventory accuracy, inventory theories, and how they get integrated within inventory and warehouse management. The author of this book shows his many years of experience in warehousing and inventory control. The author presents his approach in a playful manner to make readers enjoy reading the book. The book is […]

Human Stress and Dale Carnegie

Physical activity and cognitive health are two inseparable concepts. The interdependence is so great that any change in either one will result in immediate effect on the other. Since ancient times it has been known that physical activity alleviates the symptoms of sadness, grief and more even depression. In a book titled “Fit and Well”, […]