Man, the State and War by Kenneth Waltz Book Review

Summary When reading the book “Man, the State and War” by Kenneth Waltz, the main driving thesis behind the book immediately presents itself in the form of a question which is: “what is war?”. Waltz answers this question by postulating the the origin of war comes from “within man, the inherent structure of separate states […]

Book report (Nothing like it in the world) Book Review

The story is about the construction of the transcontinental railroad. It talks about the risk -takers who financed the railroad, surveyors, those who protected the constructors, and managers of the construction of the railroad. Mainly, the book discusses the workers especially the Irish and Chinese, who assisted in the construction of the railroad along the […]

Civil engineering construction Book Review

Ambrose notes that the railway was constructed after the American Civil War where the union had won it. Furthermore, there was no slavery meaning that workers had to volunteer in constructing the railway. The writer notes that the construction of transcontinental railroad from Omaha, Nebraska to Sacramento, California was the greatest achievement of the American […]

“Fire and Ashes: Success and Failure in Politics” by Michael Ignatieff Book Review

In the Fire and Ashes, Michael Ignatieff chronicles his own rise and fall in Canadian politics. The book describes Ignatieff’s failed transition from academics to politics. The author writes that his disastrous political career began when three “men in black” approached him with an interesting political proposition. Ian Davey, Alf Apps, and Keith Davey convinced […]

The New Jim Crow: Mass incarceration in the age of color blindness Book Review

The New Jim Crow is a book that elucidates the many types of similarities that exists between the former legal systems of Jim Crow and the present practice of accumulated incarceration with regards to the racial minorities. According to Alexander, most of the individuals in the United States of America who are colored are devastated […]

Whoops: Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay Book Review

Anyone who cares to know about the current financial situation; how we got there and who was responsible for it should read this enlightening and entertaining account by Lanchester. In his book, Lanchester brings to light what triggered the 2008 financial crisis. He lets people know what really went wrong in this compelling and understandable […]