Human Stress Book Review

The book “Denial: A Memoir” by Jessica Stern offers a detailed analysis of her trauma and subsequent denial after her adolescent assault by a serial rapist. This book examines the nature of sexual assault and ways to overcome the trauma and pain associated with the experience. The author uses her personal experiences to explain how […]

Living in the Tenth Century: Book Review

Living in the Tenth Century, a book by Heinrich Fithtenau, presents an interesting view of life in Europe in the tenth century. Fithtenau takes the audience to a journey through the second millennium in Medieval Europe. The book is voluminous and challenging for those with no scholarly interest in History. For Historians, it offers enlightenment […]

Economic Development

Some few decades ago, it was widely held that the White countries prospered by exploiting the poor countries. It was believed that the sub-Saharan Africa countries were poor because of colonial effects. Proponents of these theories asserted that the colonialists, who were the whites, took much of the resources from their colonies and as a […]

Haven character analysis report of Ruth Gruber

Introduction The book “Haven: The Dramatic Story Of 1,000 World War II Refugees And How They Came To America,” tells the story of a photojournalist who assisted refugees from different countries to reach Oswego, New York from Italy in the year 1944. The photojournalist, Ruth Gruber had been chosen by Harold Ickes the Secretary of […]