Personal Leadership Charter Book Review

Values, Assumptions, Beliefs and Expectations (VABES) – Leadership Leadership is an elaborate term, which cannot be explicated in definition alone. It often requires contextualization and examples to be clearly understood by anybody seeking its true definition or explanation. Leadership involves the changing of attitudes, believes and the direction of people in a managerial context. The […]

The Liberal Way of War Book Review: killing to Make Life Live Book Review

Discussion The book “Liberal Way of War” was written by Dillon and Reid Foucault theorists of global security. The book is important as it tries to develop Foucault’s bio-political criticism of the “liberal way of war”. The authors also seek to explore the relationship between conception of bio-politics by Foucault and comprehension of international politics […]

Summary: “Fires of Jubilee: Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion” by Stephen Oates Book Review

Introduction The author of this book is Stephen B. Oates. He is a former professor of history at University of Massachusetts Amherst. The writer is an authority in the 19th century American History. The book is about a slave by the name Nat Turner, who organized an uprising against their white masters. The uprising helped […]

Critique of Jay E. Adams book How to Help People Change and Telling Yourself the Truth by William Backus Book Review

Jay E. Adams, in his book How to Help People Change illustrates four Biblical approaches to counseling (Adams, 1986). The four steps mentioned in the book do not only present new ideas in the field of counseling, but also introduce new measures to be observed at different stages of counseling. Citing second Timothy, 3:14-16, the […]